Dark Angels Vehicle Rules Spoilers!


The Dark Angels are hitting the street! Come see the new vehicle rules rumors for the sons of the Lion!


Supposedly one of our readers has the book, and wants to share rules and photos. Come see part one of the new rules leaks.  So far it looks like he has the goods, but buyer beware!

Via Spikey Bits Reader; a true son of The Lion 

Deathwing Knights are AP3 base. Smite changed to basically a smash attack, convert all attacks to 1 str X2 ap 2 attack, but no longer one use only. Knight Masters Flail gained fleshbane.

All Ravenwing units reroll failed jink saves. That’s all bikes, speeders, and jets

Terminators down 20 points for the squad. Sergeants can now take lightning claws or th/ss.

Ravenwing bikers down 2 points, 25 each now

Black Knights are down 2 points, 40 each now

Rad grenades nerfed. No longer reduce T by 1. The cause 2 wounds on a wound roll of 6 regardless of toughness.

Darkshroud now has 3 hull points. Assault cannon upgrade cost reduced by a melta bomb. Icon of old caliban now grants stealth and fear to all units within 6 inches. In addition, if a friendly unit declares a charge within 6 inches of a Darkshroud, they cannot be overwatched

Vengeance is now 120. Also given 3 hull points. Assault cannon upgrade reduced by a melta bomb. Plasma Storm Battery is now 36″ range.

Nephilim was given missile lock back. Blacksword missiles are now str 7 AP 3. Costs 170 points

Dark Talons rift cannon is now str 10 ap 2 blind blast. On a scatter roll of any double, it gains the vortex rule. Stasis bomb has the same effect as before. In addition, models hit by it must pass an initiative test or be removed from play. Cost is 160.

Those are some solid rules indeed. More on the way folks!

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  • IndigoJack

    So deathwing are 40 points apiece now. If TH/SS prices are the same as in the SM book, it means that that TH/SS deathwing are 50 pts now, up two more points. Also, the nephelim is still far too over priced

    • flyingtam

      Disagree about the Nephilim. It now has six shots of S7 AP 3 missiles that re-roll misses. If it keeps Unrelenting Hunter as is, then any flyer it shoots at will be toast.

      The Dark Talon… if the Rift Cannon is actually S10 AP2 blast… that’s a lot of gun.

      It will be interesting to see what the formation benefits are for the two Nephilim and Dark Talon.

      • jonathan beatty

        I think the Neph and Dark Talon went from “Never heard of it” to “OMG that is awesome.”

        Still though I will wait for the Codex to be in my hand before I make my final call.

        • Koonitz

          No surprise there. “This model isn’t selling. Let’s find a way to make it sell. Make it WTF OP!”

          • Brian Carraway

            Or maybe somebody realized how terrible they were and decided to fix them. I mean, read the description of the Rift Cannon and then look at the old profile, hardly fit the fluff did it.

          • Mordrot

            Precisely, you nailed it I remember reading the fluff “a mysterious weapon with forbidden tech, creates a rip in the fabric of reality…” Oh boy oh boy can’t wait to see the profile on that gun!! … S:5 AP: – small blast Da fuq?

          • Elantris

            Yeah! And you know what else rips the very fabric of reality? Wraith weapons – which get S:D. S:5 was always completely ridiculous.

          • JoeofDoom

            Nah.. I think Koonitz’s version is closer to the reality of GW rules-writing. They are a model company, and making something good means more purchases of it. 😀

          • crevab

            Sure, but the DA flyer really deserved the “this is bad, let’s just buff everything” treatment

          • Josh Watkins

            big difference between making something good an making something OP. Str 8 ap 3 would have been just fine …

          • CoffeeGrunt

            It’s the same as the Doom Scythe. Snap-Fire something at it to scare it into Jinking.

          • Koen Cambré

            If that was the case, all models would have good rules. I’m 100% sure that GW isn’t sitting there going: “let’s not sell too many of these, write crap rules for it!”.

          • JoeofDoom

            They don’t. They go “We aren’t selling any of these! Make them great AND mandatory”

            Hello, Tomb Blades. Been this way for nearly 20 years now.

          • JoeofDoom

            Further. Making some units good at certain times pushes lots of stock that hasn’t been moving in awhile.

            Hello, Tomb Blades.

            Except for Jervis’s noted and public hatred of Dark Angels (He wrote about in White Dwarf back in 3rd after their ‘new’ book came out).

            I just hope the new book is super fun.

          • Koen Cambré

            Yeah, to beef up sales of existing units, you do have a point. There’s been several of those lately.

            Dreadknights, the tombblades you mentioned, eldar wraiths,…

            But then again, that’s talking about hindsight for GW. If sales were all they cared about, stuff would have insane rules from the very release I would say…

            Everything OP is a way of balance I guess… 🙂

          • JoeofDoom

            That seems to be their current strategy, and with all of the crazy free vehicles and stuff they are giving out for formations.

          • Adam Murray

            To be fair it is a gorgeous model it should be good

          • CoffeeGrunt

            Alternatively, “people bought this model and are angry, let’s buff it so it actually sees play and they didn’t waste their money.”

            Sorry…I’m doing it wrong, aren’t I? Something, something, cash grab, something, something, GW should give everything away for free…

          • Koonitz

            Wait, people bought the model? ’cause I’m looking at the two Tau flyer boxes that have been sitting on the FLGS’s shelf for a LONG…
            LONG time. Because people realize (or are told) they suck and don’t buy them. I know, I’m one of them. I was considering the bomber for a little bit, until I realized the Barracuda is simply better in every way. Of course, the Tau codex flyers have the dual fault of having crappy rules AND being butt ugly.

            It’s like a bad big budget movie. People go to see it on opening day, then report online that the movie is terrible. Ticket sales plummet.

            Your flyer was purchased by the die-hard Dark Angels fans. They then immediately tell all the other players not to buy it. No one else buys it.

            Model doesn’t sell. GW needs to sell model. GW improves rules significantly. Not to make it worth taking for those that have already purchased it, but to get the knee-jerk “OMG WTF OP GOTTA BUY NOW BEFORE OTHERS BUY IT DON’T THINK BUY NOW!”

            That people might already have the model to use is a side-effect.

            Hell, I remember when they improved the Hellhound Flame tank, way back in the day. It was the introduction of Torrent. I was the only person to have actually purchased a Hellhound (because I liked the idea of the tank, not the rules). The only one. Do you think they improved the rules for me? No, they improved the rules to get everyone else to buy one.

          • Porty1119

            Yep. I think it’s the speeded-up release schedule- GW’s design work has really been slipping. There seems to be a new obsession with creating a new weapon for every new vehicle, even when existing weapons fit the bill. The result destroys a lot of unity of design, and makes things feel far more schizophrenic. So to speak.

          • Scott

            Right, like the Landraider thar has TL Lazcannons. An assault vechile that wants to also hunt heavy armor. So OP and no unity of design, GW has no sense for vechile design. Just give everything Gravguns already!

          • Koonitz

            But they did with the Land Raider EXCELSIOR!

      • Stefan MArinkovic

        I am hoping for armor bane, to get some valve from the heavy bolters

  • flyingtam

    The Land Speeder Vengeance and the Dark Shroud will still not be worth taking if the armor remains AV 10. If the got rid of the Gets Hot! rule on the Plasma Storm Battery, then we might actually see the Vengeance on the table.

    • Drayke

      As long as the Dark Shroud grants stealth to itself still it will still be worth taking to give stealth to bike squads. granted the overwatch ability is worthless cause it won’t live long enough to be utilized.

      • Koonitz

        If it grants stealth to itself and things around it, and Ravenwing can reroll jink saves, you’re getting a 3+ rerollable jink save bubble.

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ll see it in a few lists.

        • Dennis J. Pechavar

          I know the one I have will see the field.

      • Master Avoghai

        You have to be within 30″ of your opponent to be able to use the counter charge ability.

        12″ move + 12″ flat out + 6″ effect range.

        Within 30″ it will be hard to destroy and ignore its 3+ rerolable jink save…

        • CoffeeGrunt

          Plenty of Ignores Cover firepower out there that can deal with three points of AV10.

          Plus as a Fast Skimmer, it actually gets an 18″ Flat Out, so that’s a 36″ area of effect. 🙂

          • Haighus

            Being a skimmer though it can hide behind some LOS blocking terrain and jump over it when required.

          • WellSpokenMan

            If you’ve got that much ignores cover, why bother shooting it and just kill the bikes. I’d be fine with you wasting a turn of Ignores Cover shooting on the LSD so my Black Knights can get another turn to Plasma the crap out of everything and then smash the remains with their hammers.

            Not everyone plays Tau though. Re-rollable 2+ jinks are going to be a problem for a few codexes.

          • CoffeeGrunt

            Except Jinking means you can no longer fire your Blast weapons from it, so that gets rid of that.

          • WellSpokenMan

            I was talking about the Darkshroud. It has no blast weapons.

          • CoffeeGrunt

            What does it have?

          • WellSpokenMan

            Iirc, a 6″ stealth bubble that also prevents overwatch. For weapons I think it has a HB uprgadeable to an AC. It’s basically a Black Knight delivery system. If you shoot it, you are ignoring the real (RWBK) threat. If you don’t it makes that threat a lot harder to deal with. If the points are reasonable, I will field it.

            You have the two armies that have the easiest access to Ignores Cover, but for everyone else it will probably be a problem.

    • Interrogator_Chaplain

      I’ll pick up the LSV kit and then just magnetize it so I can run both, but I’m quite happy with a 36″ range as that can menace a lot more foes now.

  • Limey_ElJonson

    Knights have a single smash attack. So is it STILL a single smash on the charge? Take a chaplain to make it rerollable!

    • Interrogator_Chaplain

      Ooohh, good call. (Let’s not forget, it’s a Smash attack we get to make every turn instead of once. Although, I still kind of like the old way…)

      • Limey_ElJonson

        Definitely liked the old way – taking out a Leman Russ squadron in one swing was satisfying. But a smash every turn is also good.

        • petrow84

          Especially, that you’ll re-roll failed armour penetration. Add a Furious Charge trait lord, and you’re only 1 S behind the old Smash mode.

  • Jason Cose

    I must have expected too much because even with the buffs the codex is getting, I’m rather disappointed…

    RW bikes are still 4 points more than C:SM bikes. Apparently, we have to pay for our “chapter tactics.” Further the 2 point savings on the BK brought them in line with the 6th edition command squad. They are still over costed imo. If the plasma talon had 24″ range instead 18″ I’d be way happier.

    Niphilim is still very much over-costed. I was hoping they’d switch to Skyhammer missiles and get rid of the one-time use shots.
    Dark Talon: Big Winner, I’ll take one or two all day long.

    Vengeance is better than it was, still wont take it for 140 points until it’s immune to bolter fire. Granted the extra 12″ puts it outside of bolter range…

    Darkshroud I’m torn on. The no overwatch would be huge for a dedicated assault army which DA is not outside of our Termie units. Some might say BK with a killy IC but I’d argue a real assault unit (TWC, Wraiths, zerkers) will eat a BK charge for breakfast.

    20 points saved on termies is nice, not enough to make them usable, again, imho.
    DWK got way better, hope the 20 point cost savings applies to them too.

    • Shiwan8

      Erm. So, in your opinion, your bikes having the hands down best moral USR in the game is worth nothing, nor the better weapons selection? Oh, and the “not having to sacrifice the only LD bonus that is also overpriced in useless not winnable challenges” is totally worthless? Really? What makes you think that?

      • Jason Cose

        Oh, and the “not having to sacrifice the only LD bonus that is also overpriced in useless not winnable challenges” is totally worthless?

        Can you explain that one more clearly?

        • Shiwan8

          Champion of Chaos-rule forces CSM characters to issue and accept challenges and most of the cases where that matters at all are ones that they will get killed before even hitting. Those characters are also the only reason why CSM does not run every single time it suffers any casualties at all.

          • Jason Cose

            Ah, thanks for clarifying.
            I base my assumptions on my limited play experience, and vs CSM I’ve only every faced Kharn in challenges. It has not gone well for me.

            I assume you are referring to Grim Resolve then which I equate to Acute Sense (SW), Furious Charge (BA), and chapter tactics. None of which adds a point premium to any unit in their respective books.

            I think the point over vanilla is more likely Scout, Hit-and-Run (white scars 6th ed CT), and Teleport Homer…if the 6th edition wargear list and special rules remain unchanged. So, in retrospect, it’s a baked in upgrade.

          • Shiwan8

            No problem. Those free bonuses SM get, I’m seriously disappointed if I still have to pay for marks of chaos in the next book, since they are mostly worse than those free chapter tactics etc. marines get. Hell, even the SW Acute Senses is better than any of the CSM mark bonuses and that thing is not good.

          • Brillow80

            I use to joke that the only thing DA was good at killing was CSM. The butt of the joke is…so is everything else. Their day will come. 😀

          • Shiwan8

            Honestly, I gave up hope when they nerfed the only unit CSM had that was worth it’s points, and even that was barely before the nerf. I’m talking about the drake.
            This machine of doom that supposedly killed anything and everything was countered by such amazing state of the art war machines like rhinos, for example. Now that it has a hull mounted weapon it’s ability to kill things is exactly zero within about 6″ of the model and it’s kill zone makes sure that it can only hurt 2 models realistically per turn. So, really, there is no way it could make it’s points back in a game.

            Now, since every other unit in that book was a part of a big multideity suck fest, there is nothing good left there. Well, not really true, there is about 60% chance that a sorcerer has some utility value for another codex. Other than that there is nothing there worth the points, even in 6th editions context, far less in 7th’s.

            Daemonkin does not help either. The CSM tax is still there and it kills the codex.

          • matty199

            Tbh the fact that you can summon units really makes the daemon kin a different animal. In my last game against them I had 3 summoned greater dreamons to deal with in 3 turns. Killed the first 2 but the 3rd got into combat…

          • Charon

            And how many Chaos SPACE MARINES did you summon?
            I have yet to see an effective Daemonkin list that doesn’t completely consist of daemons and Warmachines (+ the Posessed tax if you actually pick the detachment).
            Daemonkin is like codex CSM: better don’t take any CSM.

          • Shiwan8

            Yeah…not anything to be exited for really. Any serious gunline will kill them before they get in to melee, which is literally the only place where they can do anything against the opponent. On top of that, any even half serious melee army will just eat them alive. It’s a fragile army with sub par tanking units…since regular CSM is the best survivability-unit that book has to offer…which is really hilarious, honestly. 😀

          • Stormxlr

            That what it pretty much came down to though. My Deathwing excelled at killing CSM. Preferred enemy is amazing on terminators.

      • Master Avoghai

        I think that like a few naysayers, our friend Brillow wants a mononeuronal army that you put on the table and just say “I’ve won”

        The fact that this codex won’t be as OP as the eldar ones is not a drawbacks. The fact that it does not contain automatic win units is not a drawback either.

        Sometimes I feel that some people find a codex meh only because it doesn’t give a 20-0 within 2 turns.

        Maybe the dex won’t be OP… But guess what? that’s what are expecting most of the DA players.

        • Stormxlr

          As a DA player I just pray the codex doesnt get worse and thats pretty much it. Seeing all this nice buffs is actually quite reassuring.

        • Shiwan8

          I think that you are right. Not saying that Brillow is like that, but there are people that are known for it.

          When NewDar came out, most people including most eldar players were facepalming for all that opness. Then there were some who would disagree but could not make an argument in favor of their opinion and essentially cot caught wanting to play the autowin-game “secretly”.

          What I do not get is that why they want that. What is the point?

  • riburn3

    Everything sounds like a nice and well deserved improvement. Nothing ridiculously OP, but more in line with the toys available to other armies. I know I’m looking forward to trying a ravenwing list with some LSV sitting back with their improved range, and the Dark Shroud backing up my bikes with some nice rerollable jink saves.

    • Shiwan8

      By other armies you must mean vanilla marines. The eldar are above them, far above one might add, and necrons are below them. None of the others are even close to that level, really.

      Not that I’m complaining, DA deserved this. Marines too.

      • riburn3

        I just meant the newer army releases altogether.

        Also, I’m not so convinced Eldar are far and above. There’s some pretty easy counters to them now with the new SM dex, and as every army gets an update their OP feeling will diminish, though I think they are always going to be a power this edition.

        I played in a 40k tournament this week and no Eldar players cracked the top 5 despite them trying to win cheesiest list awards. Necrons actually won, SM sprinkled throughout the top 10 including second, an IG army took 3rd, Eldar was 6th and 8th, my works took 7th, Tau 9th, and a sweet SoB army took 10th. I realize a good ruleset makes it easier but it can’t overcome bad rolling and poor decision making.

        • hazal

          Agreed, Str D (eldar specialty) only really countered MC/Knight lists really.

          I am having a good track record running GK/Inquisition this year, its all about list familiarity.

          • Shiwan8

            It also countered any and all deathstars, killed the rest of the assault armies and made the game even more out of balance. 😀

          • CoffeeGrunt

            Hardly counters Deathstars unless your Wraithcannons roll hot 6s.

          • Shiwan8

            There are other options too, you know…

          • CoffeeGrunt

            Wraithguard? Can’t roll a 6 as they take a -1. D-Cannons and D-Scythes have a similar rule IIRC.

            Doing D3 AP2 Wounds on a 3+ is something most Deathstars would laugh at.

          • Shiwan8

            Yeah, sorry, my bad. Did not remember the -1. Well, there are still bikes and the ludicrous amount of shooting they generate. Couple of WKs, bikes and the psychic deathstar. Win almost every time. “Almost” because only dice and exceptional stupidity can kill that.

          • CoffeeGrunt

            Or AP3 Ignores Cover fire.

          • Shiwan8

            Yes, the eldar have plenty of that.

        • Shiwan8

          You are missing the fact that unlike GW thinks, there are people who do not play marines. CSM, in it’s many forms, have no counters to eldar. At the moment.

          A lot of the tournament positioning is depending on what is allowed and what is not. “Here” there are very few tournaments that allow super heavies and/or FW, which essentially means that the eldar will win at least until Tau is released. The local invitational tournament, where as far as I know only best of the “trial period” were invited, was won by Eldar+DEldar and the other army in the final match was DEldar+Eldar. This is just one case though and proves nothing on it’s own, but from what I’ve heard even many of the top players seem to thing that Eldar are OP.

          As you said, this might change, but as we saw during the last 2 editions, eldar only got better as the time went on and there is really nothing that would suggest any change on this pattern.

          • riburn3

            CSM are their own issue and have been since they released minus a few cookie cutter builds that didn’t take long to sniff out.

            In time everyone will get their due. Heck DA are proof of that. They appear to be going from an overcosted army with underwhelming unique options to a respectable army. The new rules leaking already are an improvement and we still don’t have it all.

            My local meta also allows all FW models and super heavies in most tournaments. If there are rules that aren’t in a play testing phase, it’s allowed. The recent Eldar book makes allowing FW and heavies seem that much more justified.

          • Shiwan8

            DA are marines. Them being bad last time is a fluke, one time event. Not something that they aimed for. A mistake, nothing more.

            Let’s face it, the people who design CSM codices are fluffy gamers who do not care about balance or the army being capable of competitiveness. They just drool over spiky miniatures and are oblivious of the tactics of the game, not to mention the spirit of the game that is after all 2 gamers competing of victory over a visually pleasant battlefield. It’s that OR GW genuinely hates chaos and literally orders the codex designers to make bad books for them.

          • wibbling

            Ah, sorry. You said that Chaos Space Marines have no counters to Eldar. They do, of course. Then you said tournaments, and little else matters as 40K is not a ‘tournament’ game. It isn’t remotely ‘competitive’. I don’t understand why people think it is.

          • Shiwan8

            No, really, there are no counters against eldar in the galore that CSM. None, zip, zero. Nothing that can even try to kill A WK, let alone 2 or 3. Nothing that can catch jetbikes, nothing that can survive the hail of fire. That’s just the way it is at the moment.

          • Rich_B

            Ummm… You do realise that for most players a tournament is just an excuse to get together with a bunch of like minded people and play some games all weekend?

            Not specifically aimed at you, but I’m getting sick to death of the way the internet has gone to polarisation, x vs y, tribalism. We’re all gamers, we all have common ground. The latest fad of sneering at people for enjoying tournaments, other games, or whatever just needs to pick up, pack up and f**k off.

          • Shiwan8

            I’m pretty sure that your “most” is “some”. I do that, mainly because I’m fully aware that the armies I play have no chance against the top codices. As far as my experience goes though the vast majority of gamers in tournaments are there to win first and have fun second.

          • Stormcaller

            Ty, Ty, Ty. This.

        • Brettila

          I agree completely. Marines can pretty much counter anything Eldar try to do. Grav everywhere can take care of my armor 12 vehicles and armor 3-4 infantry. It also kills my ‘dreaded’ Wraith units. Those sure had a long run at the top of Olympus didn’t they? Marines are also now the best psykers in the galaxy apparently. Not sure how that happened. I am not surprised at all by your tournament results.

          • Josh Watkins

            … uhh … counter eldar … have you been sipping that gw kool aid ? granted WK’s have always been overrated, Eldar are still next to unbeatable if ran right.

          • CoffeeGrunt

            Grav against T3 4+ Infantry is a bit pathetic tbh. It’s worse than an Assault Cannon in that regard.

  • Interrogator_Chaplain

    The question is, do all Ravenwing re-roll Jink while they’re inside or outside of their detachment?

    Because if it’s outside, hoo boy, overcosted they are not!

  • Brendan Ivie

    I kept reading each bullet point like yes…Yes… YES!
    All the stuff I wanted fixed. More hull points on the Darkshroud while the re-rolls on jink saves makes Ravenwing both distinct and awesome.
    They even managed to make the flyers sound reasonable. I dunno, I mean I’m not super competitive but it sounds like us DA players finally got some cool new stuff!

    • riburn3

      I agree. If anything I feel like what I’ve read so far actually gives them a solid/unique flavor while not being underwhelming/overwhelming. It sounds fun to play and there should be lots of fun options to choose from when list building.

    • sensarasen2

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  • Another Biased Opinion

    I guess GW wants to sell more Darkshrouds

    • Parthis

      Or Dark Angels players want a reason to field their Dark Shrouds.

      Yeah, maybe, just maybe it’s as simple as it appears.

  • Master_Toddius

    Looks like my Dark Angel flyers are going to stay on the shelf. 170pts? lol if it were around 145pts I might consider it. No idea how they’re basing the point cost.

    • CoffeeGrunt

      Vendettas are 170pts, Sun Sharks 165pts before upgrades. It’s about the median price for a Flier.

      • Master_Toddius

        Vendettas have much more firepower and has transport capacity, so it makes sense. Sun Sharks are way over costed as well.

  • Spacefrisian

    Says Dark Angel vehicles spoilers in title, over half of it detals Terminators and bikes? Iam confused.

  • GLaDOS

    looks good

  • Right now all I want to know is what units are in the codex.
    By which I mean did the Dark Angels get Thunder Fire’s, Scout Bikes, Land speeder Storm’s and Centurions. Or not.

    • Ghosy01 .

      no new units

      • I had suspected that. Oh well.
        It’s tempting to cram those units from my list into an allied detachment.

    • riburn3

      I doubt they got anything new. The Scout Bikes not being part of the 10th company formation answers that. The DA Demi company only has an option for Devastators, not centurions .

      • I also looked to see what was available on the GW site… And ordered the codex.
        It would have been interesting to have had those extra units in the codex but maybe, not in any of the formations.. Layers and layers of choices to make.
        But, no matter really as I said above the temptation to just take a few extra units as allies is there, even if the need isn’t.

  • MycroftHolmes

    “if a friendly unit declares a charge within 6 inches of a Darkshroud, they cannot be overwatched”

    That’s the fun stuff.

    • flyingtam

      Fun stuff sure. But unless you are assaulting Tau or Wraithguard w/ D-sythes, overwatch is hardly scary. You MIGHT lose a (singular) model. It hardly makes the vehicle worth taking. Now, if it gets a locator beacon for Deathwing, then things get interesting.

  • Sam Childs

    My reaction to the 6th edition rift cannon… meh

    My reaction to the 7th edition updated rift cannon PEAS AND RICE!!!!

  • Stefan MArinkovic

    Rad rounds nerfed? I would disagree, given that their main idea was to get the plasma talon of the other blackknight to instant death T4 characters. Most targets I found Had 1W or where eternal warrior.

  • Ben

    So ravenwing with a 4+ re-rollable jink is better statistically than white scars 3+, if you can give stealth or shrouded they become neigh unkillable through non-cover ignoring shooting. you might have a very viable delivery method for some choppy units like that.

  • Agent OfBolas

    No pure Deathwing army?

    SO great GW, so great ….

    • Muninwing

      take a single vindicare assassin and you’re golden… just hope they do not die in round 1

      • Agent OfBolas

        or for two rounds if enemy goes first!