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What is the Conjunction of the Spheres? A Witcher Explainer

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Jul 3 2023

Years before the events of The Witcher there were many universes that suddenly converged into one. This was the Conjunction of Spheres.

The Witcher famously takes in a world of magic and monsters. Many of the characters we meet and foes we watch our heroes fight throughout the series are can be defined as one or both of those things. But their world wasn’t always like this, and magic is often attributed to something known as the Conjunction of the Spheres. Despite its importance, this major event isn’t talked about much in the Netflix series at all. So just what is the Conjunction, what did it cause, and when did it happen?

What We Know About the Conjunction of the Spheres

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The Witcher, like many popular shows and movies right now, exists within a Multiverse. Many different creatures, races, and magic abilities existed in their own separate universes or spheres. Though there was some ability to jump between spheres, each group could live their own relatively peaceful, separate lives. Until the Conjunction happened.

Taking place more than fifteen hundred years before we first meet Geralt, the Conjunction of Spheres is often described as a “cataclysm.” All of the spheres collided and in that collision joined into one. The change was jarring and immediate as monsters and humanoid beings–or possibly even humans–were suddenly brought together in a mysterious world that they didn’t know before. But in addition to the living beings brought to The Continent by the Conjunction, chaos also made its way to this new sphere. Newly created mages and sorceresses took to harness chaos into useable magic.

And with monsters and mages now a normal part of life, the Witcher profession was soon to follow. Where there were monsters threatening normal people, professional monster slayers would have to protect them. More than a thousand years later, Geralt would become one of The Continent’s most powerful and famous Witchers.

What We Don’t Know

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Some specifics of the Conjunction of the Spheres are a mystery, even to historians within the narrative of The Witcher. For example, it is not known where humans came from exactly. Dwarves and Gnomes seem to have been on the continent far longer, but does this mean that humans came from another continent at some point in the past, or from another world during the Conjunction? The novel The Lady of the Lake suggests that humans came from another world after ruining their first home.

But in the fight between all of the intelligent races on The Continent after the Conjunction, humans made themselves the dominant group and conquered almost all of The Continent for themselves.

Season three of The Witcher is officially out and streamable on Netflix. Are you up to date with the latest season, or are you working your way through the most recent few episodes slowly?

What do you know about the Conjunction of the Spheres? Do you think humans came from another continent, or from another sphere? Would you like the Netflix series to delve more into the history of the Conjunction and the other spheres or do you prefer it being mysteriously eluded to? Let us know in the comments!


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