Unboxing: Terminator Genisys The Miniatures Game

Terminator Genisys 1


The machines are coming. Are you ready for them? Join the resistance NOW!

Terminator Genisys the Miniatures Game is here from Warlord Games and produced by River Horse – with game design by Alessio Cavatore! Here’s our unboxing video:


The Endoskeletons and Human Restistance fighters in the main set will plunge you straight into the desperate battle for survival – but this is just the start.

  • Advanced Rules covering commanders, different weapons, vehicles, transports and even VTOLs such as Hunter-Killer Gunships.
  • Battle Scenarios – a matrix of 36 balanced games.
  • Force Lists – Statlines and special rules for all models and weapons of the Human Resistance and Skynet’s Machines.
  • Narrative Scenarios – recreating the events of the War Against the Machines.


  • Full-colour rulebook: 128 pages
  • Exclusive metal Kyle Reese model
  • 10 Terminator Endoskeletons
  • 5 Terminator Crawlers
  • 16 Resistance Soldiers
  • Quickstart rules
  • Card scenery and tokens
  • Double-sided gaming mat
  • Rules reference sheet
  • 13 colour-coded dice
  • Fate die
Terminator Painting


The painting guide in the book is pretty good. It also has a full terrain modeling section. Warlord Games has it available to order for the retail price of $112. But you may be able to find it else for cheaper. It is the skynet internet after all.


There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves. AdamHarry, OUT!

  • Local Ork
    • am1t

      Look OK … will probably need a closer look
      31-32 models in the boxed set for $112
      GWs latest 5-mini assault squad is $41 …

      • Nogle

        I don’t think the assault squad is a fair comparison. I bet there will be a 5 man super terminator squad for $40 at some point. Dark vengeance is $110 for 49 miniatures

        • am1t

          Good and fair point Nogle.

          DV quality of miniatures as well is good … I bought two boxed sets in fact. Would you pay $112 based on the quality of the models, on first impression, for Genisys? … Like I said I would really like a closer look, I’m not sure …

    • JPMcMillen

      That’s about right for non-cartoony non-heroic scale mini’s. I’d certainly be willing to buy a few for RPG purposes.

    • Adam Murray

      Yep despite the GW bashing and moaning that goes on. They do make the best models on the market.

      • Cergorach

        I do not agree. While I love my GW plastic crack like the rest of us 40k/wfb addicts. GW does not make the best models. Currently Dreamforge Games makes the best plastic sci-fi miniatures/vehicles if you look at complexity and quality. If you looking at sci-fi plastic models your looking at Bandai.

        Just because your exposure is limited doesn’t mean there isn’t something better out there.

        The Terminator game isn’t cheap, not even compared to GW. But it’s using a license, but GW shows us with LotR Escape from Goblin Town that it can produce 63% more minis (in greater variety) for a 12% higher MSRP…

        • Adam Murray

          Horses for courses I guess. Dreamforge have a nice range of models but they cant really compete with GW. It’s like comparing a niche sports car company that makes a nice car or two to BMW. The new GW plastics are amazing and are a joy to put together. Mold lines hidden by design, plenty of movement etc. Compare the GW Witch Elves to the Raging Heroes effort, GW’s new plastics are much better than Resin and metal.

          • Cergorach

            I prefer plastic over resin and metal, by a wide, wide margin.

            What your saying is that Dreamforge is Ferrarri and GW is BMW? The advantage of GW is a wider range, but that doesn’t mean higher quality or better design.

            GW is still running behind with their molds, they don’t really use sliding molds and if they use it it’s simple with pins (Baneblade heavy bolter muzzle).

            Resin can get better detail, even metal can benefit from undercuts that won’t work with plastics. In the last few years GW
            has made big leaps in their plastic design, but only compared to themselves. Hell, even the folks at dakkadakka are engineering/financing better plastic miniatures (look at their robot sprues) in their first offering.

    • BlickWinkel

      I’d still use them as necron warriors.
      The crawling guy would be a neat WWB marker in the times of old.