X-Wing: TIE Punisher Spotted


Take a look at the newest heavy bomber for the Imperial Navy headed to a tabletop near you!

video via edgeent (Instrgram)

Behold the TIE Punisher:


TIE Punisher:

Attack: 2

Evade: 1

Hull: 6

Shield: 3

4 Pilot card cost: 21, 23, 26 ,27

Ship has : 2 bomb, 2 missile, 2 torpedo, 1 sensor upgrade slots



tiepunisher-01 tiepunisher-04tiepunisher-02



~The shields are particularly interesting on this guy.

  • Benderisgreat

    Ugh. Wouldn’t surprise me if the TIE tank showed up next…

    • Why do people not like this? It’s a TIE Bomber on steroids – what’s not to love?

      • georgelabour

        It’s all the manueverability of an AT-AT mated to the armor, firing arcs, and durability of a T.I.E Fighter.

        What’s not to love?

        • Except we don’t know what the maneuverability of it is yet?

          • georgelabour

            You may want to go look up the TIE mauler tank because you seem to have missed the joke. 😛

          • I know what the TIE Mauler and Century tanks are – I was talking about the TIE Punisher/Interdictor.

      • Houghten

        Rather than quote myself I’ll just point to my previous reply.

        • ” It was spawned in Galactic Battlegrounds, an atrocious abortion of an RTS where,”

          You lost me there.

          • Houghten

            It could have been good if only it wasn’t pretending to be Star Wars.

    • Joe Wright

      Google TIE Crawler…

      • Benderisgreat

        That’s the thing I was referring to. Dumbest tank ever.

        • Houghten

          I think the TIE Mauler has it beaten on account of it shows someone managed to have the exact same idea years later and STILL not get slapped down for it…

    • Houghten

      In spehss? Unlikely, but I wouldn’t rule out its appearance in Imperial Assault…

  • Agent OfBolas

    it’s just me or it’s REALLY tough as for it’s 21 points …

    • Mike Siegmund

      Compared to the B wing 3at 1ag 3hull 5shield 22 points it’s not that good unless the dial is nice

      • Considering it’s a TIE craft, it’s likely going to be quite maneuverable despite it’s bulky size.

    • Spacefrisian

      Its like a big ship put on a small base. Makes me wodner if the K wing has similar statts.

      • Agent OfBolas

        yes it have.

    • Dave

      I agree, but it’s pretty worthless without munitions, which will be pricey.

  • LordKrungharr

    Would it be taboo to use those old Star Wars Micro Machines, particularly the X-Ray Fleet, or the vintage die-cast ones, instead of these models? I love those old toys…

    • steelmage99

      When it comes to the actual game-mechanics the models are completely irrelevant.
      I see no problem using alternative models, as longs you at least give a nod in the direction of WYSIWYG.

      • Granted, these new models blow those old ones WAY out of the water.

      • Houghten

        The Missile Boat would probably be a better fit for the TIE Punisher’s stats than the TIE Punisher is… shame about the SLAM though

  • Sandwich Berserker

    Well, Ion Engine upgrade thing is only 1 point, so o/
    Anyway, how do these magical early Spanish versions keep showing up?

  • Ididitmyway

    Sucks they formatted the video.

    So we know there are four pilots – two generic and two named (PS2 – 21pts / PS4 – 23pts / PS6 26pts / PS7 27pts).

    A2 D1 H6 S3 (Focus, Target lock, Boost)

    Card slots: 2 x Torpedo, 2 x Missile, 2 x Bomb, 1x System upgrade, 1x Modification

    The only manoeuvre we know about is it can do is a white 3 bank (which every TIE ship can do, so no hints there). I’m guessing we’ll see something similar to the TIE Bomber but with one
    less green (probably 3 straight made white).

    We know from before the PS7 can maintain two target locks on the same ship, but can’t make out the PS6 ability.

    We know it comes with the following upgrade cards:

    2 x Twin Ion Engine (now know costs 1pt). The card has a picture of the TIE Defender on it (if that means anything, is TIE only and FFG have changed the text since the first previews of wave 7 were provided – gone from 3 lines to 4 so some last minute
    re-works have been done);

    1 x Extra munitions (costs 2pts and doubles the number of uses for any munitions you buy but takes up a Torpedo slot);

    1 x Plasma Torpedoes (Attack (target lock), range 2-3, costs 3pts);

    1 x Adv. Homing missile (Attack (target lock), Att. Value 3, range 2, cost 3pts);

    1 x Cluster mine (Action to drop, drops new three bomb interlocked token and detonates like normal, costs 4pts);

    1 x Ion bomb (says something about assigning 1 ion token)

    1 x Enhanced scopes; 1 x Flechette Torpedoes

    I think FFG are hinting at using Enhanced scopes to guarantee you can drop Cluster mines/Proximity mines on targets of your
    choosing. Depending on how many red maneuvers there are, Adv. Sensors could be great also with the native boost action allowing other types of bombs to be dropped with a degree of flexibility. And of course FCS is going to be good too.

    Depending on what the Twin Ion Engine card does (I’m
    guessing it’ll be something pretty good for 1pt), auto thrusters could even make an appearance on this ship.

    • Dave

      The number of munitions slots seems strange considering the extra munitions card.

      • Ididitmyway

        It’s all about customisation I think. You wouldn’t be equipping it with everything (well not if you wanted any other ships in the squad), you’d be picking a roll you want it to do. If you want it to drop bomb or mines you give it 4 for roughly the price of 2. Want it to be a ranged fighter it gets 4 missiles and you forget about it’s primary only being 2 as it will likely never shoot with it.