HOBBY: 3 Minute Sandstone Base



In this tutorial we teach you how to create an awesome looking sandstone base for your miniatures. This base has the look and feel for Egyptian pyramids.

To complete this base you’ll need: a base, a dremel tool, fun foam or craft foam, fine grain sand and various paints we used in the video. When flocking the base we suggest using the finest grain sand you can get so it will look natural on the base. You could also use the dremel to create cracked stone to give it a more weathered look. For this base a light dry brushing is the key to create great looking bases!

Thanks for watching! Leave tutorials you want us to do in the comments below!

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  • That’s a good technique for brick or large cobblestone. It looks nothing like sandstone, though.

    • petrow84

      I would’ve given a shot with a primer – the holes it carves into the foam may just be ideal to the sandstone effect.

      Nice technique, though.

  • ColonelFazackerley

    Even fine sand is too coarse. Dilute pollyfilla might work.

  • Markus Beckers

    Please try to not to glue and paint the side of the base next time. This looks very amateurish. If you are too lazy to do this just use some masking tape. This picture looks awful for a painting article.

    • moonshadow101

      Failing that, just paint the whole rim of the base that color.

  • The carving of the foam is a neat technique. Applicable to other projects for sure. As for the base itself, when doing a painting article take the extra step to undercoat the base. The final product as red still visible from the foam.