X-Wing, Take a Look at the Kihraxz


Here’s all the latest on X-Wingls latest unveiled upcoming fighter!  Rejoice Scum & Villainy pilots!

Here’s the basics on the new fighter, very much a twisted reflection of the X-Wing:

Kihraxz Fighter:

Attack: 3

Agility: 2

Hull: 4

Shield: 1

Default Actions: Focus, Target Lock

Default Upgrade slots: Missile, Illicit


Maneuver Dial comparison:




That’s a pretty solid dial with the some interesting choices.  The lack of the 1 forward, and the choice of using both the 4 and 5 K-turns is interesting.  While the Kihraxz cant inch forward it certainly can flip it’s nose around in tight situations, having those speed one turns, in exchange for only speed 3 banks.  It’s an odd one, that likes to do large sweeping moves, or slow tight turns in close.


This feels like a fighter that keeps up its speed, circing its targets, only slowing to make sharp facing changes.  Certainly not a slow methodical fighter.


Kihraxz Pilots:


swx32_graz_the_hunter_card swx32_talonbane_cobra_card


Have at it pilots!

  • Dave

    I like this ship, but not sure I need a scum X-Wing when Zs and Ys have been working so great for me. If this thing had an astromech slot, it’d be a different story. Just ordered two M3-A fighters. I’m looking forward to 20 pt ships with mangler cannons! The new faction has gotten up to speed rather quickly.

  • rickyard

    I really love the design, beautiful ship!

    • Kako

      reminds me of wing commander…

      • rickyard

        Yes! some kind 0f 90’s videogame style:) In fact, t is a design from Star wars: glaxies… loved that game.

      • Agent OfBolas

        Or Freespace! I love the design, the rules and the movement dial.

        Must buy for me!

  • Spacefrisian

    Iam a bit confused about Talonbane Cobra, anyone able to explain what its skill means? (or does it double the effect from skills on lets say certain missiles? eg 1 stress token on enemy ship becomes 2?)

    • GrapeJudas

      It’s talking about gaining +1 attack die for attacking at range one and gaining +1 defense at range three. This guy gets +2 when attacking at range one and +2 when defending at range 3.

      • Spacefrisian

        Thanks, thats a pretty usefull skill.

  • Brian Carraway

    Hopefully we will get a new missile and illicit card with this kit.