40K Rumorgasm – Pt 3. New Rules, Fortifications & Terrain

Tick Tock, the rumors just keep on coming down like summer rain.  Here’s the latest:

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s rumor-drop come today’s tasty morsels:

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New Rules
Psykers can mix and match the new Psychic Disciplines, using the ones in their codex or by using the ones in the new rulebook, the example given is if space marine army had 2 librarians one could take codex powers and the other could take rulebook powers. 

HQ’s can challenge in single combat,

Jump packs get to re-roll charge rolls, Jet packs get to “scoot” up to 2D6″ away in the assault phase,

Rage is +2 attacks on the charge

Dreadnoughts have 3 Hull points, Soulgrinder, Ghost Arks and Land Raiders have 4,

Land Speeders get Jink for a +5 cover save or 4+ if flat out,

Snipers can select targets if they roll a 6 to hit,

Flying Monstrous creatures can swoop 24″ and perform a Vector Strike which is D3+1 hits at it’s strength on a unit it flies over. 

Monstrous creatures get the Smash ability which allows them to halve their attacks but strike at double strength.

Fortifications & Terrain
Bastion in the Bat rep had a quad gun which has the Interceptor rule which allows it to shoot at a unit as it arrives from reserve and the Skyfire rule which allows it to shoot flyers at normal BS rather than BS1.

Bastions have AV14 all round and have a heavy bolter on each facing, they’re automated and target the nearest enemy unit, can have a comms relay or a heavy weapon on the battlement.

Tank traps are impassable terrain to all non skimmer vehicles, bikes can attempt to pass on a successful difficult terrain test, models behind it can get a 4+ cover save.

Aegis defence lines are a 4+cover save but models behind it get +2 to cover save if they go to ground behind it.

Mysterious forests are 5+ cover save, as soon as you enter you roll on the table to see what happens.

Ruins are difficult terrain and a 4+ cover save.

Wild undergrowth is a 5+ cover save and difficult terrain.

Imperial Statuary is all imperial models within 2″ of the terrain piece are fearless.

Fuel Reserves 5+ cover save, each successful cover save roll a D6, on a 1 a barrel explodes doing a strength 3 hit on any models nearby.

Impact craters are a 5+ cover save if the unit is within it’s boundaries.

Have at it folks!  

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