Legion Exigence: New Unit Walkthrough

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Now that Exigence is out,  how did Legion come out in the new recruiting class?  Did Legion’s armor cracking problem get solved?  Any new auto includes in your list?  Let us take a look!
Warcaster:  Epic Absylonia
She is a new and improved beast heavy list caster.  She makes  all the beasts better if they are in her control area.  Her feat also solves Legion’s armor cracking issue quite nicely.  EAbby armies have a great alpha if she can kill a model before the rest of the list goes. A great edition to Legions caster stable.
Solo: Fyanna the Lash
Far reaching melee hero with some interesting abilities.  A little pricey in the points department but, with the ridiculous amount of abilities on her card I could see fielding her.  Really good fit in a Rhyas list.
Warbeast Pack: Blight Wasps
They don’t pack to much punch, but they are cheap for a couple bodies.  They also can fill some tier list requirements like Vayl’s flying beast battlegroup requirement to open up some new looks at old tier lists.  EThagrosh or EAbby can get some obvious use out of them, other casters will probably look elsewhere.
Unit: Strider Blightblades
All the ambush you can handle.  If bogtrogs weren’t enough to make your opponent stay away from the board edge these guys can do it too.  Interesting combo to get incubi deep in enemy lines but a tad expensive to do.  I don’t know if they make it in to lists over legionaries but could have be interesting with Kallus.
Heavy: Neraph
Interesting pillowfisted heavy. If he hits with his main weapon he doesn’t have to hit again to keep chomping away.  Not terribly expensive so could have some uses.  His animus could pull things into spots they don’t want to be. 
Heavy: Zuriel
The new character heavy is a little pillowfisted and doesn’t have reach.  But, with a  high base armor and a really nasty animus for infantry cleansing it is a great new edition to out beast stable.  It has 2 fire sprays.  Which is ridiculous with its animus.  This beast will see lots of play. I think every caster can get something out of this beast.
So what do you think BOLS?  I think legion had the strongest release 2nd to skorne.  I really like Abby 2 and Zuriel.  I am less excided about the blight wasps.  Are you fearing the day that these models are put across the table or are you ready to use them to devastating effect?  Please share your comments.  You can troll me on reddit or twitter @revenanttx

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