WOW! WFB/40K: Glottkin (& More) Arrives

Nurgle’s Emissaries are ready for you now…  Also 40K get’s some love this week from GW:

The Glottkin $109 (go look at the 360 view!)

Mutated beyond their mortal forms, the Glottkin rank as the mightiest champions of Nurgle. They combine the darkest sorcery, the most virulent plagues and monstrous strength to butcher any opponent of the Dark Gods.

This multi-part plastic kit features Ethrac and Otto Glott riding on the shoulders of their monstrous brother Ghurk. Ethrac is armed with a staff and ceremonial dagger, whilst Otto is distinguished by his huge scythe. All three miniatures are covered with boils, sores, open wounds and other gruesome gifts of Nurgle. Can you spot the three nurglings nestled amongst their folds of flesh and bone?

Rules for using the Glottkin in games of Warhammer can be found in the construction booklet that accompanies this miniature and in Warhammer: Glottkin.

Warhammer End Times: Glottkin $66 

Warhammer: Glottkin continues the epic saga begun in Warhammer: Nagash. This terrifying new chapter in the history of the Old World is revealed over two mighty hardback tomes which are presented together in a sturdy slipcase.

Warhammer: Glottkin Book 1 is a 128-page volume which provides a narrative sweep of the events surrounding the Chaos invasion of the Old World led by the Brothers Glott.

Warhammer: Glottkin Book 2 is a 64-page volume that contains six new scenarios and new rules based on the events in Warhammer: Glottkin Book 1. It includes the rules that will allow you to field the Glottkin, Maggoth Lords, Gutrot Spume and the Putrid Blightkings in your games of Warhammer. It also includes all-new rules for Karl Franz Ascendant (who is changed by the horrors of the End Times, but you will have to read the book to find out more) and Festus Empowered.

Armies of the End Times can field more Lords – up to 50% – and there are brand new rules for fighting battles in the streets of war torn cities. The new army list – The Legions of Chaos – allows you to create a unified army of Chaos drawn from Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos and Beastmen.

Limited to 500 individually numbered copies, this beautifully designed edition is a must-have for any collector. Contained within a magnetically sealed slip case are both the narrative and campaign books, each finished with varnished text on the covers. Also included is a wallet containing 4 art prints of Karl Franz, Orghotts Daemonspew, Gutrot Spume and The Brothers Glott. There is also a double-sided, annotated map of the events and battles of the Chaos invasion of the Warhammer world.

The bundles…

The Unified Legion of the Glottkin contains 150 plastic Citadel miniatures, including: The Glottkin, 1 Orghotts Daemonspew, 1 Bloab Rotspawed, 1 Morbidex Twiceborn 1 Gutrot Spume, 20 Warriors of Chaos, 20 Marauders of Chaos, 1 Chaos Warshine, 10 Putrid Blightkings, 30 Plaguebearers of Nurgle, 6 Plague Drones of Nurgle, 6 bases of Nurglings, 1 Herald of Nurgle, 1 Great Bray Shaman, 20 Bestigors, 30 Gors, 3 Minotaurs and 1 Cygor.

This multi-part plastic box set contains 20 miniatures: 1 Space Marine Captain, 1 Dreadnought, 1 Razorback, 1 Drop Pod, 1 Stormtalon Gunship, 1 Sternguard Veteran Squad of 5 miniatures and 1 Tactical Squad of 10 miniatures. Also included are 3 Space Marine vehicle transfer sheets, 3 Space Marine transfer sheets, 1 x Large Oval Base, 16 x 25mm Round Uncut Bases and 1 x Dreadnought Base

This multi-part plastic box set contains 25 miniatures: 1 Hive Tyrant, 1 Tervigon/Tyrannofex, 3 Tyranid Warriors and 20 Termagants. Also included are 12 Rippers allowing you to assemble 3 Ripper Swarms.

Who’s getting what?

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