40k Editorial: 2015 The New Direction


Hello everyone ! It’s your friendly neighborhood Black Blow Fly here to discuss the current state of our favorite hobby Warhammer 40k.


First I want to mention the new iOS game Drop Assault just released by Games Workshop. It’s free and fun. You might want to check it out. The game is based on the Drop Site Massacre or Battle of Isstvan V which was the opening engagement between the loyalist and traitor legions during the Horus Heresy. Like I said it’s free… You can’t go wrong.



There’s a lot of neat things going on now in the hobby with the new Necron codex right around the corner to be shortly followed by eldar Harlequins. There’s only one codex left to go – Sisters of Battle. Do you think Games Workshop will finally release it and do them the justice they truly deserve? It’s not something I’d bet on but it’d be awesome if they do. You never know and to be honest I was skeptical about the Harlequins but we’ve all seen the pictures so there’s no denying it.

I think this will be great year for the game. Last year this time we were all trying to wrap our heads around Escalation and Stronghold Assault which I often refer to as Black December… Dark times indeed. Games Workshop didn’t do a good job letting us know what to expect in advance and pretty much just threw it over the fence for us to sort out amongst ourselves… Not a good game plan.

I can say for me personally I didn’t really know what was going on and felt some anxiety. I know it was a real nightmare for tournament organizers and the nuts were coming out of the woodworks trying to tell us how we should play the game… Ban this, ban that… The mantra of those dark times.



Seventh edition eventually followed which got things back on track collectively. I like seventh edition because it fixed a lot of the things I didn’t like about sixth edition such as challenges and focus fire. The new rulebook is more of a user’s guide and is much better organized. I think the psychic phase still needs some work but for me it’s a big step in the right direction.

Looking all the way back to third edition I see 40k back then as a beer and pretzels game. The game is much more complex now and I don’t see it going back to a more simplistic system any time soon. Games Workshop is much too heavily invested in their new direction. Supposedly they will release more supplements in the future to further flesh out all the races. Maybe this year we will eventually see a real Legion codex for Chaos Space Marines such as Death Guard or World Eaters as opposed to the current trend for renegades (yucko).

In regards to the tournament scene it’s exciting to see many of the top national tournament organizers finally embracing the game from a seventh edition point of view rather than try to impose the antiquated past. I know it’s a tough job but moving forward is the right direction as opposed to rolling out stale formats that harken back to pre sixth edition. Lords of War are here to stay and a lot of people want to be able to field their favorite characters such as Dante, Draigo and Ghaz. Formations are what make new codices work such as Orks.

I have been very busy painting new models and preparing my current armies so I’ll be ready to attend large events such as the LVO and TempleCon. Like I said I think it’s going to be a great year for Warhammer 40k and I’m very excited. I think everyone has something to look forward to in 2015.


How optimistic are all the latest releases making you feel?

  • Rob Godin

    I’m very curious where the company will go next. It can’t continue its old model of just focusing on codex releases (because they are too new). So what will it do now? New armies? Extra units for existing armies?
    Maybe calm down on 40k for half a year and focus on other games? Launch a new game???

    I’m very curious. I’m looking forward to the next 11months

    • mac40k

      My prediction, by no means exclusive, is that the focus for 40k will shift to campaign supplements, while WFB will get the majority of new miniature releases in support of 9th, especially if the rumors pan out as most of the figs will be getting redone to distinguish them from competitors’ Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, etc. Although I can’t see them continuing to churn out new 40k factions and/or new units at the pace they have been, new Demon models are possible as they are usable in both games. Figure them to keep mucking with force org via detachments, Decurions, etc. in an effort to push slower selling models as well.

    • Malevengion

      I’m hoping that they will support 40K by creating some ally forces with rules published in the White Dwarf. Not full fledged armies but a unit or special character here or there with new miniatures that ally with one of the codex armies.

      • Secundum Ave

        They did that before. It bombed. So they stopped.

    • 6Cobra

      “Launch a new game??”

      I certainly hope so. Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, and Epic were some of the most enjoyable evenings I ever spent over a tabletop.

      • chris harrison

        I would like them to put out a new, comprehensive Epic game. That would make my year.

        • tristan

          If they release epic, I will be back and makee them rich.

        • SithKnightGalen

          Would be interesting to see updated epic armies on the field.

      • Bayne MacGregor

        Bringing back some of those old games might be the gateway game they need to get new players in. Necromunda and Mordheim with the new plastic terrain…
        They just need to make them roughly compatible with the larger games rules and allow peoples skirmish forces to become the basis of larger armies in the main game.

        And bringing back Epic and Battlefleet in a way that ties in campaign structures with the other games would be a very wise idea i think.

      • SithKnightGalen

        An Official Campaign style Kill Team Game/Supplement would be great, too.

    • What are their plans for this year? Obviously, once they’ve updated everything to 7th Edition, time for 8th Edition!

      Sadly, I do not think my cynicism in this case is unfounded.

      • SithKnightGalen

        Well, they could always go back and update all the previous Sixth Edition books (CSM, Tau, AM, DA) to Seventh Ed…like adding in Lords of War.

  • Zingbaby

    Thank you BBF, it’s nice to see calm and reasonable commentary on the Internet for a change.

    Excluding the Eldar book, I believe we have the most balanced codex pool that GW has ever had for one edition. I realize that might not be saying much as they’ve rarely had even up-to-date codex for most editions, but it definitely makes me hopeful.

    • Ross Gustafson

      Well fluff wise it makes sense that Eldar are a bit over powered because they have the most advanced tech (other than maybe Necrons) and they are the most desperate dying race and they have a connection to the warp (for both good and bad). Game wise they need some things toned down but they are not unbeatable and they have plenty of units that if not used correctly can be awful. Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions, Harlequins, Wraithfighters. Just like all of the armies. It’s just the troops section is so strong with troops with CAD and ob sec being so powerful in the game (which is actually a good thing because basic troopers matter) with them having Wave Serpents as well. But wave serpents are not good against armor 13/14 or good armored monsterous creatures. Even with bright lances. So again, not unbeatable.

      • JJ

        I think that if they just fixed the wave serpent rules it would quiet most of the complaining down.

        • Zingbaby

          I’d be satisfied with just that fix.

          • Mr.Gold

            I play Eldar, but i would be happy with a fix on the Wave Serpent – remove the Serpents Shield’s Ignore Cover special Rule…

          • deris87

            I don’t know that ignores cover is the the issue, it’s the 5′ range and the S7 with a mess of shots.

          • Gray_Hunter

            Ditto. I’ve never played Eldar, but I love their asthetic, background and play style. The Wave Serpent auto-include is really the only black mark against that book, at least in my opinion.

      • Zingbaby

        Well no, not unbeatable. But still out of line with the rest of the other codex. Howling banshees are a situational precision tool (not an ‘all-comers’ unit) so the Internet says they are to never be used but they’re not terrible, striking scorpions are actually really good and will counter punch even the best CC units, and wave serpents are actually, just too good.

        • Defenestratus

          I don’t know what kind of “CC specialists” you’ve used scorpions against, but every time I get stuck in against berserkers or daemons, or anything thats actually worth a damn in close combat, its ended poorly for my poor little scorpions. 2 standing attacks just isn’t enough for a CC specialists and the new mandihats kind of stink (yes I know they are statistically the same against MEQ as they were before)
          Banshees aren’t situational, they’re just bad. Any assault unit that goes @ I1 on the charge thru cover can’t be considered “an assault unit” really.

          There are other problems in the book, such as “why you never see a seer council on foot” (because they have a crappy armor save without the jetbike) and “why can’t swooping hawks interact with fliers”.

          The wave serpent issue is easily resolved. Don’t change the tank at all, but make it so you can only take one as a transport for a full squad. Eliminate the min-maxing mechanic and suddenly the tax you have to pay for those wave serpents is doubled and theoretically you wouldn’t have to deal with so many of them. I impose a two wave serpent limit on my lists, and none of my opponents really complain about them because while they should be awesome transports, they shouldn’t be ubiquitous.

          • Zingbaby

            Uhh wow, well first “2 standing attacks” is what SM Assault Marines have (and only when properly armed) like most other non character CC units.

            And just because Ward gave out assault grenades like candy, basically defeating the purpose of terrain doesn’t mean every unit should have them or can’t function without them. With the banshee mask everyone else is still pretty much striking at I1.

          • deris87

            Not having grenades might not be an issue if you’re resilient like most MCs, Grotesques, or Terminators, but it’s kind of a big deal when you’re t3 with a 4+ save.

          • Zingbaby

            In an army that can easily cause pinning (no overwatch) and with banshee masks that make everyone else I1, and the whole unit having power swords and pistols for relatively cheap, plus all of the great bonus abilities (acrobat, fleet, battle focus etc); yeah give me a break.

          • deris87

            I’m curious how you think they can “easily” cause pinning. They’re not Dark Eldar with leadership reducing abilities out the wazoo. Also, maybe this is a 7th ed change that I just never noticed, but last I checked being pinned didn’t prevent Overwatch.

            Regardless, it’s not even really the Initiative issue that makes Banshees a bad unit, it’s the lack of assault transport or any other delivery mechanism. In a vacuum, just comparing equal points to equal points, they’re fine. The issue is they can’t make it to the enemy in sufficient numbers to do much damage when they have to run to get there.

            To address an earlier point you made as well, 2 attacks barring really high S or an AP value of some sort IS pretty poor. You mention Assault Marines as though anyone actually considers them an assault unit. Outside of old Blood Angels who could take them as troops (which was as mostly for the 2 special weapons and 1d6 scatter), I can’t recall the last time I saw anyone take Assault Marines. They’re only useful against T3 5+ save models, which is hardly something most armies need help with.

          • Zingbaby

            Your perspective is way off dude. Eldar have access to more pinning weapons than just about anyone. Yes, pinning prevents overwatch.

            In most other armies assault transports are very expensive. The Stormraven being one of the cheapest if you’re willing to go into hover mode. With battle focus, fleet and acrobat banshees are at least faster than other infantry units.

            And 2 base attacks isn’t great, but it’s pretty much what every assault infantry unit has. What are you expecting? Terminators are 200 points base for 5.

      • ReveredChaplainDrake

        Gonna’ stop you right at that first sentence. There is no fluff justification for an army being OP. Because if an army being OP really was canon, why hasn’t that faction conquered the galaxy and wiped out all opposition yet?

        Also I find it mildly amusing that you’re trying to defend Eldar as not OP by saying that some units, if used poorly, will suck. Usually, you hear that speech the *other* way (awful unit actually not awful due to extremely rare edge case). Even funnier considering that you suggest MCs as a counter to Wave Serpents. Considering Serpent Spam rules the day, it’s almost a confession that the game’s resident MC army isn’t capable of pulling its competitive weight.

        • Marky

          Being op Just means they need to cost a few extra points. The whole basis for the game is that things get more expensive the better they are.

          • tristan

            I disagree.
            Some things are just too powerful.
            2++ reroll for example should not be in the game.
            No matter how much it costs.

          • Brettila

            Cut the range to 36″ and make it not ignore cover and most complaining will come to an end. At 145 points, you can’t play THAT many in a regular army. BEFORE ANYONE CASTS STONES, I don’t mean 6, 5-man units of Dire Avengers for min/max world. My whole DA or Wraithguard squad plus serpent costs me 305 big ones. I normally have room for 2. Not to mention I normally save my shield to save my butt…

    • Defenestratus

      You mean “excluding the wave serpent”…

      The rest of the Eldar book is just fine – and the only problem with the wave serpent is that its able to be spammed through the use of min-maxed squads.

      • Marky

        Would be fine if points cost was higher

        • tristan

          Your transport should not outclass your battletank.
          The serpent outclasses the falcon in any possible way.

          • Perversor

            allow the falcon to mount 2x Pulsar on the turret and people may consider one before a wraithlord.

            Remove fast from it and make it a 13/12/10 with optional hull weapon and it may become a deadly main battle tank instead a psudo transport.

            P.S: i’m all in remove serpent shooting shield and allow something like assault (by warping the unit to the front of the tank)

          • Brettila

            Just have the ramp in the belly of the tank, and have it open to the front so troops can charge straight out.

          • deris87

            To be fair that’s partly because the Falcon sort of sucks on it’s own. It’s got a mixed battlefield role in a game that penalizes versatility.

        • Brettila

          It’s already 145 with a holo field. What do you want?

      • deris87

        To be fair, Spiders could probably stand to go up a few points as well.

    • rrooster1977

      I never played Eldar but I used to play Dark Eldar and have a friend that plays Eldar. From my point of view they just need access to an open topped or assault ramp transport and it would help them immensely.

  • Andrew Thomas

    I have a feeling that most of this coming year, when they aren’t rolling out Fantasy and H/LotR, will mostly be supplements and campaign books for 40k.

  • No One will give Kudos for GW having all the dexes on the same edition for the first time ever? Sounds aboot par for the course.

    “”Games Workshop didn’t do a good job letting us know what to expect in advance and pretty much just threw it over the fence for us to sort out amongst ourselves… Not a good game plan.”””
    ^^that made me lol. Dude really. Its a game, half the fun is finding out for yourself. The entitlement some of you have is just ludicrous.

    • JJ

      ….Um.. I will give them Kudos.. just a soon as they release the DA, Eldar, Daemons 7th edition codexes.

    • Charon

      They have not. A lot of Codices are still 6th edition. Even Orcs and Astra Militarum still use 6th edition mechanics (bombs on copters for example). Not to speak of Dark angels, Eldar, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons and Sisters of Battle.

      • omg. ahhh, nerds. true to form.

        • JJ

          ahh.. Dismissive Jerk true to form!

        • benn grimm

          Yeah, bcoz you’re no nerd of course? Anyway, the guy’s right, is that what you have a problem with? Or is it that you didn’t really think what you said through and then someone picked you up on it?

          • Im a proud nerd. Theres just always that ONE GUY that has to be like “well actually” nerd semantics.

        • Marky

          What were u expecting? We are all commenting on a sci fi table top wargame 🙂

      • John Bower

        In fairness the guard were released for 6th ed. The bigbomm imho was an oversight; it was there already so they included it but… Some dumdum forgot to put special rules so it actually worked. A bloody shame really because I went to a fair bit of trouble converting 2 for 2 of my DK’s. 🙁

    • Ross Gustafson

      They did have the dexes out for all armies in 3rd edition. 3rd edition was also 6 years long too though. Those were fun days when Chaos was the army we all complained about. Every rose has its thorn.

    • So I have one complaint and that is what you pick to harp on… jerk face.

      • lol, I have given u many compliments dude, relax. I do enjoy your articles I just found that sentence hilarious is all. Public apology right there dude 🙂

        • thanks !

          : )

          • I did actually mean to add the sentence “good article I enjoyed reading it” like I usually do it just got lost when I was trying to copy paste yer quote.

      • withershadow

        The only thing 40K nerds complain about more than 40K is about other 40K nerds complaining about 40K.

        • John Bower

          Rotflmao at this.. That was good mate, thanks for making what’s been a great day even better with that one.

      • Benderisgreat

        Thicker skin, BBF. Don’t put yourself out there if you can’t take the heat.

      • Houghten

        I’d have taken issue with the opening sentence, myself. “Friendly”? I’ve met friendlier leopards.

  • Kevin Maloney

    My main problem with 7th is that it seems to be adding more and more complexity to the way force orgs work. This is already a game with a lot of rules that are hard to keep track of, and its getting to the point where army construction is no longer a simple “one force org for everything” affair. There is a lot to be said for simplicity, especially since this is a hobby concerned about drawing in new players.

    I’d also like to see assault become viable in the meta again, but that’s just me.

    • Zingbaby

      Messing with the force-org isn’t new though, and I’d be willing to bet that my own imagination couldn’t even fathom the epic Sky-is-Falling freakout that would explode if GW went backwards and “simplified” the game.

      Listening to the contradictory ‘wants and desires’ of the GW customer base is like peering into the Warp, it’ll make you insane.

      • Ex_Phase

        I think too many people expect the player base to be homogenized. When in fact they don’t realize that there are multiple groups within the player base that want different things. So when something changes, certain people will quietly approve while the others will rage, and so the cycle continues as changes continue.

        • Zingbaby

          Too true.

    • Marky

      Fantasy keeps you out with model count, 40k keeps you out by having so many rules, supliments and things that you don’t know where to start… Eg if I wanted to make an alpha legion list with my unmarked, untainted marines, and have not played in a few years where the hell would I begin 🙂

    • Nameless

      the issue with the one force org for everyone is that it simply stopped working. looking back to 5th ed half of the books swapped units to troops, or have such small minimum investments in troops that saying that an army required 2 troops was actually causing balance issues.

  • Guest

    I have one request for GW… Please Please fix the accounting nightmare that is playing against/with Daemons….

  • Juan José Mejías Moreno

    Minor thing: Drop Assault’s setting is Istvaan III, not V. It’s not the drop site massacre, it’s the culling of the loyalist remnants from the first traitor legions. No Salamanders, Iron Hands or Raven Guard. This is the first evident betrayal act.

  • benn grimm

    The harlies look pretty cool, may be tempted to grab a few, waiting to see what the starweaver looks like and whether they have venoms. I think its a pretty cool thing that they are getting a codex, i hope for more of the ‘lesser’ factions getting codexes, like Exodites, Kroot mercs, maybe Speed Freak/Feral Orks, that sort of thing.

    • life of adept brian

      I could definitely see them doing a speed freaks supplement. Flushing out the Kroot or other Tau allies seem easy enough, but not so sure about the Exodites- that would be a lot of work, as would Slann (but super-cool). Ad-mech is high on my list, but Forge World seems to be taking care of that one. Skaven/Hrud (depending on how you envision the Hrud), seem like just a book and they’re done.

      It’s funny, I only just thought as I read your post again before pressing post – GW is making it easier to play any sized game you want now too… 1500-2000 points is fine (and fun), or bigger, but they seem to be releasing factions (and updating older books), that can be played “small” just as easily. I mean you could always play any sized game you wanted, but it always felt like the game was meant to be “big” by design. It was always the criticism that they did that to drive sales, but not so much anymore – it seems to work well at any size. Has anyone else found that? Perhaps they (GW) are more tuned in than people give them credit for… I think they recognize the cost concerns that people accuse them of being oblivious to. That’s gotta be a positive thing for the future of the hobby.

      Sorry, started to ramble there…

  • kobalt60

    You are correct that 3’rd edition was a beer and pretzels kind of game, but so was RT, and every edition since then. The day 40k becomes something other than a beer and pretzel game is the day you can pound that last nail in the coffin.

    • Shane

      I know the beer and pretzels tag has stuck over the years and when compared to certain other games with good reason, but I’d go so far as to say 7th edition is what the individual wants to make of it. 7th can actually be played seriously but likewise if you just want to have a bit of fun with mates it works for that too.

      With the exception of the Eldar codex and certain psychic powers being a little to good for the most part the game is now pretty well balanced and 7th cleaned up a huge amount of “clunky” and ambiguous rules. It works better than any other edition I’ve played as a competitive game but as long as your opponent is on the same page it still works well as a beer and pretzels game.

      I have no major complaints at all with the 7th edition core rules and dare I say it, I’d go so far as to say GW has done a great job on them. I would like to see a little more internal balance in individual army releases so that we see more varied armies on the table top though.

      • kobalt60

        Far be it from me to tell anyone how to play, i’m a firm believer in to each their own. That said, i can’t picture how a game with little plastic men and random dice roles can ever be played ‘seriously’. When you play for fun, 7’th is indeed a good rule set, but so was 6, and 5 etc. I always play with and against varied army lists, limited only by bank accounts. And as far rules go, when you pit your Necromunda gang against 1000 pts of imperial guard, the balance of 2nd or any edition doesn’t matter. Seriousness should be used only in the selection of the beer

  • EwanPorteous

    Hoping they release some for of compendium, with all the formations released last year gathered into one place.

    There are multiple reasons thus would be a good idea, and it would probably sell well too 🙂

  • John Bower

    “There’s only one codex left to go – Sisters of Battle. Do you think Games Workshop will finally release it and do them the justice they truly deserve? It’s not something I’d bet on but it’d be awesome if they do”
    We might get the codex; but they are GIRLS; they must rely on the big macho Spess Mehreens to save them from the nasty Tyranids (and everyone else for that matter).

    • mikethefish

      I always found it a bit telling and amusing the way gw uses women in their games. They can’t just have women mixed in with the general population of (non-eldar) armies. Apparently women are so strange and enigmatic that they all need to be corralled into their own army – much like Orks or Tau or something lol

    • It doesn’t have to be that way… Let the Canonness swing her big stick like the boys.

  • Sugarlessllama

    I have been enjoying 40K very much in 7th edition. I know I am still new to the GW side of the house, but it has been a positive experience for me over all. In the end, I am eager to see what new stuff is going to be coming out to flesh out some of the xenos factions within the game. While I love my Space Marines, I do like it when other players get cool toys for their faction.

    • Andrew Webb

      You xenos loving heretic!!!! 😉

  • RexScarlet

    If the baker gives you 13 moldy stale muffins instead of 12 is that still a good deal when you paid expecting a dozen fresh muffins?
    Fix the BRB first. (Three Knights is still broken as broken can be)
    My favorite; “… the antiquated past…harken back to pre sixth edition…”
    LOL, that was less than three years ago, remember 6e was less than two years long.
    Maybe we should all harken back to 5e, when the game actually worked.

    • Zingbaby

      “back to 5e, when the game actually worked.” – if you played 1 of 3 armies at exactly the right time, you mean.

      • D W Hawthorne

        And enjoyed a game where infantry lived their entire lives in little steel boxes. A ridiculous edition.

        • Brettila

          Not true! Remember, anyone who got out had a 4+ cover save from SOMETHING.

          • RexScarlet

            5e still worked, more players, more popular, more units sold. and etc.
            where are the Battle Bunkers now?
            GW stores?
            GW stock?
            X-Wing anyone?

        • RexScarlet

          Ridiculous as you thought it was, it still worked.
          Some may say three Knights is ridiculous and Infantry is all but non existent on tabletops in 7e because of that, soto each his own.
          7e does not work,

      • So true zing !!

      • RexScarlet

        “the game” actually worked, i.e. the rules; BRB, is that better for you, specific enough?
        we all know 5e had stagnation, but that was GW old release schedule that did that, not the BRB.

        • Zingbaby

          That “game” was totally ridiculous though; 5th edition games were entirely won or lost at the list-building phase. Which certainly made it ‘easier’ but definitely not better. It was a ‘great’ game for lazy net-listers who wanted to believe their ‘list choosing/copying’ was the same as skill. Further the game was only “balanced” if you played one of a few net-lists.

          Lists are still important now but you actually have to play and think and react, you might even @gasp@ face something your net-list didn’t account for and be forced to improvise. We also don’t have entire games spent with troops hiding in transports anymore thankfully.

    • Two editions in less than the span of two years to fix 6th edition and Black December.

      • RexScarlet

        I would say that is ridiculous. Get customers to pay for attempted fixes of failed rules customers already paid for, brilliant! Thanks for that, Black December, I had not heard it before! ROFL.
        Kind of like Apocalypse 2e fail, then instead of releasing Apocalypse updates as GW did with Apoc 1e, GW just changed the name on the updates from Apoc to REGULAR 40k, then changed the edition to 7e, basically failed Apocalypse forced on players.
        IMHO 40k is big enough to have several “types/levels/etc.” of games. Skirmish, regular 1850, and Apocalypse, but GW needs to set good/better rules for such.

  • dakota5X5

    Over the last few years GW has been limited by their Hobbit contract. Under its conditions they couldn’t preview anything more than a week in advance. To prevent them accidently leaking from the Hobbit they were forced to keep a lid on everything. Now the last of the movies is out that contract will be coming to an end and we may see a longer term reveals and marketing. For GW the upside has been the re-vitalization of White dwarf. It’s gone from utter irrelevence to an almost intresting read. Sadly, it’s function should be done by their website but baby steps…

    • UpsilonMan

      Where did you hear/read about these contract conditions?

  • D W Hawthorne

    I think we’ll see more campaign books that bring 6th edition books into the 7th edition fold with alternative warlord charts, and objective charts. We may even continue to see little codex patches like Nids got. They’ve tested out a few different models with a couple of different armies over the last 2 years.

  • BrianDavion

    I definatly think we’re gonna be past the “ban this ban that” slump. it’s worth noting that the Necron apoc units are from what I hear being re-worked substantially.

    • I wish that was truly the case. 7th edition codices are getting the hard screw by TOs banning and restricting what 6th edition codices don’t have… Formations, detachments ands Lords of War. It’s a huge advantage for 6th edition codices.

  • life of adept brian

    Codex: Adepta Sororitas was released in 2013, so technically it has been done (in the new style). It’s just that it seems overcosted points-wise. New models is what is needed (plastic and more modern sculpts) – sort of the opposite of the Necrons who had all the models, just needed a new book to bring rules in line with the rest of the game. I do think they are worried about either making them too sexy or too butchy. There is no middle ground when you are trying to please people. Just look at the comments here… People are accusing GW of sexism because they have not realsed them, imagine what will be said when they do – regardless of which way they go (design). They cannot win that one, so they may not try 🙁

    BTW, I’m all for the sexy nuns with guns – I have no problem with that.

    • I think they deserve a real codex with some awesome rules and plastic krack.

      • life of adept brian

        I agree – but i think it may be longer than people are hoping for because they (GW) may feel that it is “done”, for now at least. Models could come at any time, who knows, but a new book? I’m not so sure.

        There is hope, because as cool as the Harliquins are I would think they are a bit of a niche army. I could see them selling as many Sisters as Harliquins, if they were redone. I also think there is more brewing… keep in mind that both Harliquins and Knights came out of nowhere.

        I too am very happy and optimistic about the hobby, and am busy getting ready for/looking forward to Adepticon. I’m not in it for the competition, just to have a good time, seeing friends I only get to see once a year – it’s a pretty big deal in my life, those guys are pretty special. That’s what this hobby is about. I don’t pay a lot of attention to negativity, I enjoy the hobby for what it is to me – a great big waste of time that I really want to waste time on. And with that in mind, I can never really be disappointed in it. It’s what I make of it, not others.

        How much is that Drop Assault game anyway?


        • Brettila

          No, too forced. I complain about your optimistic outlook! 😉

          • life of adept brian

            You can’t bring me down, man – I’m riding a hobby high!
            Serenity, now…. serenity now.

            Life smells better when you plant roses. If you surround yourself with those roses, no one can claim that it’s the colour of your glasses.

            How’s that? Stomach churning yet? 😉

      • SithKnightGalen

        I would love for the sexy nuns with guns to get their kits in plastice, just as I would also love for Salamanders to go back to being African/Negro/Black versus really sunburnt white dudes, and for GW to put back in some of the older female kits that have disappeared over the years (Female Commissars, Inquisitor Valeria, female IG/AM ala the Last Chancers)…oh, and bring back those RT era mercenaries 🙂

  • Eric

    One Sisters of Battle Codex please. Also the Old rules were simplistic? Since when? Second ed’s rulebook was massive.

  • spacemonk

    Does 40K really need a nude erection?

  • rrooster1977

    I don’t know the direction it’s heading but I still hold on to the hope that they’ll bring back rules for the different Chaos Legions. I would be content with 1 supplement book that just has a couple pages of rules for each legion. Of course mentioning it usually seems to invite web troll nerd rage from non CSM players.

    • SithKnightGalen

      Why not? Codex Marines got Chapter Tactics. Chaos Space Marines could easily work with a Legion Tactics and maybe Renegade Tactics for some of the new groups like Red Corsairs, Dragon Warriors, Sons of Malice, and Chapter of Misery

  • Ron Bateson

    Hey GW ! Too little too late ! Many of us have already moved on to other games !