Goatboy’s Monday Bull Hockey – Conversions!

(Sometimes I question my searches for funny pictures.  At least he looks happy.)

Goatboy here again with another shot of 40k business.  Today I want to chat a bit about what I like the most about this game – the conversions.

 I know a lot of commentors think I just live in the land of math and money but I really would rather spend a day converting and building over hours of tedious duels of spreadsheet armies.  Don’t get me wrong –  I enjoy the fight of dice but my true heart lives in gluing the crap out of my fingers and figured out odd ways to rebuild my anti heroes.

We had an awesome bit of leakage last week with the Warriors of Chaos stuff.  I know a lot of you could two shakes of a donkey’s tail about Fantasy but I have always left a soft place in my tiny evil goat heart for those line dancing mutha effers.  Will this make me start a new army?  Probably as I got a local buddy who keeps harping on me to try fantasy.  I am in the conversion phase of my Chaos army so I really don’t expect buying new models for that so I need some to tide me over as I wait for Demons (and Orks).

Now don’t get me wrong I am stilling thinking of horrible lists but the new codex doesn’t interest my wallet nor does it want drive me to math it up in a battle of dice superiority.  I am sure the other blogs, bathroom wall scratching, and internet forums will have enough info to help you figure out how to best use your green/red/blue cheap marines.

Here are my initial conversion thoughts with the upcoming models.  Again these are my initial pings of inspiration.  I will start with what I think are the HQ pieces.  I think most are plastic with a few bits of Finecast.  I do know that the newer Finecast models (ie models they made to use it instead of just trying to reuse the Metal making molds) look a lot better.  I have had less issues with them beyond some bendy pieces.  I do hate those bendy pieces.

Throgg – King of the Trolls

Initial thoughts for this?  Well to give a little background I always wanted to play a Throgg list in my old WoC build.  I didn’t expect this for a model but I am really happy with how it looks.  It has the bearing of – I am a troll bad ass and my other pot belly jerks are just stupid so listen to me and my banner like ways.  I want to check out more of the model as it appears to look different from the older set up from the last book.  I don’t see any kind of banner and the hammer is something we didn’t see before.  Still this guy looks awesome and he could make for a really cool “monstrous” lord for your CSM army.  He does appear to be Finecast so that is somewhat sad but as he looks “thick” he should be pretty solid and have very little fiddly bits.
Tzeentch and Chaos Lords On Foot
These guys look awesome.  I know I will have some backpack vents, a bolter on the side and most likely some other 40k goodies glued to these models.  The army and overall feel of the model shout out as a multi-part plastic kit.  The armor lines look very sharp and this leads me to hope these two are the same kit for $20.00 bucks.  It still makes me sad we haven’t seen a lot of the clam shell character pack we see on the Fantasy side of things for 40k.  I could see some Chaplains, Ork Warlords, Librarians, and basic captains as some great initial model releases.  We keep hearing rumors about the “special Chaplain” in the new boxed set coming out.  If these guys are the same kit then I expect most convertors to have a field day buying a few of those to use.
Chaos Warrior Chariots

The new chariots pose an interesting dilemma for my conversion brain.  I think they look pretty cool and hope the Character and other bits are useful for 40k options.  I just don’t see enough to warrant me buying this kit for bolt gun shenanigans. I guess you could use the big mean beast thing as a Juggernaut design for a Chaos lord.  Oh well – I guess I just need to buy them to use in my WoC army.
Holy crap the new Dragons Ogres are SO MUCH better then the old embarrassing ones.  I know some of have complained about their dance party leg set up but I think they look awesome. Depending on their overall size I could see using them as some kind of bike replacement for your CSM.  Even without that option the amount of cool bits I see from this kit is enough to warrant a looksie and see if my wallet is done crying.  The fabric front pieces are hopefully separate and could really help create some cool capes.
If these guys are plastic then they will make fine parts to “mutate” up your CSM.  If they are Finecast well expect them to cost too much.  They look neat and I like how the design incorporates some of that older Mutation sprue we used to get from every chaos influenced model set.  I do really hope they are a multi part kit like the new demons and we have a plethora of plastic bits to lose under our couch.
Slaughterbeast – Tentacle-thingy
We finally end on to the model I am most excited about.  I don’t know why I love big monsters but these two iterations of the same kit excite me.  I hope that the Slaughter Beast ends up being the better one of the two so I can grab as many random tentacle heads as I can to add in gross bits to my Chaos Space Marines.  Heck I just hope these guys are usable because if I jump into the Square based zone I want to paint them and use them.  The only annoying pieces would be that the arm attachments are going to need work to attach to other things.  Expect some green stuff work to get them to flow right from metal/armor like options in the 40k universe to the corrupted flesh of the Fantasy setting.


Currently on my block of model building is a desire to convert a new Heldrake with a wider belly cooler wings and arms.  I was starting the gathering process but these new models are making me wait a bit before I jump into the cutting and glueing.  I am still wanting to recreate a Fabius Bile and squad so the Forsaken are looking like good options to start the process.  
What is next on your conversion block?  Are you excited about these increased release schedule?  Are you creeped out by the tentacle monster?

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