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Hordes: New Warbeasts Unboxed

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Sep 9 2014

We’ve got two new warbeasts coming your way.  Time to crack open that box and take a look:

First up, Legion finally gets one of its new toys from Gargantuans.

Here are all the bits.

Like the rest of it, this head here is an interesting mix of demonic and alien themes.


There’s more of that ornate armor on the torso.

And on the arms.

Not so much on the wings though.

Arriving along with the Runeshapers, here is another price break for trollblood players.

Also like the Runeshapers, this guy is exactly the same as his old metal sculpt, but now recast in plastic.


As usual, heavy warbeasts look quite good cast in this plastic.

All the cracks are still there in his skin. If anything they appear to be a bit more pronounced.

This hand looks nice and gnarled.

Here’s your troll crotch for the day.

Look, the tusks come attached on this guy. And hey, the face is almost completely mold line free. More like this please!

~So I’m sure all you Legion players are excited to finally get yourself a Bloodseer. But I’m curious about you Trollblood folks. Do you guys still find yourself using the Earthborn a lot in today’s huge based meta?


Ben Williams
Author: Ben Williams
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