This Week in 40K Podcasting – 08/30/2013 – 09/05/2013

Welcome to another “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”
Here is this week’s top 5!

40K Radio – Episode 67
Highlights:  This week’s episode is part two of the much anticipated Codex Space Marines review!  The boys have a final print ready copy of the new Space Marine Codex in hand and they discussed the new book.  They kicked right off with the new Chapter Relics found in the book and reference who can take them.  They then moved on to the Wargear list, what they do and what they cost and this included the new Grav weapons.  They guys then moved on to the HQ choices, starting with the generic selections like the Master of the Forge, the Techmarine, the Chapter Master, the Captain, Command Squads, the Librarian, the Chaplin, and much more!  They moved on to discuss the troops, starting off with the Tactical Squad and how it has changed, and the Scout Squads, they also discussed the Dedicated Transports, the Rhino, Razorback, Drop Pods, and the Land Speeder Storm.  Next it was on to the Elite choices, starting with the Sternguard, Vanguard, Dreadnaughts, the Legion of the Damned, Terminators, the Assault Centurions and much more.  They moved on to the Fast Attack choices, starting with the Assault Squads, Land Speeders, the Storm Talon, Bike Squads and more.  They then moved on to the Heavy Support choices of the Devastator Squads, the Devastator Centurions, the Thunderfire Cannon, the Predator, the Whirlwind, the Vindicator, the Hunter, the Stalker, the Landraider variants, and the Storm Raven.  They closed out the show by going over some of the changes to weapons that we knew from the previous Codex and the new ones found here as well. 

Opinion:  What better way to follow up a number one podcast review then with another!  I can tell you I stopped caring about Space Marine rumors; I have the codex ask away blog post because, none of that interests me because I already know all about it thanks to these two shows.  There have not been shows like this since the classic 40K Radio guys got a hold of the 5th Edition rules a month in advance.  Without a doubt my top pick for the week and on my must hear list.  I am really looking forward to seeing if this trend continues with codices a month or so in advance! 

40K Global – Episode 90 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  This week the guys are discussing the Nova Open 2013 in a massive 4 ½ hour show!  The show started off with a Tournament Report where Franco interviewed Dave about a local RTT he recently attended where he unveiled his Daemons Screamer Council list.  He first discussed the list itself and his thoughts when using it, the details of his games, and the overall outcome of the event.  Next, Edi was back and this time she interviewed Chris Gent and they discussed his articles to the 40K Global blog about his commission painting, playing fluff vs. competitive gamers, rules debates and more.  Next, BJ interviewed Alex Harrison to discuss the Nova Open 2013, his preparations for the trip over to the US, what he is looking forward to at the event, and how the Nova Open works and is won.  He then moved on to discuss the Tau/Farsight list he is taking to the event and how he hopes it will perform.  They then answered some questions from their Facebook fans for Alex.  Dave closed out the show with an Interview with Neil Gilstrap from the 11th Company podcast and Neil’s answers some questions from the 40K Global community.  This included question like competitive lists that are not Tau, Eldar or Daemons, how do you keep up with the meta on a budget, why they both started podcasts and much more. 

Opinion:  This was really a great show this week.  First, Alex Harrison ended up finishing second at the Nova GT so I highly recommend hearing what he has to say.  And second Dave had one of my favorite 40K people of all time, Neil, on the show and he was just outstanding.  And as a bonus you get a look at the Daemon Screamer list and what horrors it is capable of.  Overall, a great show, I cannot recommend this one highly enough. 

Turn 8 – Episode 38
Highlights:  The guys are back after an almost two month absence, and man were they missed!  The boys opened up the show with ‘the Round Up’ where they discussed what they have been up to lately in gaming and the hobby, which included a peak at the new (at the time) Eldar models.  Then, the guys moved on to their review of Codex Eldar!  They opened up with quick overview of their thoughts on the book itself, what they liked and what they don’t like.  They move on to discuss the Special Rules for the army, focusing a lot on Battle Focus.  They then moved on to briefly look at the Warlord Traits before hitting on the awesome Psychic powers.  They move on to look at the HQ choices like the Eldrad, Illic Nightspear, Prince Yriel, the Phoenix Lords, and the generic choices like Farseers.  They move on to discuss the Troop choices of the Dire Avengers, Guardians, Jetbikes and Rangers.  They then discussed the awesome Wave Serpent and how game changing it is.  They then moved on to cover the Elites, focusing mostly on how mediocre these choices are now save for the Wraithguard and Wraithblades.  Next up were the Fast Attack choices, including Swooping Hawks, Warp Spiders, the new Flyers and more.  Next, it was on to the Heavy Support, starting off with the awesome Wraithknight, Dark Reapers, and much more.  They closed with their final thoughts on the Codex and its improvements.  Next was their signature Battle Report, which this week was a Killadelphia preparation game at 1850 between Tau and CSM/Tau.  They discussed the mission, the deployment, the terrain layout and the lists before moving on to their dramatization of the great battle.  They followed it up with a review of how the game turned out.  They closed out the show with a great look at the Killadelphia Open 2013, of which I was lucky enough to attend!  They first discussed the store, the Stomping grounds, who threw the event, some of the details of how the event ran and more.  They moved on to discuss their individual experiences at the event and how well they did there; this included the missions and games played at the event.  They closed out the show with their finally thoughts on the event.    

Opinion:  Ok, so this show was a little late, well, let’s face it, really late.  I love this show and I love the guys and it was an extreme personal pleasure of mine to have had the chance to meet them at Killadelphia.  So the substance of the show with the great look at Codex Eldar (albeit well after everyone else had theirs in), the review of Killadelphia, and of course the awesome battle report made the show worth it.  But man, the time between shows is a bit much.  Hopefully this will be the first of the shows where they guys get back to some sort of schedule. 

The Overlords – Episode 134 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  This week Jon and Jason were joined by Johnny, a club member, and they opened up the show with the news, where they talked about the impending Space Marine release.  This included a look the new models and rumored rules like the Centurions and Grav weapons.  They also hit on Tyranids on the horizon.  They then moved on to discuss what they have been up too lately in the hobby and gaming.  In the next segment the guys detailed out Phase One of the Badab War Campaign they are running at the club.  They discussed how you, yes you, can join in on the campaign and how to turn in your games for the campaign.  They then moved on to the story behind the first wave of missions in the Badab War.  They discussed why the armies involved were there, what battle lines were being drawn, and how the Astral Claw’s session from the Imperium.  This included the details of some of the first shots fired in the war, key engagements, and much, much more.  They then closed out the show by discussing the actual games that they played in the campaign, the results of those games, and their thoughts overall on the missions. 

Opinion:  This week’s show was pretty good, focusing mostly on their Badad War campaign.  I would love to run that campaign at home and just hearing some of these missions and how they fall into place with the story have inspired me.  I am really looking forward to the next updates in the campaign.  Good show guys!

Preferred Enemies – Episode 59 ***Explicit***
Highlights:  The boys are back after ‘The World’s End’ and started off the show by explaining where the heck they have been!  Next, the moved right along into the news where they discussed the release of Codex Space Marines, Black Templars being rolled into the Codex, and the new model range.  They also discussed the Black Legion Supplement and what it has brought to the table, and the Mystery Box this year is?  They then moved on to discuss their very first Apocalypse Game with the new rulebook.  They discussed some of the issues that cropped up with a game that size, some of the details of the game, and how much fun they actually had playing it.  They closed out the show with an update on their hobby progress. 

Opinion:  I have to admit I was a bit worried when the guy’s site was down for a day and there had not been a show when there should have, however, all is well with the show and the cast.  The main topic for the show was the gigantic Apocalypse game that they recently played.   And despite they boys good review, I’m still not interested, at all, by Apocalypse, in any way.  It seems to me that these games could be fun and I see the appeal, however I do not have the interest to spend the money to buy the great models for this game for so very little in return for the one or two games a year you get in.  I am glad the guys had fun, it sounds like it was a blast, and I look forward to their next show. 

Honorable Mentions– All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:
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Skaredcast – Episode 61Black Legion Warlord Traits and Dorkwars!
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Jaded Gamercast – Episode 142 ***Explicit*** Weekly listener poll, new Space Marine release,
Life After the Cover Save – Episode 82 ***Explicit*** Blake’s Trip to San Diego and Tablewar, and an interview with Carl from the Independent Characters
Boltgun Battle Brothers – Episode 15 ***Explicit*** Gamesday 2013 Review and much more
Death or Glory – Episode 20 ***Explicit*** The Death or Glory Tournament Preview!
The Deployment Zone – Episode 42 ***Explicit*** Interviews and a look at new Space Marines
Southern State of 40K – Episode 13 ***Explicit*** ATC Review and a Mega-Battle
Second Founding – Episode 38  Hobby Progress, ATC Winning Team members Bill Kim and Brandon Vallee
Screaming Heretic – Episode 49 ***Explicit*** Wrath of Kings, new Space Marines, and GenCon review
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