40K Dark Heresy RPG – Digital Character Sheet


FFG rolls out digital character sheets for Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy 2nd Edition.  Check out the latest in Adeptus Mechanicus apps for your mobile device:


Take it away FFG

Dizelabs are proud to announce the release of the Dark Heresy Second Edition Digital Character Sheet for iOS and Android. With this Digital Character Sheet, you can track your progress, ammunition, wounds, skills and anything else you need, all held in one place on your phone, tablet or other device approved by the Adeptus Mechanicus.


Countless Adventures, One App

Upon opening the app, you’re greeted by the Overview of a Character Sheet that will be pleasingly familiar to all Dark Heresy Second Edition players. This Character Sheet is essentially the sheet at the end of the Core Rulebook, but easily displayed on your device’s screen. Of course, there are plenty of differences that set the Digital Character Sheet apart.

The first difference you’ll notice is that you can actually create and store multiple characters, with all of their accompanying stats, gear, and notes within the Digital Character Sheet. Whether you regularly play in multiple campaigns or you’re a GM with a few key, recurring NPCs, you can use this functionality to track each of the characters you control.

When you’re creating characters within the Digital Character Sheet, the app presents you with the options to make this a fun and easy process. You can randomly assign attributes, just as if you rolled your character using the tables from the rulebook. Alternatively, you can intentionally select your homeworld, background, and role, carefully considering the relevant options as you move forwards. Finally, for players with existing characters, you have the option to manually input your stats into the app, quickly bringing your character to life in the Digital Character Sheet.


Track Your Stats Easily

Once you’ve created your character, all of your information is neatly displayed on the Overview tab. This tab covers the broad strokes of everything you need: gear, stats, skills, talents, traits, and more. Everything in this tab is neatly summarised and easily accessible to keep the story moving, which makes it an invaluable resource when you’re navigating the labyrinthine politics of the Imperium.

Naturally, you’ll want to update your character as you progress through your adventure. To help you do this, each section of the Digital Character Sheet is divided into different tabs. Each tab presents a different aspect of your character, inviting you to add more detail and update your skills, experience, and gear. What’s more, each of these tabs includes your character’s stat line along the top for easy reference, even when you’re busily tracking heretics or fighting xenos.

The first tab in the Digital Character Sheet is Abilities, which handles what your character can do during a game. In other words, this tab holds your character’s Skills, Talents and Traits, Psychic Powers, Aptitudes, Special Abilities, and Experience. Each of these aspects of your character can be found and edited on this tab. More personal details about your character are stored in the Character tab. This section is where all the flavorful details about your character – name, background, build, complexion, etc. – are stored. As well as these details, you’ll also find more esoteric fields like Insanity and Corruption in the Character tab.

The next tab in the Digital Character Sheet is Gear. No prizes for guessing what you find here! From this tab, you’ll be able to track all your gear and anything you might pick up. In the Inventory section of this tab, you’ll see all your collected items, each with an icon that informs you at a glance how many items you have of a given type – how many melee weapons, how much armor, and so on. Some of this gear carries over into the Combat tab where you’ll track your wounds, fatigue, and fate points as well as your weapon in each hand and your armour.

The final tab offers a handy, built-in Journal. You can use this tab to record snippets of suspicious conversation, mission briefs from your Inquisitor, random musings, secret accusations of heresy, or whatever else might prove useful to your investigations. You’ll never need to carry a separate notebook or scraps of paper again!


Blessed by the Adeptus Mechanicus

The Dark Heresy Second Edition Digital Character Sheet is now available for purchase for your phone, tablet, or any other Adeptus Mechanicus-approved device.

Always remember, knowledge is power. Guard your knowledge by downloading the Digital Character Sheet today for iOS and Android!

iOS Download

Android Download

~ There’s something so 21st century about RPGs without a pencil in sight…

  • Shawn

    This is really cool. However, I will take a more keen interest if, and when, FFG comes out with Deathwatch 2nd ed.

    • crusader284

      I’d imagine that will be next on their list after they’ve done a few more DH2 expansions. Hopefully when they do DW2 it’ll be more in sync with the other RP books.

      • Shawn

        Yes, more in sync and more compatible. That Crusader would be an added bonus.

  • I’ve been using this for a couple sessions now. It’s a great start and I hope they keep it updated, because there are def some bugs so far. Could be really great with some tweaking.

    • dievo

      we just released a huge bugfix update today (version 1.0.3), which should automatically update on your device. If you find any bugs, just write us a quick note (support mail is on our website dizelabs.com), we will fix them usually with the next update

      • Oh sweet! Do you have a changelog somewhere I can take a look at?

        • dievo

          yes, we use our blog at blog.dizelabs.com for posting changelogs and announcements, as well as the app thread in the fantasy flight games forum.

  • Defenestratus

    Wonder if this will work for Rogue Trader characters.

    • It should, yeah. To an extent. Some of the features are automated, like character gen, and that wouldn’t work well. Everything else should, from my cursory brainstorm.

    • dievo

      Hm, good question. Once the Dark Heresy Apps are complete (and if FFG and GW are satisfied with our work), we will try to adapt the apps to more FFG roleplay systems.

  • am1t

    So this is a Dark Heresy specific character sheet … shame they did not release a universal character sheet across all their range … I suppose those will be additional purchases … Got milk?

  • Yoruma

    Cool idea, but at the extremely steep price of 8.32€, I’m going to pass.

    • dievo

      yes, we ask for a price, that is not the usual free with lots of in app purchases or a 99cent crap app. In the 4 weeks since the launch, we released the Enemies Within supplement for character creation as well as two big patches including new features. We will continue to release minor updates on a 2-week basis and larger updates monthly at no cost for the user. I think this is definitely a fair deal 🙂

  • Aaron LeClair

    one thing i need to know before I would buy this is does it give the details of what each talents and Traits Psychic Powers, Aptitudes and so on do(like GW digital codexs)?
    If so I am sold, if not I an live without.

    • Aaron LeClair

      On a quick note after reading a review it seems it currently does not. Sadness.

      • dievo

        Hi Aaron. I’m one of the developers of the DHDCS app. Databases for Talents, Traits and Equipment are next on our todo list. The psychic powers are a bit more complicated, so we’d like to tackle them at separate content update

        • Elantris

          Wait, so we’ll have to pay once for the app and once for the psychic stuff?
          Not cool :,(

          • dievo

            no, all content updates for the dark herey apps are of course free 🙂

  • crusader284

    Android versions as well as iOS? GW, take note.

    • dievo

      and we are even working on a windows phone version, too 😉

  • Jason Kuffel

    lets see one of these for the Star Wars RPGS!