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How to Play World Eaters in Warhammer 40K

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Nov 23 2023

Today let’s take a look at some basics of how to play and get started with Warhammer 40k World Eaters in 10th Edition.

The World Eaters are the Legion of Chaos Space Marines most dedicated to Khorne. Bloody berserkers, the daemon-fueled World Eaters spare no foe. On the tabletop, the World Eaters are a blistering close combat army, capable of devastating charges.

So below we offer some tips on how to play World Eaters and get started with the army.

Who Are The World Eaters?

The World Eaters were the XII Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions. Their Primarch is Angron, sometimes known as the The Lord of the Red Sands or the Red Angel. The Legion was amongst the first to turn traitor during the Horus Heresy. They are known for their peerless martial savagery – thanks in part to the effects of the psycho-surgical implants known as the Butcher’s Nails that most of their members possess. – The World Eaters would eventually devolve into a legion of blood-crazed maniacs dedicated to the Chaos God Khorne. They glory in violence and slaughter, with no other purpose than spilling blood and taking skulls in the name of their god. After the catastrophic Battle of Skalathrax, they were scattered into disparate warbands, and have rarely fought as a unified Legion since.

Alongside the Space Wolves their warriors are some of the deadliest close combat fighters in the galaxy, amongst whom are counted large numbers of the infamous Khorne Berserkers.

Why Play World Eaters

The World Eaters are a preeminent combat force themed after bloodthirsty gladiatorial Space Marines. On the table, their focus is on getting the charge and getting into combat- where they excel. If you like bloodthirsty Berserkers dedicated to the martial God, these guys are your number one go-to.


Strengths of the Army

  • Close combat superiority.
  • Daemon Primarch.

Weakness of the Army

  • Shooting.
  • Somewhat low model count due to high points cost.

World Eaters Army Rules

  • Blessings of Khorne: You throw a handful of dice (8) at the start of each battleround, which can be spent, based on their results, on up to two Blessings from the table, which apply to all your units.

World Eaters Detachment Rules- Berserker Warband

  • RulesRelentless Rage is a dark mirror of the Blood Angels Black Rage, greatly increasing their impact on the Charge.
  • Enhancements: The Berserker Glaive deserves its own call out here- it is better than it’s been since third edition, and really makes its bearer slap.
  • Stratagems: Almost all the World Eaters stratagems activate in the Fight phase- I wonder why that is?

Key World Eaters Units To Know

Warhammer 40K World Eaters have a brand new unit roster and knowing what units to take can be tricky. Here are some suggestions to get you off on the right track.



The World Eater’s Primarch is unmatched in melee.Reborn in Blood can bring him back with full wounds after death, while Wrathful Presence buffs all nearby World Eaters in melee in a variety of ways.  Beware the Red Angel!

Kharn the Betrayer

Kharn’s Legendary Killer rules makes his attached Berzerker unit a buzzsaw in melee, but they better watch out, because The Betrayer reminds them that Khorne cares not from where the blood flows.

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut

This leader has a great combat profile and a very fun buff aura- adding to the movement of nearby units.



Khorne Berserkers

The absolutely iconic frontline troops of the Legion- finely sculpted and brutal on the charge. Never leave home without a unit or two.


Khorne-flavored Cultists, Jakhals are great at dying and generating Blood Tithe!  They are dirt-cheap and can bolster your ranks.

Other Units


The Daemon-encrusted Elite of the Legion- Eightbound make great work coming up the flanks due to their high movement. They will make short work of anything they can get their blades on.

Exalted Eightbound

The Exalted Eightbound take the over the top Eightbound and push them fifty feet out of the roof, giving them all paired chainfists if you please.

World Eaters Land Raider

In 10th Edition, extra tough transports are back – and the World Eaters can use all the heavy metal support they can get to reach enemy lines. The Land Raider works like a bloody charm.

Khorne Lord of Skulls

The Lord of Skulls brings a pile of wounds at high Toughness and some massive offensive weapons. On top of that it allows the modification of the Blessing of Khorne roll with its Blessed Slaughter rule.

World Eaters Rhino

What good is being a bunch of crazed Khorne-worshipping Berserkers if you have to walk everywhere? Never fear, the humble World Eaters Rhino is here. It helps your dudes get to a place and start chopping right away!


world eaters kharne

Sample Starter World Eater Army

Lord on Juggernaut. 1 Model. He is equipped with: plasma pistol and exalted chainblade.

Khorne Berserkers. Ten Models. Equipped with: bolt pistol, berserker chainblade

Khorne Berserkers. Ten Models. Equipped with: bolt pistol, berserker chainblade

Khorne Berserkers. Ten Models. Equipped with: bolt pistol, berserker chainblade

Exalted Eightbound. Three Models. Equipped with: Eightbound chainfists



How to Play World Eaters

Close the gap and MAIM, BURN, KILL. That’s what World Eaters are all about- get in there and rip them up.

Skulls for the Brass Throne!

Author: Allen Campbell
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