40K Deep Thoughts – Change Just One Rule!

Giving a little freedom to the people of the internet…  You know us gamers can’t leave well enough alone – we have to tinker…

The 40K rule book is a tome. Over 100 pages of rules, which despite arguments by people on the internet, remains a reasonably well written set of guidelines for playing a fun game. Then add in the rules pages in codices and we probably hit 250(ish) pages of rules.

So here’s your moment to say something.

Pick a rule. Any rule. How would you change it? And more importantly – justify it. I recently posted how the Eldar codex missed the boat a bit with the rules not living up to fluffy expectations. This isn’t unique to Eldar, so what would you change?

I’m not looking for wild wish-listing, points changes or crazed power fantasy rules (Bolters shud be Strength 7 AP1 cos Muhreens R hard), but serious tweaks you’d make to the books, be they codexes or rulebook.

A few that spring to mind that have always bugged me in 6th;

 – Punching a Vehicle. If it a Baneblade, a giant target moves 1″ you hit it in CC on a 3+. If a DE Venom moves 30″…you still hit this speeding missile on a 3+. That just wierd to me

– Same thing on assaulting a unit of bikes. The bikes are moving 60+ MPH, and your cultists jump on them….the bikes immediately stop on a dime without touching or hurting the cultists who’ve charged them, and are hit as if they were stationary.

– Give the +1 Initiative back to Furious charge, helps differentiate it to be different to rage

– Assault out of a stationary vehicle for units. Maybe make it an upgrade that units can buy (not just assault ramps for the one vehicle that can buy it), but why can’t specialised assault troops assault out of a stationary vehicle? Or if they’re just stood in the open when their vehicle explodes, they can move and run, but why not assault? Maybe make it a reduced charge range, or some penalty to symbolise charging out the back of a tank isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.

– I’d shrink Pistol range (to 9″). Helps differentiate them from rapid firing weapons (and crappy shuriken catapults)

– Hammer of Wrath should have some kind of AP. It makes no sense that a cultist lives when a 40 foot monster charges full pelt into him because his T shirt gives him a 6+ save that ignores the 20 ton monster standing on him. I’ve had numrous cultists survive from Hammer of Wrath when a Deamon Prince charges 12″ and (what I imagine is) full body check him. Maybe not full AP, but maybe AP6 for bikers and jump packs, and AP4 for MC’s.

The only thing capable of being more cheese than Necrons. 6 points for a Beard Fist!

You never know who may be reading these – we’ve heard some Studio movers and shakers drop in to see what the natives (us) are up to now and then.

So the comments section is yours. Pick a rule, any rule. What would you do with that power AND WHY?

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