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Billy Pistole

Columnist: Bell of Lost Souls

Review – Kromlech SciFi Orcs and Goblins

Billy Pistole 4 Minute Read Oct 24

  I’v been a big fan of Kromlech’s for many years.  They have some of the best Orc conversion bits on the market.  I recently picked up some new goblin assistants and a couple of Orc characters I thought I would share. This follow here is the Orc Freak Psychic Combat Specialist.  AKA a Weirdboy.  […]

Update: The Green Alliance – Maxmini Kickstarter Campaign

Billy Pistole 3 Minute Read Oct 2

  The Green Alliance Kickstarter by Maxmini campaign has unlocked all but two of the initial planned models. Lets unlock these last couple of items. The kickstarter campaign has been hovering around $30,000 for  the last week or so.  Presently its at about $30,000 with models planned up to $35,000.  The last two items to […]