SHOWCASE: Infinity: Painting Operation Icestorm Part 3

Let’s look at how my PanOceania force from the Operation Icestorm starter turned out.

 In my last two articles I did a step by step of one of the Fusiliers from this set. Now let’s look at some close-ups of the rest of them. Here’s an Orc Troop.

And the view from the other side. Look at those armored buttocks. Yow!

Here is the Akalis.

From behind.

And a third angle since I really feel like you need to see him from all sides to get it all.

The Father Knight. His color scheme is just the inverse of the rest: the chrome-y metallic palette I used on the backpacks of the rest of them is his primary scheme, with the brassy palette used on the backpacks and other accents.

 Another angle. A direct shot of the back just isn’t as exciting since there’s so much robe.

Here’s the lady Fusilier.

The other male fusilier.

I think my favorite model from the bunch is this guy.

Something about that coat.

~Hope you’ve enjoyed the series. I did do another Infinity painting article once if you want to see more. Can’t believe it’s been over a year since that one. What do you think? Have I improved? Next I want to do something with those sexy new Antipodes. Until then…

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