HOBBY: Building A Better Flying Stand



In this tutorial we teach you how to attach a skimmer to a flying stand without using the acrylic rod. This makes your skimmer connect to the base better and give much more stability to the model.

To complete this tutorial you will need: a skimmer, a base, a machine screw, a hexnut, a dremel tool and a square nut. This stand is extremely easy to build and will allow you to have your model attached to the base safely.

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  • xNickBaranx

    Cool idea. Though I definitely would have gone for smooth instead of threaded.

    • Muninwing

      the threaded at the top is what makes it store-able. but if you could get a screw that was only threaded for a half inch or so, i’d use that.

  • Private Skittles

    Dude be careful with that dremel tool..if your going to show the disk shooting off like a bolter round at least reccomend eye-protection.

    • HadronFlux

      ^this and that little video jump at that point was funny. Been there, done that, broke many cutting discs in my day.

    • petrow84

      I second that – be careful with ANY tool which use such a thin disc to cut. For a bolt like that I’d surely use either an ordinary metal saw, or an angle grinder with metal cutter disc.

  • Badgerboy1977

    Can’t stand solid rods on flyers/skimmers myself, there’s a reason they’re transparent after all. I just drill and pin or use clear acrylic rod where necessary.

    I do tend to swap the bases out for solid ones such as a dreadnought base for land speeders though as it ties in better with the other models.

    • Matthew

      I agree with you, I was really excited when they released 30mm bases so we can replace small acrylic based models easily.

  • Joyous_Oblivion

    Yeowtch. You should really put a warning to people. Those cut off discs break very easily and you even showed one breaking in the video!!!

    These can quite easily blind someone in an eye of they aren’t protected. Please put in a warning.

  • effinger2

    Great idea!

  • Darkjedi

    I prefer the clear ones — I never understood why people paint the base and rods when the transparency fades into the terrain better. My Ravenwing has held up for almost 2 decades without a single break.

  • Troy Dean

    ‘Extremely easy,’ as long as I have a series of power tools.

    • Doing it with hand tools would still be simple, just a bit more tedious.

  • Dyemor

    I’ve previously been using 4x2mm magnets with green stuff on the stand and model to keep them attached. It makes for a strong connection and easy to remove for transport, however I really like the bolt idea. Looks solid.

  • Corsair6

    Did this to my speeders years ago. My recommendation is to skip the part with the dremel. Drill the hole big enough to put the bolt all the way through and offset the base with large fender washers (Lowes or Home Depot). This will also give some extra weight to keep the stand from tipping over

  • Michael Virks

    I like a bit of solid over-engineering as much as the next person, but this takes the mickey.