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Horus Heresy Book Five – “Tempest” Previewed

Loken 2 Minute Read February 10

The Horus Heresy Book Five – Tempest The new Horus Heresy book is coming and it is all about Calth!  The “Tempest” seminar was all about the new book.         THE PLAYERS Ultramarines Word Bearers Mechanicum Imperial Militia Warp Cults Knights Titans THE STORY The story of the Word Bearers assault on Calth Background […]

40K Weekly Round Up 12-29-2014

Loken 7 Minute Read December 29

Loads of rumors and new Forge World!UPCOMING RELEASE SCHEDULEJanuary 2015January 3 Last of Holiday Misc…January 10 Blood Angels army box (Sanguine Strike force, £105), Clampack characterJanuary 31 Codex Necrons, Clampack character, and an army box (possibly scheduled later) – Look for some reboxings of certain sets as well. NECRON RUMORS via Nostromodamus on 12-27-2014 There will be a plastic Cryptek along […]

40K Weekly Round Up 12-14-2014

Loken 7 Minute Read December 14

This was the Blood Angels (and a smidge of Necrons) week! Get caught up before heading into next week:Necron rumors, Blood Angel models, new Forge World Contemptors for the Alpha Legion and Word Bearers and Exterminatus!NECRON RUMORSIn order of importance, here is what is floating out there regarding the Tin Men at the moment:Codex Necrons:ScheduleCrammed […]

40K BOMBSHELL: End Times Coming!

Loken 3 Minute Read December 5

The End Time for 40K is coming! At the recent Black Library Weekender, some interesting things came up.  The most significant of which was vastly overlooked. The End Times for 40K is coming!  Remember that little bit in the 6th edition Rule book that said there was a flaw in the Golden Throne?  Well, that […]

40K Weekly Roundup – 11-30-2014

Loken 7 Minute Read November 30

Blood Angels dominate the 40K news this week. Catch up and get ready for next week!OK, some Tyranids in there too.  But let’s start with what is coming for the Blood Angels who will see a new codex next week.BLOOD ANGELS  New Releases: Codex: Blood Angels hardback 112 pages $49.50Blood Angels Tactical Squad 10 miniatures […]

40K Roundup – 11-23-2014

Loken 8 Minute Read November 23

Forge World, Shield of Baal and lots of corporate intrigue!Loken from Heresy30K here with a roundup of the weeks top news.FORGE WORLD Step right up and take a gander at the newest machines to grind the enemies of the Imperium into dust Solar Auxilia Basilisk £55.00 Many Solar Auxilia Cohorts maintain their own mobile artillery batteries, […]

40K Round Up – 11-16-2014

Loken 7 Minute Read November 16

Shield of Baal, The Black Library Weekender, Forge World and more… Get caught up before heading into the new week!A lot of juicy 40K and 30K news this week. Shield of Baal Shield of Baal: Leviathan $74.25 (Instantly SOLD OUT) A major tendril from Hive Fleet Leviathan pushes through the cold void towards the Shieldworlds […]

The Black Library Weekender III – The Seventh Serpent

Loken 2 Minute Read November 15

The Black Library Weekender III was this past weekend – Here’s a peek at an upcoming Horus Heresy novel.And while there was not a lot in the way of revelations for what is to come in the future, there was fun to be had all around.   The Black Library released The Seventh Serpent, another in […]

BoLS News/Rumor Roundup 10-25-2014

Loken 6 Minute Read October 26

Lots of Fantasy and 40K news to go over! Get caught up before heading into the week:Glottkin tops the news, so here we go… WARHAMMER FANTASY BATTLES  Glottkin Arrives Nurgle’s Emissaries are ready for you now. The Glottkin $109 (go look at the 360 view!) Mutated beyond their mortal forms, the Glottkin rank as the […]

BoLS News/Rumor Roundup 10-19-2014

Loken 5 Minute Read October 19

Nurgle dominates Fantasy News, 40K gets Solar Auxilia & More! Get caught up so you are ready for next week!Warhammer Fantasty NewsGLOTKIN SPOTTED! pics by Warseer’s Artein and Mexican Ork RUN RUN RUN!!!  Glotkin’s first snapshot just broke all over the net!  Behold “Nurgle’s Earthly Emmisaries”.  It’s small and grainy, but it’s still hard to make […]

BoLS News/Rumor Roundup 10-5-2014

Loken 9 Minute Read October 5

Dark Eldar are here, Haemonculus Covens are coming and Chaos is near! Catch up on this week as we gear up for the new week!But let’s start with the new Forge World killer Tau Battle suit! via ForgeworldTAU XV109 Y’VAHRA BATTLESUIT £72.00 Rushed into deployment after the success of the R’varna battlesuit, the XV109 Y’vahra […]