Infinity – Battle Report! Yu Jing vs Nomads!

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Yu Jing tussle with my Nomads in a real thriller with vanilla! Check out the future violence in this custom scenario ‘Weird Science’… with LOTS OF PRETTY PICTURES!

Editor’s note: You REALLY want to click on the pictures to see them in full detail.

MascisMan and I decided to throw our fully painted armies into a battle report. I pit my Nomads against  the might of the Yu Jing empire. As we have been tinkering with writing custom scenarios, we opted to use one of those.
300 pt ARMY LISTS:

Weird Science
A scientist has been working on illegal wetware and is looking for asylum and to sell his work to your nation. You are to extract the scientist and his work and lay waste to his lab to prevent his research getting into enemy hands.
Primary: Sync and escort the civvy to your deployment zone, where he must survive until the end of the game. 3 points
Secondary: Obtain his research from the crate by either a WIP check or forcing it open with a PH check. A critical on a PH check will destroy the crate, so be careful! The research must be in your hands at the end of the game, and can be passed model to model with a short skill. 2 points
Tertiary: Secretly nominate a building on the center line and note it down. This is a science lab and must be destroyed by either a D-charge or a fire based template from inside the structure (short skill). For the following turns the building is considered on fire and any unit touching it must make armor checks with fire damage for every order they spend touching or inside the building.1 point
(We both agreed that every model had 1 D-Charge for the purpose of blowing up a science lab)
Nomad Secret Objective: Coup de grace an unconscious model. 1 Point
Yu Jing Secret Objective: Heal a wounded model. 1 Point


“The rebels must be around here somewhere.” 
The scout biker burns forward, ahead of the group, trying to find the enemy.
A report comes in that resisting troops are located on a distant guard tower. The Hsien moves around the silo and captures him in her view. After unloading twice on the Sin Eater the Hsien has taken a wound and falls back behind the silo.
The Tokusetsu Doctor sends his servant to close the Hsien’s gushing wound. While sprinting to the warrior the Sin Eater strikes again blowing the bot in to scrap.
On the opposite flank a Ninja sneaks forward, silently, hidden. With the research crate in eyesight the Ninja creeps around a corner and spots something moving in a nearby building. As the Ninja focuses on the subject, it opens fire on the Ninja! A Prowler!
The Ninja returns fire, and with a single bullet strikes the Prowler in between the eyes. With the path cleared, the Ninja proceeds to the crate and removes the invaluable research data inside. Once retrieved, she disappears back in to the shadows.


The female Zero hacker slinks from behind the large center building, and strikes from camo at the Aragoto. Only one deflected shot hits the speeding biker, while he turns and unloads a shotgun blast at the Zero. Her armor holds and she wisely falls back into the full cover of the building.
Wasting no time, the Tomcat drops in right by the scientist and drops a repeater knowing a heavily armored Yu Jing warrior cant be far away. She syncs with the scientist, and quickly escorts him back towards the safety of the Nomad deployment zone. Holding onto this valuable objective will be her priority.
The Reverend Custodier taps into the EVO repeater and tries to hack Yu Jing air space, knowing a Tiger Soldier must be up there somewhere. Her attempt fails.


Having received the communication from the Ninja, and narrowly avoiding death from the Zero scout, the Aragoto speeds off to her location avoiding a shot from a Reverend Custodier on overwatch.
The Ninja appears once again in order to hand the data to the biker. Once received, the biker revs up her engine and with a screech speeds back towards her leader.
With the Zero’s location known, the Daofei moves to her corner and peers in the spy’s last known location. After observing the area near the generator, the Daofei sees a flash of movement and opens fire at the blur. The Zero is hit, and slumps to the ground in a pool of blood.
Sensing no more danger in the immediate area, the Ninja and the Daofei disappear back in to darkness.


With the loss of the Prowler and the Ninja handing off the scientist’s research to the Aragoto, the Nomads try to respond quickly. A Hellcat drops in and uses the EVO repeater to guide her, but the sure thing ends up with her wildly scattering off target (She rolls a 17!?). Dazed and confused she fails to see the Celestial Guard turn and take aim, and is taken out by a critically accurate snap shot.
With the right flank at a loss the Spec Ops steps up and sprints towards the building identified as the scientist’s lab. In a swift and practiced move he detonates a D-Charge and the volatile building erupts in flame and glass. The Ninja flinches but is otherwise untouched by the blast.
From inside the safety of the guard tower the Reverend Custodier launches her first repeater from her marker, in a bid to threaten the Daofei. But the shot catches the wind and scatters wildly off the board.
Having safely escorted the scientist to the Nomad deployment, the Tomcat secures the target further by moving them both into the ground floor of the guard tower.


The Aragoto moves to the corner of the adjacent building to see if anyone followed her. Satisfied, the biker spins her ride around and returns to cover.
With no more threats in the area the Daofei moves towards the Lab and sets her explosives. With the push of a button the volatile science Lab explodes into a torrent of fire.
From the air, the location of the Scientist looks open. Avoiding any traps, the Tiger decides to land in a safe area and move to the location on foot, but alas, the Scientist is gone!
Creeping to the corner of the building the Tiger spots a Wildcat in the distance. The Wildcat spots the Tiger at the same time and ducks down to avoid the heavy machine gun fire.
With the Wildcat hiding, the Tiger decides to find the Scientist by moving in the direction of the enemy resistance. When turning a corner he is faced with a Zero Hacker and a Zondbot in the distance. The bot tries to dodge to cover, and the Zero has a surprise for the Tiger as he drops a beeping device in front of him. The mine explodes in the Tigers face, but his armor holds and he coolly guns down both the Zero and the Zondbot.
Back on task, the Tiger sprints towards the guard tower where the servant bot was located. Eager to deny the Nomads the Scientist.
And again, the Daofei slips in to thin air.


The Tiger soldier looms at the foot of the guard tower and is threatening to run in and gun down the Tomcat next turn. The Intruder steps into the fray and moves to the edge of the guard tower where he lines up the Tiger in his sights. The camo attack with his HMG is brutal but fails to kill off the soldier who is now prone and unconscious out of sight.
The Tomcat has the scientist safe, but surprisingly, the Nomad secret mission has presented itself where she can run up and Coup de Grace the unconscious Tiger. But with little orders this will mean she will be unable to get back fully into the building. She goes for it anyway and swiftly finishes off the Tiger with a brutal twist of her combat knife, before returning back to the corner of the guard tower.
With her Lt order the Reverend Custodier launches her final repeater at the Daofei again. She curses as the shot scatters yet again, but fortune hasn’t left her completely as it lands within hacking distance of the Hsien…


Now that the scientist’s location is known, the Aragoto hits the gas, spins her tires and flies towards the building.
In order to clear a path to the target building the wounded Hsien, with all her courage, steps out and tries to take down the Intruder posting guard. Ignoring the warning of an incoming hack attempt, the Hsien’s shots ring true but are deflected by the Intruders armor. The immobilized armor falls limp and completely shuts down, trapping the wounded Hsien inside.
With the Intruder on the roof and in the open, the Daofei raises her heavy machine gun to her shoulders and unloads a full burst in to the enemy. The Intruder reels back and falls clutching a bloodied wound, leaving the guard tower unprotected!
The Daofei sprints towards the side entrance of the building where she finds the scientist with a Tomcat standing guard. The Daofei unloads a full clip at the Nomad, as she reacts with a burst flame from her flamethrower. As the smoke clears it appears the Daofei is lucky this day. The Tomcat isn’t moving, laying in a crumpled heap on the ground, leaving the scientist unprotected…
In the second story window the Daofei spots a remote robot and shoots at it, destroying it with ease.


The Nomads start what would be a truly epic and nail biting final turn in retreat. With two normal orders and her religious order, it is all on the Reverend Custodier. The Tomcat is down and the scientist in the open, watched by the cunning Daofei. She will have only one chance to win the day for the Nomads, so takes a deep breath and makes her desperate moves…
She opts to try and hack the Daofei through the safety of the guard tower wall and shut down his suit. Thinking it an easy task, she is shocked when the Gui Feng reveals himself and jumps in with his superior WIP and BTS to defend the Daofei. But Observances finest manages to beat  the Yu Jing hacker and shuts down the Daofei suit! (The Gui Feng rolled a 15 while the Custodier a 7)
With two orders left she needs to get down from the tower and secure the scientist. Again she holds her breath as she leaps from the second floor of the guard tower, landing safely.
With her final order she runs up to the scientist and tries to sync with him… if she fails the Nomads lose, if she succeeds then it is victory…
She rolls a 14. A crit to sync with scientist and win the game!
The game ends 5 objective points to 3.
Yu Jing Score:
2 points for holding the Research Data
1 point for blowing up their target building
Nomad Score:
3 points for securing the Scientist
1 point for blowing up their target building
1 point for the secret objective

Conclusion from the Yu Jing:

What an excellent game! A true example of “It’s not over until it’s over.”
Once I had the research back safely in my deployment zone I probably should have tried to flank that guard tower rather than rely on heavy armor and run straight towards it.
Another aspect, I ALWAYS forget about, is suppression fire. After the Sin Eater went down, and before the Intruder appeared, I should have had the Hsien lay suppression fire towards the roof of the building. This would have allowed the Tiger and the Daofei to approach the castled Nomads sooner in the game.
I have always known that Custodier’s are good hackers but I have a newfound respect for Markers! I never knew they dispersed! I can’t wait to use them more often with my Barid….but that is for another battle report.
Levitas’ defense of the guard tower was tremendous. He played a fantastic game and while he will claim to have had great fortune at the end, sometimes it is better to be lucky than good!

Conclusion from the Nomads:

When we set out to make the battle report we were both hoping the game would be fun and worth reading about. So to have it turn into one of our most thrilling and nail biting games was very cool.
By rights there is no way I should have won that game, and having it come down to three orders and three desperate dice rolls was pure Nomad luck. Every turn I was losing orders, and honestly didn’t make the wisest of ARO decisions throughout. The loss of the Hellcat to a freak scatter, and the early loss of the Prowler really hurt too.
I fully expected the Tiger to drop in, and despite a mine to the face and the Zero’s combo he still didn’t go down. I was just lucky he ran out of orders. But not as lucky as the Hsien forgetting he had a repeater next to him, otherwise that guy was going to run rambo up the board.
But superstars like the Tomcat, Intruder and Reverend Custodier helped win the day, along with massive amounts of luck.
You can check out pics of my plucky Nomads on my blog…
Do you have any tales of last minute victory?
What would you have done differently?
What did you think of the custom scenario?

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