Goatboy’s Model Reviews – Evil Craft – Chaos Chest, Legs, & Backpacks

Come close Chaos Fanatics – you’re gonna LOVE these! Who doesn’t want o dress up your army and give it that something special?

Goatboy here again coming back to reviewing some 3rd party models.  Today I got lucky enough to get some Miniatures from Evil Craft to paint up.

I found the models to be extremely detailed and a lot of fun to paint.  As usual I want to go into a normal rating structure to help make further reviews easier to follow.

I’ve decided to update it as we get more companies that have really strived to create excellent products and I need to be more detailed in how I review and recommend items.

Basic Review
1 – 5 Bloody Knuckles.   The more bloody knuckles the better the product is.  I can go into .5 to get a better on target review.

Review Topics

More companies are investing in creating professional looking products and we need to think of that.  These companies want to get involved in the game store so having a nice looking package is important to stand out amongst all the other part providers.

How much is this product and is it worth it to buy?  With GW and other companies raising prices on their own products these 3rd party options start to look cheaper and better when trying to fill out an army.  I look at how much you get and what you need to get them to work.

What kind of material is this bit in?  Is it hard to work with?  Did you need to clean it?  Was it worth the time investing in getting it to work?

Model Looks
Is the sculpt nice looking?  Does it fit in the universe you plan on using it in?

Overall Review
Just a value based on everything above.  A kind of Average of if you should buy it or not.  1-2 Blood Knuckles means most likely you don’t want to spend your money/time on this option.

I was given the Torsos, Helmets, Backpacks
, and Standing Legs.  The Legs, Torsos, and Backpacks come in packs of 6 while the Heads came in a back of 10.  I think the 6’s are there to give the idea that these are evil guys.  With that in mind let’s start this review.
Packaging – 3 Bloody Knuckles

I gave the packaging 3 Bloody Knuckles because while it didn’t have the hard clam shell we are used to for minis it was still clean and nice looking.  You could easily see all the parts of the models and make sure everything was included in the package.  I think they could use some more graphics on the actual paper backing to help make them look a bit more professional.  Still it was nice being able to see all the parts plus with it being in a simple bag it is an easier item to put on your shelf as it takes less space overall when you have parts stacked on top of each other.

Value – 2.5 Bloody Knuckles

Did you just say something about my momma?

Each pack of 6 options comes out to $12.07 which can get kind of expensive.  If you use one set to help create your leaders, HQ, or veterans then it becomes a bit better.  I didn’t get any arms or weapons so I had to use bits to create my models but Evil Craft just released a complete kit with 5 models with everything including the bases for under $50.00 dollars.  This is obviously more then what we see from  GW but these guys are not designed to complete out your army, instead they are your high end HQ/Leader pieces that you kit bash and convert.  Using this idea then these models give you a nice bit of room to create more unique options.

Material – 4 Bloody Knuckles

These guys were made out of some kind of white plastic/resin.  It had some of the give you would feel in Fine Cast but I didn’t see any bubbles or issues in the models I built and used.  I really like how light they felt and how springy they felt too.  I was not worried these guys would shatter if I dropped them.  They had a good deal of detail in there too.  When I clipped out the models from their sprue they trimmed very easily and it wasn’t hard to but them together either.  I really like the overall material.

Model Looks – 5 Bloody Knuckles

They just had to be painted Red and Gold.

I really think these guys look bad ass for chosen, leaders, or evil marines.  They had so much little detail on there.  I added arms from the Warhammer  Fantasy Forsaken to create cool Possessed for a small squad of Crimson Slaughter/Word Bearers.  I didn’t get any of the weapons, arms, or shoulder pads but they look good on their website and think they would fit very well with any kind of Chaos marine army you would want to do.

Overall Review – 3.625 Bloody Knuckles

Overall I thought the first fore way into Evil Craft Miniatures was a success.  I like the look of the models and thought the material was great.  I wish they were a bit cheaper to help keep them within the range of most modelers.  I think they look good and if you don’t mind paying a bit more then the norm for Chaos models with better armor looks and design then these models are right there for you.  I am interested in seeing if they come out with some cool looking Demon weapons, close combat weapons, and maybe even bigger options for those cool Princes from the warp.  In fact I would love to see a big Demon Prince from this company as I think they could do something really cool with their overall design style.

Wanted to show the backpacks.   The Vents are separate so you can mix them up throughout the unit.

I will be roaming Adepticon and hopefully I can find some other cool things to review.  I am always on the search for new models and new evil looking things to build, paint, and hopefully use to crush the life out of my enemy.

So, do you like em?

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