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40K FLASHBACK – 6th Edition Rumours

THE SKY IS FALLING – Only it didn’t! So how did we all react to 6th Edition?DrLove42 here. With all the sky is falling talk about 7th (a fair bit coming from me in my circles I must admit) I decided to do what I did 2 years ago….go back to the rumors for the […]

40K Review – Visions of Heresy

Visions of Heresy is a great book. Time for a quick review. Dr Love42 here with a review of the newest Visions of Heresy art book. The Heresy is continuing to be THE hot thing down in deepest Nottingham. Between Black Library continuing the excellent Horus Heresy series and FW churning out gorgeous marine kits […]

40K Deep Thought: Is the FoC Dead?

Deep Thought – Is the FoC a relic of the past? Dr Love42 here. Time for a thought I’ve had buzzing round my head all day – is the Force Organisation Chart a relic of the past? There’s been a picture floating round the intertubes popping up on Blogs and Facebook showing the how crazy […]

40K Deep Thought – That Unit is Broken!!!

Gather around friends.  Today we dissect the 40K term – Broken.  What does it really mean for us wargamers and how do we draw the line? What makes something “broken”? It’s a term armchair generals on the internet like to throw around to describe certain units. Helldrake? Broken.Wave Serpents? Kinda Broken.The Forge World XV107 R’Varna […]

40K Best Psyker Is…

So with the release of Codex Space Marines, another giant has risen to challenge for the position of greatest psyker in the game – Tigurius. But does he cut the mustard? The ContestantsTiggy is already being referred to as the “must take” character and the reason a lot of peoples marines are going to be […]

UNBOXING: What is Star Trek Attack Wing?

Phasers, Warp Speed, Spock and more. Its Star Trek Attack Wing! Recently a new game has swept through my gaming club, gaining popularity as it goes, and paid for our local hobby stores rent for the month in the amount of sales he’s made. Star Trek Attack Wing forms the sister to Fantasy Flights X […]

RPG: Dark Heresy v2.0 Announced!

Those wonderful folks over at Fantasy Flight have lifted the lid on the beta version of Dark Heresy 2.0 I’m a big fan of Dark Heresy. Its the second of Fantasy Flight’s 40K RPG’s I’ve played, and I much prefer it to the alternative. With DH 2.0 Fantasy Flight is offering; Streamlined skills that can […]

40K SHOWCASE: Best of BoLS

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Best of BoLS, showcasing the models YOU paint – so take a bow everybody! DOC; Another issue, 4 more awesome armies and projects to look over. With army releases coming thick and fast now, and Apocalypse just arrived, there’s plenty of models out there for people to paint, […]

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