Teaser: The Devil’s Pay – Skull Island Expeditions Launches

Privateer Press has released their first Iron Kingdoms novel: DOGS OF WAR: THE DEVIL’S PAY by Dave Gross.  Lets take a look.

First off you can grab the novel in two places:

Dogs of War: The Devil’s Pay
(Skull Island Website)
Dogs of War: The Devil’s Pay

Here’s the rundown:

Sam MacHorne and her Devil Dogs need a contract, and when one comes in that leads to the haunted Wythmoor Forest, the company moves out with warjacks and slug guns at the ready…

When a contract comes in from ‘the old man’ during some unemployment-imposed rest and relaxation time in Tarna, Sam, the Dogs, and her newest recruit, Dawson, set out on a perilous hunt to capture an unidentified warjack before their rival Steelheads or the horrific Cryx make a claim on the never-before-seen technology.

If the mission is going to be worth the Dogs time and resources yet to be seen, but one thing is clear, Sam and the Devil Dogs will do whatever it takes to bring home The Devil’s Pay.

This first Skull Island offering is authored by David Gross, who has penned novels set in Pathfinder and the Forgotten Realms.

~It’s good to see Privateer officially opening shop with their own line of Iron Kingdoms novels.  they have a good stable of established sci-fi/fantasy authors lined up, so I have high hopes for this venture.

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