WFB RUMORS: Warriors of Chaos Wave Inbound

We’ve been saying for a bit that Warriors of Chaos have new stuff onthe way.  Here’s the latest on the Dread Northmen of the Old World.

via 79Hastings69 (and others)

Would it help if I posted that there may be Knights on Juggernaughts and Marauders on Steeds of Slaanesh (rather than new marauder infantry)?

 The rest of October is said to be without new releases, so 40k’s Chaos Space Marines can soak up all the attention.  The first wave of Warriors of Chaos is looking like November, along with a different release (perhaps Dark Angels) during the month.  The first wave of Warriors of Chaos is said to be a models only wave with White Dwarf rules support as we recently saw with the Plastic Daemons and 40K Flyers waves.

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Have at it.

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