40K RUMORS: Horus Heresy Latest

A bit of news on the Horus Heresy front.  Lets see what the Warmaster has headed our way…


Post December
Heavy bolters weapon set
Volkite weapons set

Heavy weapons are being reworked and sold in sets of identical weapons so it is easier to make units. New sculpts are also coming for these sets.

Horus Heresy Volume 2 – Dropsite Massacre
This book will feature evolving Legion army lists representing the ongoing Heresy.  Look for two separate lists – Loyalist and Traitor.

~I’m betting we will start to see some of the unique allies that took sides, like Dark Mechanicus, Cultists, Custodes, etc… 

PS: Horus Heresy Tactical Note: Attack bikes can be taken in squads of up to 5 and can mount Autocannons! 

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