Outside the Box 06-21-13


Hello again, this week I have hot new stuff from Warlord Games, Spartan Games, Knight Models, Mantic Games, GCT Studios, Mierce Miniatures, Prodos Games, Taban Miniatures, Defiance Games, Perry Miniatures, Vesper-on Games, LaserCutCard and White Knight Miniatures as well as new crowdfunding campaigns – Enjoy!

Warlord Games 

Again a lot of new releases for Bolt Action, including the british Wasp flamethrower tank, the soviet Zis-2 anti-tank gun and german motorcycle troops:

All three major system, Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions and Firestorm Armada, just got new miniatures:

Additionally they released new terrain for Dystopian Wars and for their new 28mm SciFi range:


Mantic Games

Two new Orc Army Deals for Kings of War are now available from Mantic Games:

Three new sets are available for the Batman Skrimish Game

New artworks for Bushido: Jun for the Savage Wave and Madoka for the Prefecture of Ryu

The Capitol Light Infantry and the Airborne Upgrade set for Warzone Resurrection are now available from Prodos Games:

Mierce Miniatures presents two new miniatures for their DarkLands range:

Taban Miniatures announced their new releases for EDEN:

The Imperial Chinese Militia is now shipping!

A new release for Carnevale has been announced, the Maid for the Patricians:

Perry Miniatures now offers new WWII Italians and upgrade sets for their 8th Army plastic kit

 –> More Perry Miniatures News 

LaserCutCard released new Orc and Chaos Artillery:
And White Knight Miniatures announced anew range of Imperialised Sea Elves:

And always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

The new Spartan Games 28mm terrain looks amazing!

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