Hobby – Khorne Daemonkin Cultists Conversions – Part 1


As a chaos renegade militia player I wanted to create something different for my Khorne Daemonkin cultists.  Below are a list of bits I used to create mine!

Hopefully this inspires you to build some yourself.

Sure I could have just gone with the current cultist models from GW which would have been fine.  They are very nice figures.  If they weren’t all mono-pose I would be all over them but I don’t like the fact that they are not easily converted since they are all single piece models.  Had GW made them like Cadians they would have flown off the shelf, perhaps they do anyway, but I know I would have bought a bunch instead of giving mine away.  I did keep a few but only 1 of each or so.  A lot of them them didn’t scream KHORNE either.  I wanted cultists that looked like crazed killers hell bent on killing or being killed on the battlefield.  So I scoured the Internet for the most suitable bits to use.  I didn’t want them all to look identical but I wanted them all to make a cohesive unit so I tried to stick with similar styles or share different bits between figures to make them look similar but not the same.

Many of the bits I used were from FW and GW such as:

  • Warhammer Flagellants
  • Chaos Renegade Militia
  • Cadians
  • Catachans

In addition to the relatively standard bits from above I also used many of the following:

Mad Robot Miniatures – They a nice selection of human scale bits to choose from as well as full units.  I highly recommend taking a look at them for IG, Cultists, Inq henchmen, etc.


PuppetsWar – Puppetswar has been around for a while now and has a huge selection of bits for virtually every army.  Recently they have been producing full models which look great.















Blight Wheel Miniatures – Another company with some great bits.  Blight Wheel has some very unique items such as tech priest style figures, as well as several series of guard style models.

Kromlech – Kromlech is mostly known for they vast array of orc bits and models, which are amazing.  However, they have also been slowly building up other areas such as demons (which I use as spawn) and human scale options.









There are plenty of other bits that could be used but I settled on these primarily because I already had most of them in my bits boxes.  With these bits and some basic GW bits you can create some good looking figures to represent your Khorne Daemonkin cultists.

In Part 2 I will display some examples of various figures created using the bits mention here.   Stay tuned.


Which bits are your favorites?


  • Those skull heads a friggin sweet!

  • Ben_S

    Some nice bits, though I’d have liked to have seen what you’d done with them first, rather than having to wait for part 2.

    I imagine many Khorne players will be raiding AoS for bits in future.

    • Zack Seiders

      while I do not see much use in cultist besides dying, they make a good use in summoning a deamon prince/ chaos spawn or a blood thirster using the blood tithe points. Best thing of being expendable is even as a chaos spawn the cultist champ becomes more useful either way. That and getting enough models for cultist has always been a pain in the butt.

  • Nathan Oliver

    Looks like blight wheel doesn’t have much in stock. Did they get raided by BoLS folks?

  • Chris John

    I’m totally just using the new marauders from age of sigmar

    • grim_dork

      Glue on a pistol holster and they’re good to go.

  • Seb

    Great collection of hobby resources, thanks!

  • Chris. K Cook

    WFB Chaos Marauder bitz are also a good place to loot bitz.