GEEKERY: Ye Olde Tyme Star Wars


The ruff has famously been worn by Elizabeth I, Philip III of Spain, Klaus Nomi, and Boba Fett.

The 16th century collides with the elements of The Force in this series by French photographer Sacha Goldberger




Everyone needs to feel fancy sometimes… even R2D2.


What other fun sci-fi and art history mashups have you found recently?

  • Matthew

    Darth (as always) steals the show

    • euansmith

      With his little LAP-LAP; sweet.

  • Damistar

    If you get a chance, the William Shakespeare’s Star Wars series is a blast to read if you’re a fan of the movies or the bard. Basically it’s the movies re-written as plays in the style of Shakespeare.

    • Haakon Slash

      Will have to check that out.. thanks for the rec!

  • Shawn


  • I am glad BoLS finally caught up to click-hole with this one

    • Haakon Slash

      I am too! I like it very much! I also really like kittens in socks… How about you!? Do you like kittens in socks, too? Tell me that you do…

      • polyquaternium7

        Kitteh-burritos!!! om nom nom :3