40K Weekly Rumor Roundup – Eldar Approach

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The Weekly Rumor Roundup

Loken from Apocalypse40K here and I’m here with your weekly 40K rumor roundup. Everyone got your pointy ears on?

OK, Loken isn’t really my name, it’s Alec Peters, but Loken is my favorite character out of the Horus Heresy series, and so I appropriated his name when we all thought he was dead under a ton of rubble on Istvaan V. 

Big Red (BoLS overlord Larry Vela), asked me to take the reins of the weekly 40K Rumor Roundup.  And since I scour the Internet every day for what is new and have an unnatural love of cross-referencing and collation, I was happy to add this weekly summary of what we know about what is coming, to my list of things to do.

Obviously, this week it is all about Eldar.  With the upcoming release, the Eldar rumors have been flowing.  Here is your weekly summary to bring you up to speed.
From Reddit:

I work at a hobby shop and yesterday I was submitting my Games Workshop order. To my surprise my GW rep asked me if I wanted one of the collectors edition codex’s ( he knows i’m a huge Eldar fan). I submitted my order for the entire new line of Eldar mini’s. Some notable orders were a Wraithguard box set, a new Eldar Avatar box, Jetbikes 3 pack, and the new flier. He couldn’t give me names but I can confirm that on May 24th the pre-order for Eldar will be released and they will be released the first week of June.  

From Warseer:

The main hull and wings are common across both builds. It’s amazing how different tail and fin positioning can alter the look of the aircraft though
Common features:
– Downward angling of the primary wings (about 30º I’d estimate)
– Canards are very slightly angled down, but near horizontal
– Engines are mounted in pods in the wings
– One weapon mounted centreline under the hull, and one in a pod in each wing
– Has a single vertical stabiliser mounted on the centreline of the aircraft
– Twin “vertical” stabilisers (they’re actually about 30º from horizontal), one mounted on each engine pod.

…the flyers and wraithknight are the new shiny things, so they’re going to be what grab the most attention.
You are getting new wraithguard – it’s a double pack that also do a close combat version. Both types will also have weapon options.
The Finecast that I’ve seen are a spiritseer and a ranger, and your new battleforce replaces the warwalker with a viper.

From BoLS: 

The Eldar super-big type model (think Dread Knight or Riptide)

Stats for the Eldar “Knight” main gun:“Pulsar Lance”Primary fire mode:
36″ S:8 AP2 Heavy 2, Lance
Overcharge mode (weapon may not fire next turn)
48″ S:10 AP1 Heavy 1, Blast, Lance

The comprehensive Eldar rumor thread is on the BoLS forum here.  And the first post is updated by BoLS’s own EldarGal with everything that has been posted to date.

And that’s a wrap (as we say here in Hollywood)!  Stay tuned to BoLS and Apocalypse40K for more Eldar rumors as they come – What’s that Shuriken weapons do now? – Tune in tomorrow…


 If you don’t follow my blog, it is almost entirely about 40K as that is pretty much all I play and have time for.  Although that is changing as I am opening up a game store (Dice of War Games in Rancho Cucamonga, CA) in addition to all my other ventures.

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