40K: Imperial Knight Products & Prices


Gather round folks, here’s the latest on what the new Imperial Knights will cost you:

Here’s the latest from retailers around the world:

Weekly Imperial Knight Products & Prices

Codex Imperial Knights £25.00
Imperial Knight Warden £95.00
Datacards: Imperial Knights £7.50


Full Knight Roundup


~I’m looking forward to seeing filled out Knight households on the battlefield!

  • Don Lindsey


    • xNickBaranx

      Bringing back the first. May it never die.

      • Houghten

        May it survive, clinging to life by a thread woven together from pain, as we dip it in lava.

        • biodon13

          Then it will rise from the fire, the first phoenix of the of the modern age.

  • jasonsation

    Is this the quickest new Codex update in GW’s history?

    • wasnt really much of a dex really, just a couple data sheets.

      • The Basement Gamer

        It isn’t like this one will be exactly loaded…

  • Dave Scammell

    Deja vu from this time last year?
    Well I’m glad I didn’t pick up one of the “old” codexes. Hopefully, this is just an update and the rules for the current Knights are still identical so people can still use the old dex if they need to.
    Otherwise, releasing a whole new (not very cheap) ruleset to replace a book that’s not even a year old yet (that also wasn’t very cheap) to accommodate one/two extra unit is a whole new level of cheeky.

    • An_Enemy

      The one year old codex was invalidated as more than a picture book right after they released it. We should be allowed to bring it into GW stores and get 50% off the “new” book.

      That’d be the only way I can think of to redeem this debacle.

      • Dave Scammell

        Somewhere out there, there’s a parallel dimension where GW have put their customers first and that would actually be the case…

      • The Basement Gamer

        Remember how we had so hoped digital releases would just be updated as new Codex came out? Surprise! (to absolutely no one)

  • JP

    Hey look, the book is cheaper than last time. Too bad the model didn’t stay the same price.

    • Tannarak

      it appears that the new knights have something on top of the carapace. in this case, more plastic = higher cost.

    • TweetleBeetle

      There’s a full extra sprue; which, by the way, will be available separately if you still want to buy the original kit. Distributioners have been letting the cat out everywhere.

      • spacemonk

        That would be good, since I have 4 unbuilt Paladins and would love some variety.

  • Maelstorm

    GW is blurring the lines between standard 40K and and Apocolypse as quickly as they can – and we are all buying it hook line and sinker – bigger and much more expensive models required to be competitive on the table top below 2,000 points

    • Dr Bored

      I keep seeing these super negative thoughts on what GW is releasing. If the original Knights didn’t sell, they wouldn’t be making these. If these don’t sell, they won’t make any more.

      But guess what? They do. They do sell. People want them, either because of ridiculous rules, cool looks, personal projects, or whatever. They want them and they’re buying them, and GW is responding by making more options available to people that want these products.

      That’s how business works. It’s a lot less ‘fooling us hook, line and sinker’ and a lot more ‘giving the people what they want’ and, oh by the way, making a profit, because they’re a business.

      • Michael Szarek

        I think what he means it that it’s very easy to spiral out of control.

        How easy would it be for 40K to become fantasy? 30+ unit size, 2500pts games as standard, Massive characters/monsters etc…

        While some of that makes for a great game, it also equally hurts the hobby. As we’ve seen in recent years with fantasy.

        Higher barriers to entry, more expensive larger kits, codex creep are all things that end up hurting the hobby long term for the sake of short term profits.

        I know knights sell well, I know that new stuff has the most powerful rules so it moves stock… I just don’t agree that’s how it should be.

        The recent trend of having expensive (even though cool looking) vehicles perform much better in formations or squads really worries me.

        The skitarii vehicles are a perfect example. Cheap in points, awesome in units of 3+, very high relative $ price tag.

        I don’t like Apoc for the same reason. It encourages buying lots of different armies, lots of big tanks and super heavies, titans etc…
        Makes sense from a business point of view, there’s only so many Baneblades that one can sell, but I’m worried that it pushes out the little guy.

        I don’t really have an answer for this problem, but I feel that GW needs to fix it’s image, customer support, community support, game/rule support and the sales will come from that. Rather than trying to artificially drive sales by making each new kit more powerful

        • Don Lindsey

          Not that long ago, we were all complaining that GW didnt release things fast enough…now we are mad that they are fixing a codex that really needs an update…just seems fickle to me.

          And on the topic of power creep…it happens. Make no mistake though, if they instead majorly nerfed each codex to bring the power level down across the game…you would all be screaming even louder.

          I just think there are always gonna be guys who are unhappy, and they will always be the loudest (with the longest posts).

          • kobalt60

            No one is mad they are fixing a Codex, people are upset that the $50 book they bought less then a year ago is out of date so soon. The fact that it needed an update so badly says more about the poor quality of the original product. I also think there is a happy middle ground between an 8 year and 1 year update schedule

          • An_Enemy

            Your argument is invalid. Codex: Imperial Knights needed fixing right after it was released. Which is why GW told it’s customers to ignore the rules they’d just paid $45 for and print new ones with their own ink and paper at home.

            Here we are a year later and GW has their hands out again asking their customers to pay for their mistakes. So that their broken at release rules are swept under the floor and they can get another $50 or so dollars for less than fifteen extra pieces of paper…many of which were, supposedly, already printed in WD or sold as Data slates.

            Anyone that’s satisfied with how this has all played out is the strange one.

          • Don Lindsey

            There is nothing invalid about my argument…you said yourself that the rules are invalid…GW is fixing them and offering new toys to go with the fix…and it is our hands out for new toys not GWs…is the order of events perfect? No! But still it is new models for an army I collect. Ask a Sisters of Battle player if they would not love this kind of attention…we all would…for the armies we play.

          • An_Enemy

            Sisters players would love to pay $45 for a codex. Learn the rules were printed broken. Play with a stapled packet stuffed into their $45 codex for a year. Then sold another codex for $50?

            All the while, GW kept printing the broken rules and selling the broken rules for the entire year?

          • Don Lindsey

            The rules aren’t broken…just not up to date for the edition, and again I say, at least they are addressing the issues with the book. Would much rather it be this way than wait a decade for a proper fix. The DA codex is out of date also, and I hope it gets a new update soon even though I just finally broke down and payed my $50. Again, not perfect but more than acceptable.

          • An_Enemy

            Okay. Let’s put this to bed with cold hard facts. Codex Imperial Knights was published in March 2014. WH40k 7th edition rulebook was published in May 2014.

            They were written concurrently. GW made the conscious decision to publish rules that they knew we’re wrong. Please stop now. You look silly.

          • biodon13

            Just read back through your contributions over the last bit, and you really get your jollies being a donkey on here, so you are correct, lets put it to bed. You’ve said nothing that is groundbreaking and nothing that changes my excitement about the release as I have been waiting for 28mm knight models for a couple of decades.

            I do think it is a shame that you hop in and attempt to spoil a positive conversation about what is ultimately a good thing (though perhaps not for you) with a constant stream of negativity and no real discussion.

            When something comes along that you actually like, PM me as I would love to see what you can contribute when you have something positive to say.

          • An_Enemy

            Here’s the thing. I don’t care about you. I don’t care if you hate this release or love it. It doesn’t figure into my life in the slightest. You, on the other hand, are emotionally tied to this.

            So much so that me simple stating facts has ignited a fire in your belly that’s made things personal for you.

            Now…if you can point out to me where, in this specific thread, the OP started positive I’ll apologize to you Internet guy. That’s not going to happen because this was the order this went in.

            -random guy voices displeasure-
            -random guy says “tough Sally this crap sells so its all good-
            -random guy plays peacemaker by repeating the merits of both viewpoints while passively aggressively acknowledging that he kind of leans more towards OP-
            -random guy dismisses any pretense at discussion and calls everyone that doesn’t agree with him a whiner-
            -me white knighting and providing clear fact driven statements-
            -random guy telling me to shut up, making false statements, and sticking his fingers in his ears-
            -You…with your jimmies rustled-

            That was a really positive discussion I completely ruined yes?

          • Chris. K Cook

            If they just had the rules in the WD they’d scream that they weren’t in the Codex. Bring out a new codex and the scream about that.Never happy.

          • 6Cobra

            If they really did nerf *every codex* to bring the power level down across the board, I think there would be very little complaining.

          • Aezeal

            The powercreep is something they have to do or new armies wouldn’t sell.
            IT would be nice if a new edition could just put the whole thing back down again so the cycle could start anew but since their codex release schedule takes as long or longer than a new edition it means that some armies would only get a new codex a few months before a new edition. I do think something like that should happen after this edition though.

          • withershadow

            Really? Just wouldn’t sell? Because the only customers are tournament power gamers? I thought they were all about cool collectible models, and rules were just an afterthought? Maybe if they are going to use that excuse to explain their garbage ruleset, they should just make it available for free online and just sell us the models.

          • archied

            bull. it didnt need an update. Only thing it needed was an errata for the serpent shield.

          • withershadow

            They didn’t “fix” the codex, they broke it further. And from what I saw, people were actually pretty happy with the subdued format of the books up until the Necrons. I saw posts like, “Will we finally see the most balanced edition ever with every army having an updated book written with the same design philosophy?!”

            Of course not, this is bipolar GW.

    • biodon13

      How is that not a good thing? Bigger better toys…it’s exactly what everyone has wanted forever…also seems to be a good topic for those who want to complain, but I don’t see the reason…

      Come to think of it…perhaps every one is only complaining because it is not their chosen army that is getting the bigger and better toy…for example, have not heard an Eldar player say “I can’t believe that GW put that monstrosity into the game” or a Tau player say “This army did not need a bigger badder suit…I quit.”

      In any case, I am building an Imperial Knight army so you will not hear me say “What, a new codex…a new Knight with more guns…I’m having none of that…” Bring on the new, bigger, badder, and funner toys.

      • Marky

        Bigger models is exactly what has put me off 40k. Place titan on table, choose order to fire guns – that’s not a game I want to play. It’s as bad as flyers.

        • biodon13

          That’s a shame, and likely makes you the minority. What army do you play that would not benefit from cool new models…bigger tanks…cooler walkers?

          • An_Enemy

            It’s not likely that he’s in the minority. Or the player base for Fantasy and 40k wouldn’t be steadily shrinking while Skirmish games eat more and more of the market.

          • Don Lindsey

            Ther is no evidence that the player base is shrinking, for one. For two, as Dr Bored states below, these big models are selling.

          • An_Enemy

            You don’t look at financial reports do you? Prices continue to increase. Profits continue to shrink. You’re oblivious.

            GW all, but stated flat out that WFB End Times happened because the game itself was dying.

          • Don Lindsey

            The company is still in the green and making more than they were in total dollars a few years back, and the net loss in profits is undoubtedly the result of “negative Nancy’s ” like you…but again it’s a loss in profit percentage not a true loss of any kind…so who is oblivious?

          • An_Enemy

            “More money than a few years back.”

            Oh you mean when they spent a boatload of cash on the LOTR license and the game bombed?

            Then they dropped it.

            Is that what you’re referring too?

          • vlad78

            Did you ever know about the notion of sustained growth?
            Revenue is falling. How much can it fall before profits become affected? GW kept in the green by reducing their costs, how long can they do that if the customers base is shrinking?

            See you in july to comment the new financial report.

            Knights and other big models are just invalidating quite a large part of
            the game. What the use of a mere tactical squad against a gargantuan
            creature like the knight? How does an average army fare against a whole knight army? poorly.

            One big model is ok but whole armies of them? Why not armies of titans? in a skirmish game of course.

            GW is again pushing for things they think safe from the competition, big creatures, new ip, new look, in order to keep their insane pricing. As a consequence they are just changing the formula of a game which worked so fine during 3 decades.

            The new ip thing killed fantasy. Big creatures will seriously hurt 40K.

          • Marky

            I bought deadzone for this reason… Just need to find someone to play 🙂

          • Erik Setzer

            EVERY army. My Orks have two “bigger models.” One is the Stompa, which people don’t want to play as it’s clearly designed for Apoc style games (and also eats up too many points, over half of what a standard 40K game should be). The other is the Orkanaut (both varieties), which is a non-superheavy vehicle which is still ridiculously expensive in both money and points, can only shoot one target per turn (despite having different types of weapon systems) at BS2, walks slow, has a transport capacity too small for a useful Ork unit, and generally is pretty moot in game turns (though sure, it looks nice). My Orks play just as well without those models.

            Plenty of armies do just fine without the bigger, more expensive models.

            It’s like asking, “What meal wouldn’t benefit from being super-sized?”

          • Don Lindsey

            So, you want better rules for the big models you already bought? Keep your head high…the Eldar just got exactly that…

            And for the record I did not say that armies don’t do well without bigger models…I asked which army would not benefit from newer, bigger, better models…which is absolutely nothing like super sizing a bad meal.

          • Marky

            You don’t have to hate flyers and titans in 40k just cos I do.

            I don’t object to playing against them occasionally either, as long as I could use something that isn’t a big tank/robot/flyer to counter it. I just never ever want to own one, and I don’t want to play robot wars (unless I’m playing epic)

          • mighty_pirate

            Quad guns, Punisher cannon, Lootas, Psycannons, jump infantry, Haywire. There are MSU counters to flyers.

          • Erik Setzer

            My army did get bigger models… and definitely didn’t benefit from them. So I’d say Orks fit that bill. Also, since I got a new codex and supplement less than a year ago, I’m not expecting to see an improved codex any time soon.

          • withershadow

            How about a properly balanced meal? 🙂

            “Supersize everything” is a fattie American ideal, and it disgusts me and what it does to our healthcare system.

          • Marky

            Fallen angels, alpha legion (no mutations, faking loyalist colours), dark eldar (troops, jet bikes and hellions).

            + dwarfs, night goblins, skaven, undead skeleton hoarde (250), high elf for fantasy.. + I have 200 snotlings and 5 old pump wagons to paint and base one day.

            also have blood bowl teams, Necromunda gangs And mordheim.

            I like minis, and I like terrain and movement.

          • withershadow

            I have one of every Knight, including the FW ones, and I’ll be purchasing both the Warden and Crusader, but I kind of agree with him. I wish the big stuff was kept to specific games, so I could occasionally have an “old fashioned” 40K game where it’s my guardsmen and their tanks and transports, vs another army of mooks with their tanks and transports, with no crazy mega-death weapons in sight. Otherwise it’s all, what gets to fire first, a battery of D-scythes or my apocalypse ordnance flamer? May as well just flip a coin and go get drunk.

      • Erik Setzer

        “it’s exactly what everyone has wanted forever”

        Not everyone.

        I have a Knight, yes. And even a Stompa and a Lord of Skulls. But my preference would be keeping such models in Apoc, in special games, rather than making them an every-game occurrence. I’m rather tired of the arms race of who can buy more expensive models. It’s annoying.

        What *I* want is a game that has more balance, where I don’t feel like my own army is instantly behind. *I* want a game that actually works at smaller levels and doesn’t push people to play massive battles that take all day.

        But hey, my opinion doesn’t equal someone else’s, so that makes me a “nobody,” I guess.

      • JJ

        No its not what everyone has wanted forever….and for every…”i’m gonna build a knight army”… I hope somewhere out there someone is building a wraith (d-scyth list) and you can all play together and let us know how…. pew pew pew…now your army is dead goes!

        • Don Lindsey

          Sorry that change bothers you so much. I am quite enjoying it…and I do have a copy of Rogue Trader you can borrow if all of this newness bothers you.

          • JJ

            Rogue trader….awesome….sarcasm aside! I don’t mind newness, its ridiculousness that I mind. I will tell any “knight army” or Eldar “d-spam” player the same thing. Don’t be surprised if show up and no one will play you! I have seen it over and over again…seen the local Necron (old codex) player ranting and raving at the top of his voice b/c no one wanted to play his 9+ flyer list, and the same thing happened to the local “3 knights in every list” guy!

          • Don Lindsey

            In my estimation, that wimpy crap will stop when the Internet whining moves on to the next supposedly broken codex release.

        • David Leimbach

          Relax, GW is releasing all these super powered monsterous kits while the meta swings in favor of MSU soon enough.

          • Pascalnz

            MSU is already the best thing:)

  • kevindancey

    Wait a minute, maybe I am slow here, but I just watch the video. The new knight is the old knight model with new weapons. Now i know what that odd hole is for on the top of the carapace, which means gw plan it all along with two codexes one year apart. Here every one talk like it some brand new thing.

  • Carl Walker

    My biggest frustration with the new book is the fact that it is still a new book. I am happy and accept that rules need updating to keep think competitive BUT I play for fun and my armies are all purely themed…
    I bought the Eldar and Iyanden book (MASSIVE CON!!) for a crazy £59.98 on my iPad to do a Wraith army which I bought and haven’t built yet!! only to have to spend £34.99 on a new book less than two years later and would you believe one of my other fun projects were Knights!!!
    I am on a knife edge with this one as I truly believe that fast progress is good and what we always wanted as lovers of the game but for the price we pay this is just WAAAY TO SOON and there should be some form of discount/ compensation for those who have been effected this way and books should start to look at being half their current price if this trend is to continue….
    To be clear I am not raging just feel a little hard done buy on this occasion (from someone with over £10,000 worth of Workshop products!!)

    • archied

      the super cynical part of my brain does wonder if part of the reason the eldar book is so damn strong was to soften the impact of making £60 worth of codexes obsolete less than 2 years after release.

    • biodon13

      I agree that it is way soon, and as with everyone else, there is mild resentment about the price paid for the first Knight codex just one year ago, however, I am a bit excited to get the rules updated and the new units. Though a new book is an additional cost, I look forward to it just to have the information in one place.

      I am going to spend some money on 40k in May (as are most of you) and I am glad to have it be on a fixed codex and new Knight kits as opposed to whatever it may have been if not for this release.

      • Gridloc

        So if in 3 months, there is another change to the game that impacts this book, will you also be okay with the book updated next year too? When will their strategy to poorly plan releases and push out similar products so soon be too much? Sorry looking from the outside, its like watching the frog get boiled analogy.

        • biodon13

          Point taken, and I guess that there has to be a limit to how often they are allowed (by the consumers) to pull stunts like this. In this particular case, I feel like the update is a)needed and b)exciting, so I am very much in support of it. Again, I understand peoples frustration, but do not empathize…

  • polyquaternium7
    • biodon13

      That pic just makes me more excited to get one.

    • kevindancey

      Thank you for the pic, it is just the old model with it silly leg and some new weapons. I can now care less about this model.

  • Gridloc

    Is there any other model/miniature game companies that do this? Release a product and then year later add on a new fancy rocket on the thing and resell with new book a year later, or is GW the pioneer? My fear is not that they do this, but when other companies see how blindly we open our wallet and begin to mimic GW…. though i think most companies have seen growth by doing the opposite of GW strategies.