40K – WFB Rumor Roundup 6-30-13

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Apocalypse is finally on Pre-Order and the formations have hit the GW Site.
OK, not rumors, as we now have the info from GW, but breaking news at least!

You can see all the Apocalypse Formation on the order page.  This time, GW is making it so you can order everything you need for a particular formation in one click.  However, UNLIKE last time, there is no discount.

The Apocalypse Collector’s Edition

Jes Bickam from Games Workshop unboxes the amazing Apocalypse Collectors Edition:


Lizardmen are next with an August release – After Apocalypse
New “giant dinosaur kit” (bigger than the Carnosaur)
New plastic “Terradon” kit – about the same size as the High Elves Phoenix
Coatl (may be the alternative build for the “Terradon” kit)
Finecast Slann
This picture of a “mystery dinosaur head” has been floating around:

Sacred Spawns return 

Dark Elves
Dark Elves appear to be after Space Marines (September) with an October go date.

-Executioner and Black Guard share same kit, with black guards having alternate caped back piece, head, and halberd.
The weapons are almost interchangeable without any work done no matter what torso you use for the body yes even if 2 handed.
-Cauldron of Blood. It is a hybrid kit with old witch Elf element for 1 build. While the new variation is like Empire War Altar.

It has a special aura similar to EOTG called ??? blades that is like a whirl wind of magic blades that damage surrounding enemies emitted by khain’s hatred.

You can follow all the latest on Apocalypse on the blog that shares the name!  Apocalypse40K.com and follow the discussion on the Apocalypse40K forum, where some of the biggest Apoc players in the world chat strategy and modeling.

Alec Peters

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