Dark Age: The March to Immortality 2015


Today’s feature is on Cool Mini or Not‘s Dark Age annual tournament series that culminates at Gen Con and offers players a taste of Immortality.

Good day.  I’m Robert Allen.

Each year at Gen Con Cool Mini or Not hosts the Dark Age March to Immortality tournament, challenging players and their hand-picked forces to crush their foes and cling to a little piece of Samaria – or crush it beneath their heels.  The winner of this event gets to create a model of their very own in the Dark Age universe.

Since 2009 this tournament has introduced six models into the game:

2009 – Hoj, Warlord of Samaria

2010 – Jon Woe, Herald of the Heretic

2011 – Phadrus and Maximo

2012 – ANG-1E

2013 – Esh, The Angel of Judgement

2014 – John “Clank” Carter



Building up to the big tournament held at Gen Con (this year held on July 30th – August 2nd) are smaller Road to Immortality tournaments.  If these have at least 18 players, the winner is given $200 travel money from Cool Mini or not to come to Gen Con and face the field of opposition with the ultimate prize of Dark Age Immortality on the line.

So far in 2015 there have been two March to Immortality tournaments held, and the winner’s forcelists were:

Forsaken – Saint Mary

Saint Mary (130)
Flense x3 (180)
Judah (90)
Cesspool (70)


This is a very straightforward list, with very little subtlety – the Flense are combat beasts, with four Action Points per turn they can have up to 12 hits on a single model per turn – low strength but that’s 12 chances for Criticals and likely to cause anyone to fail armor saves.  Saint Mary and Judah both offer very accurate sprays and the ability to knock enemy models prone (Judah can do this at range!) and finally Cesspool is one of the best Bounty Hunters in the game, with both Rot and Bleed, making him a priority for the enemy to deal with, but Sidestep to make sure they have to pour a lot resources into doing so.



2x POD [150]
1x Pud Thrower [85]
5x Broodling [100]
1x Alpha Broodling [65]
2x Broodhound [100]




This list is much more surprising.  Most Brood players focus on using one of the three Broodspawn variants, which limit the army choices available to the Brood player but do offer some very tantalizing upgrades in exchange for those restrictions.  But this list concentrates very heavily on a swarm-style of Brood with   11 activations PLUS three Puds (from the Pud Thrower), totaling 16 regenerating Wounds – this list is a bear to take down.  Through Regeneration (which, thankfully for the Brood, is not affected by Cauterize any longer) it’s going to take very serious attention to kill things, and while you are doing that the rest of the army is likely delivering a heck of a beating to your own force.  Brutal!

If you’d like to read more about the rules for Dark Age March to Immortality, check them out here!

So only two MTIs into 2015 and we have two very different winning lists.  What do you think we’ll see next?

  • Gentle_Ben

    Dark Age is a great game. It has a very easy to learn ruleset that’s a lot of fun.

    Unfortunately the only people I know that have heard of it still think of it as the Brom minis game and associate it with the super old minis Werner Klocke did when he was still learning to sculpt.

    They haven’t released an ugly mini in the last six or seven years and the new Ash Nomads are some of the best looking in any game system. This game is really worth a try, especially when you consider all the rules are free.

    • Jason McFarland

      I enjoyed it a lot when it was the “Brom” game, and I miss that era of it actually. I was an Outcast for them from 2004-2007 even. Some of the models were less than pretty, but for 2001-2004 era models, there were some very good ones in there. Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of CMON, so that’s kept me from trying it again. But I’ve enjoyed some of the newer models.

    • violencejack

      I dunno, the Dragyri Ice Caste still look goofy. 🙂 Heh heh, actually…other than the Dragyri Ice Caste, the rest of the line looks awesome. I was just teasing. I would totally check this game out if I wasn’t already checking out a ton of other games. I dunno, maybe about a year from now I may…

  • McNs

    Leaving out the Adepticon MTI? Sure, I see how it is…. 😛

    Thanks for posting this! It’s really great to see Dark Age get some press. For anyone who likes the scale of a game like Malifaux, but doesn’t want to have to call Stephen Hawkings to run the quantum calculations in order to figure out how two rules interact, I’d highly recommend checking out Dark Age. Also, the new models are dead sexy. Even Mongo.

  • Rattlernxt

    This is a call out to the next MTI Winner… Please choose to make a Kukulkani character! The line desperately needs another character option. And we all know its a beautiful line. Come on! I will buy you a drink and your model. Deal?