Games Workshop Q2-3 Schedule?


One rumormonger weaves together all the rumors so far for the next six months…

via Steve the Warboss 4-2-2015

Games Workshop Q2-3 Schedule

Codex Eldar (allready confirmed by Lords of War)

Warhammer 9th

Warhammer Fantasy Content

Codex Tzeentch Deamonkin

40k Expansion Part 1

Dark Angels vs. CSM Boxed Set

40k Expansion Part 2

Warhammer Fantasy Starter Set

Codex Space Marines

Warhammer Fantasy Content

40k Expansion Part 1
Space Marines vs. Tau Empire Boxed Set

Full Schedule Roundup

So previous rumors reported the Assassins box and the 30K box – which may be described here as the two “40K expansions”.
  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    2 years is not enough for a codex. It is such a travesty that GW cannot simply release a wave of new products and a cool supplement and/or new “army” of Eldar (a la Daemonkin).

    • Spacefrisian

      Seems more like a cheap repack of the Dark vengeance set…again.

      As for the Eldar, byebye Harlequins. And start placing bets as to what characters get ditchet this time.

      • Krd Da Levitator

        Illic…my favorite model, so yeah, i´m VERY pessimistic…:)

        • They released the Carnac Campaign collection as a hardback “novella” just a few weeks ago, with Illic on its cover, and one story of the three being specifically about him.
          I somewhat doubt they’d ditch him, frankly. He seems popular enough, has a model, background material / a recent BL release, and there’s no real reason to drop him as a result.

          • Jacob

            Kinda like Vect?

          • Not at all like Vect.

            Illic is a very recent model, of the right proportions and style to fit in with the modern Eldar range without any trouble.

            Vect, however, is ancient, and of older design. The detail grade is also lower, which is quite obvious next to the updated Dark Eldar range.
            Besides, Vect is, at best, fit for a Lord of War choice, costing tons of points, whereas Illic is much easier to fit into an army.
            Similarly, Vect’s been moving away from being an active participant in the Dark Eldar raiding parties. Illic is directly involved in a lot of front action, due to his place in eldar society.

            Would I have liked to seen a new model for Vect? Absolutely. But I can definitely see why they would discontinue the old model and scratch his entry since they don’t have a new model ready, or planned.

      • Joshua Overbeck

        Good bye Harlequins, and any Eldar character without a model. Good bye Holoshields, and say hello to your C: Harlequin version. Goodbye Serpent Shields.

        Hello Banshee Plasma Grenades.

        • deris87

          Serpent Shields aren’t going anywhere. That’d be like taking PotMS away from Land Raiders–it’s their whole gimmick. The shooting attack might go away, or at least get toned down a fair bit, but the shield itself will stay. It’s literally built in to the model.

          • LordRao

            Quite sure he meant the shooting attack. The protective shield is idd an inherent part of the fluff.

          • DeusXenith

            As is the shooting attack

          • LordRao

            That’s been retconned a million times. If you mean in the original Epic model yes, but not since, IIRC, until this latest incarnation.

    • Ben_S

      Maybe it’s Dark Vengeance 3, a.k.a. 40k 8th edition. Has it been two years yet?

    • RexScarlet

      yeah right, how about an two years for an edition?
      when are customers going to stand up for themselves?

      • Full Meta Jacket

        Don’t worry, there are multitudes of us with tablets and pirated codexes

    • Havik110

      The eldar box is far and away more powerful than any other codex and its not even close. It needs to be taken down a peg. Even if you don’t play with scatters and canons other people do and it gets old as hell.

  • Testar

    Adepta Sororitas? Maybe? Someone?

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      They’re dead, Jim.

      • Testar

        That can’t be truth. I belive that GW is making them – awesome, new plastic models at low price. And they are waiting so long to make sure, that It will be the best army update ever!

        • crevab

          Shh, shh, shhhhhh. No tears now

    • spacemonk
      • Erik Setzer

        All I can think looking at that is that GW’s whole thing about trying to “defend the IP” is getting funnier as time goes on. In that mix, I see yet another Witch Elves unit, Dark Elf Executioners/Dark Eldar Incubi, Dalk Eldar Wyches, Dark Elf Cold One Riders, Dark Elf Blood Cauldron, Dark Eldar Warriors, Dark Eldar characters, Dark Eldar Hellions (only riding actual beasts)… and probably some others I’ve forgotten by now. Oh yes, Wracks, too! So, yeah… they just did the Dark Eldar line and some new Dark Elves recently, and someone’s already coming out with similar looking models, and in most cases they’re cheaper (and, if the models turn out like the sketches, should be similar quality).

        So now that WFB had to be blown up because other companies could make those models, I wonder how long 40K has left…

        • spacemonk

          I think Lust Elves are meant to be Slaaneshi Daemonettes too. They’ve even got the riders covered, etc.

          • Erik Setzer

            There are some similarities, yeah, but it’s a bit hard to tell with the concept art. The sort-of-Keeper-of-Secrets isn’t as blatant as both of the ones produced by Creature Caster.

      • Testar

        Too bad, that I’m living in Poland and I can’t buy all of that awesome stuff… :C

    • Talarius

      There were several BoLS articles within the last month or two about how Sisters were on the production line and stacks of sprues were building up in the GW warehouse. The last two timelines published have no Sisters scheduled for release. There’s basically nothing to back up these kinds of “articles.” It’s all complete smoke and guess-work.

      • Note that all of these schedule posts only go into the Fall and everyone who talked Sisters said not to look for them this year. GW routinely produces sprues and sits on them for over a year before they ship.

  • iguana1981

    Why is there 40k Expansion Part 1 listed twice?

    And yeah I agree 2 years is a bit of a joke as far as longevity goes, from what I can tell SM Codex works, so why update, someone put forward that they will pull Dark Angels into it. I would have thought the vanilla CSM codex needed a tweak more than loyalist.

    Looking forward to a tzeentch book though.

    • Tesq

      i dont think csm will not be see, look how campain work, when shield of baal exit blood angel got codex , look at warhamemr expansion 1 there is 2 and beteewn there is csm vs da—> if this is correct probably those 2 expansion are csm and da new codex, as far they where the first 2 6ed codex and those than need some improvement.

    • Erik Setzer

      I think they have some plan that they have to do a Space Marine codex with every new edition of the game. We’ve had a new edition release since the last SM book, so it’s time for a new SM book. They can trust it to sell, because it’s their most popular army. It’s the only codex I’ve seen get a late-night “launch party” at a GW store (not as much of an actual “party” as the 40K7 launch, but the store did stay open until just past midnight to let people buy the book or pick up pre-orders).

    • Shiwan8

      Because 6th edition versions are outdated?

      • RexScarlet

        YES, exactly! GW nomm nomm $$$$$$$
        6e was less than two years, so should we look for all the 6e codices to be redone? $$$$$$$
        If 7e is as long as 6e, GW has one year to redo all the 6e codices, then 8e will drop and GW can start all over again? $$$$$$$$
        wash rinse repeat, $$$$$$$

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Nope, they’re not. Nice try though.

        • Shiwan8

          Yes they are. The style has changed, twice, after their release. First there were supplement codices, now there are formations. 6th edition codices, not including daemons, eldar and tau are also laughably underpowered because the power creep went past their level, again, twice.

          So, objectively speaking, considering the facts, they are outdated.

          • ncathers

            …but competitively SM wins more than Tau… SM is one of the most balanced codecs as of now and I see no need to change them. But hey, maybe they’ll maintain power level and add flavor? (hopes beyond hope)

          • Shiwan8

            True. Then again, SM is not the only old codex and frankly it’s the one that has least need for an update.

  • Darko Stojkovic

    Why new codex? That does mean that old supplements for this SM codex won’t work anymore?

    • Tesq

      that’s a good question, i think that supplement are very good cos they dont need to be upgraded, cos you just have to fix main book, so if they start doing things well, probably supplement will still be usable and i do not think they will change for new version of supplement as main codex give them better sails than 1 supplement

    • Shiwan8

      As far as I remember the old supplements had point values only for relics. You just use new units with them. No biggie.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Iyanden isn’t on GW’s site any more. My guess is that supplemental armies die when a new codex is released.

  • nobody

    I got my Necron codex on release day only a couple months ago, and we’re already seeing new 40k replacement codices rear their heads? Yeesh, this is a bummer.

    • Tesq

      necron was 7ed relase, it seems gw 6 ed codex came out half bad cos there was copyrigth issues, so that’s basicaly mean ( i hope) with 7 they should make all in line.
      Btw eldar, tau, csm and other are codex that need to be adjusted. So new codex that nerf and fix are welcome.

    • Shiwan8

      Why is it bad that outdated codices are updated?

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Because they’re not outdated and work fine? Last I knew, I could still use my Dark Angels book with no trouble.

        • Shiwan8

          Now there you are wrong. The power creep has left CSM, DA, Nids and others behind “long” ago.

          Go and win a high end tournament with those DA and then you have an argument.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            GW left those armies out in the cold when they released those armies to begin with.

          • Shiwan8

            All the more reason for them to be updated.

          • Thomas Gardiner

            So books have to be able to win “high end tournaments” to be considered as something that “works?”

            Umm, no. Nice try again though! You’ll get there in the end!

          • Shiwan8

            I’ll settle for a reasonable internal balance and chance to win at all agains gamers that are not vegetables. Nist, csm and DA can not do that.

        • withershadow

          How are people not recognizing this as a hilarious troll post? I mean he even mentioned Dark Angels. That book didn’t “work fine” when it came out. Come on people, why so serious.

          • Thomas Gardiner

            How does it not work? Did it suddenly become unusable overnight? Or by “it doesn’t work” do you mean “it doesn’t win tournaments and beat Serpent Spam so it’s useless?”

      • RexScarlet

        40k has out-priced itself for the average consumer here in the US; median “household” income is $50k, means take home is a little over $3k per month after taxes (or less depending on taxes) $36,000.00 annually.
        WH40k costs for; Army, rules, supplements, and etc. for said army is pushing a thousand dollars;1850-2000 point army, then add in paint, glue, hobby supplies, transport cases, etc., and can go well over that, which if household meant “one” person, would be over 3% of their Net income.
        10% 3,600.00
        1% 360.00 X 3 = 1080.00
        What wh40k; Army, Main rules, codices, supplements, and etc. can you buy, build, paint, transport, and play with all the rules for $1080?

        • Shiwan8

          Aaaand? 20 years ago this was a rich people hobby in many parts of the world. It still is.

  • Robert Góral

    What are the Expansions supposed to be? Like more sub-factions? (see rumoured kroot mercs)?

  • CSR

    Wheres the Horus Heresy stuff that was supposed to be on the way?

  • Aezeal

    Why is the most important part only mentioned as “warhammer fantasy content”.. who cares about 40K

    • withershadow

      Way more people than those who care about fantasy, which is why GW is pruning down the latter to a bubble-verse.

  • RexScarlet

    Is GW still selling 8e whfb?
    As of today, YES, still selling 8e whfb.


    And how long between army books and codices now, two years? And how long between 40k editions now, two years?
    Is this the “new pink?”
    GW forgets that players are CUSTOMERS/consumers, and here in the US, consumers hate being taken advantage of.

    • Shiwan8

      Well, to be honest, after 7th was released most of the older codices went from mediocre to useless. Only 3 did not suffer immensely from the change of editions and one benefited from it so much it’s hilarious. Those 3 were the really broken ones to begin with. There is nothing bad about balancing things out.

      • RexScarlet

        See my comment below, according to your logic, GW will have to redo ALL 6e codices, supplements, dataslates, and etc. during 7e, and before 8e drops, which may be only one year from now if 7e follows 6e less than two years release schedule?
        Then GW would start all over again with 8e, redo all 7e within the 8e window, wash, rinse, repeat.
        Here is the GIANT list within the 7e window;

        • Shiwan8

          They only need to replace the main codices from 6th edition and then they can release supplements for next 3 without problems.

          But yes, for the sake of playability, the pre 7th ed. codices have to get an update.

  • TweetleBeetle

    People crying about Eldar getting an update: cram it with walnuts.

    The new format – a la Necrons and Khorne Demonkin – is very different from the 6th edition books. Detachments and formations are how lists are to be constructed and strategies formed. Tables offer unique and fluffy army buffs. The vanilla force org is forever gone. This won’t just be a few rules and points tweaks; Codex Eldar will look dramatically different.

    That’s assuming it’s a full codex update. It may just be a supplement, or alternate (like Demonkin). Plus we’ll get new models with it.

    Chances are it’s a quicker update than some of the other projects (AdMech, Sisters), and thus can slide into this release window easily. Given how fast GW is pumping stuff out, do you really think you’ll be waiting that long for…whatever pet project you’re clamoring for?

    • Ryan Coggin

      For the first time in almost a year of reading BoLS articles, I actually agree with everything someone has said!

      I really like the additional options that the newer codices add, I’m all for GW giving me new ways to play my army, for example, if I was told a new Nid Dex was coming out, I wouldn’t be whining about how soon it was and how I dont wanna spend money on it, I’d be looking forward to a Decurion-Style way of playing nids, the formations actually being in the main codex instead of in 4 different supplement books, and so on

  • Auswin

    I’ve been playing 40k since 1995. I not-so-fondly remember what it was like to have to wait 5-6 years before getting a new codex and being forced to play with an old edition dex (which was almost always vastly underpowered) in a new edition.

    Go back 7 years and all people wanted was more rapid iteration and armies to get new rules more quickly. Now that GW is iterating on the game quickly and putting out rules people are upset that it’s “too soon.”

    There’s no question the game has changed a lot since Codex: Eldar was released, even if that was only one edition ago. The proliferation of formations and detachments with special rules, paired with an overall reduction in power creep is why we’re seeing true 7th edition books having a high degree of internal balance, while every power list or top-tier army is leaning on a 6th ed book.

    People who play video games will happily drop $60 on a sequel every two years, even if the sequel is a minor iteration. Nothing’s stopping individuals from playing the old game, so long as they understand the player base might be lower.

    In the pantheon of GW’s problems I’d say there’s far worse examples than updating the single most overpowered single-source codex in 40k and bringing it in line with more recent and internally balanced books. While that might upset people who have been enjoying being the most powerful army, the tradeoff is that you’ll get formation and detachment rules that offer fun buffs and new ways to play the game.

    At the end of the day GW is a publicly traded company that needs to make money to keep shareholders happy

    • OldHat

      Glad someone pointed it out. I remember the “Ugh, my Codex is too old to be good” remarks. Now it is updating too fast? Because a few books of their range are being redone to bring everything up to speed with their latest edition? I, for one, am looking forward to Space Marines getting redone with a bit more flavor (hopefully).

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      I think it is more like Goldilocks. There is a sweet spot between too soon and too long.

  • It would be more accurate to simply say “we have no idea whats after april so lets see how much bs we can feed you”

  • silashand

    Well, at least the only thing I will be getting is the Eldar codex. Saves my wallet somewhat I guess…

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    So basically here is what GW is telling you: Do not invest in codexes. Only purchase the codexes for armies that you are currently playing RIGHT NOW. To put money into a codex for an army you will play in the future is a risky gamble, one that GW will not reward you for.

    • Shiwan8

      Honestly, I do not think the amount of money invested in a codex that might be updated after 2 years is much of a gamble. I gamble that much each week just by buying groceries. What if they are past their real expiration, what if the “cold chain” has been interrupted, what if the bread starts to get mold on it sooner than the date in the package promises for it to be good. All this is gamble and you pay for it all. Compare that to buying 50 buck book once every 2-5 years.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        For a codex you are using regularly, that’s fine. I am ok with an update every two years.

        For a codex I bought because, “Maybe I’d like to play this army” I feel very differently.

        The former got 50 dollars with or use, the latter did not.

        • Shiwan8

          If you are in a situation where you do not really play an army but rather fiddle with the book, fiddle with the old book and when you decide to change armies then go and buy the new book. That reminds me, got to put my “never going to use these” codices on sale.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            That was unnecessary a few years ago since you knew that a codex would not be updated for four or five years. You could buy it today and use it tomorrow.

            Not any more.

            GW’s new policy is crystal clear now.

          • Shiwan8

            I have no problem with it.

          • CMAngelos

            What policy is that exactly, Let the general internet public freakout at months in advance rumors that might be true cus reasons?

            So far the only thing codex wise to come out is the finishing off of the Updates to hardbacks, supliments galore and two ‘new armies’ in the form of Harlequins and Skitarii.

            Yes, this is a Harbinger of doom and destruction for Codex release Schedules and subsequently your wallet!

  • m3g4tr0n

    More DA starter BS. I’d like to see GW release a generic Space Marine starter again.

  • houseofpaine

    As a veteran 40K player of some 25 years, and a collector of 20 armies, I’ve decided to cut myself off from ever buying “new edition” codices/codexes/whatever. I fundamentally get the idea of revising rules, revising supplements, etc., but I find the following frustrating, following this pattern all the way back to 2nd Edition: 1.) for all the focus on bringing “balance” into the game, the game has not necessarily gotten more fun to play on a casual level since 3rd Edition, and 2.) GW’s apparent concept of updating its flagship game is to fix what is presumed broken, breaking what was fine before, and then expecting its consumers to spend an ever-increasing amount of money because of their design mistakes. And on a more frequent basis now!
    And, if they’re going to expect me to buy more books, at least bring out some cool new models and units. That’s becoming more infrequent as well. I WILL be collecting Ad Mech (technically, a new army), something I have been looking forward to for years, and then I see that the GW design team will be giving us plastic dumpsters with spider legs for models – which look awfully familiar with certain other models.
    But I’m probably in the minority on this.

  • Syratogo


    • houseofpaine


  • Eric

    Sigh, and sisters fall off the map again 🙁