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X-Wing: We Need More Bounty Hunters!

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Jul 6 2015


Space is a dangerous place – That’s why it’s important to know who’s-who and who should be NEXT! These Bounty Hunters would like a word or two.

Hey BoLS Readers, AdamHarry back with some more X-Wing fun. With the release of the Hound’s Tooth in wave 7 of X-Wing, I can’t help but wonder who’s next?! Well I don’t have any solid evidence but I have been reading watching a lot of Sherlock Holmes lately and I’d like to use some deductive reasoning.

I’d like to start what we know so far. In X-Wing we currently have 3 Unique Bounty Hunter Pilots: Boba Fett, IG-88, and with wave 7 fast approaching we will have Bossk as well.


Bounty Hunters X-WingBossk, Boba, and IG-88


Now, anyone who’s watch Star Wars as many times as I have will undoubted know that these particular Bounty Hunters were all in one scene together in Empire Strikes Back. They were being ordered to hunt down Han Solo by Darth Vader.

Bounty Hunters X-Wing



If you’re still with me I think you know where I’m going with this. In the picture above from that particular scene we have 5 Bounty Hunters. Three of them are in X-Wing as pilots for large ships. FFG has been pretty good about producing ships that actually used in the movies. The Scum & Villainy faction really blew the doors wide open with Extended Universe ships – but right there IN CANON you have 2 more pilots that are perfect candidates to get the X-Wing treatment. I’ll start with the more well known of the two: Dengar.


Dengar Star WarsNo! I’m not wearing Storm Trooper Armor Backwards… Am I?

Dengar is a fairly well known character from Star Wars – fans of the series will know that he’s a Corellian with a lot of work done under the hood (cybernetics). You see he was in a swoop racing accident that almost killed him (hence the scars). Scientists from the Empire were able to save him but may have locked down a few wires too tightly. Dengar is augmented by various neuro-implants which basically suppress his emotions. But revenge isn’t really an emotion and he wanted to get the person responsible for his accident – Han Solo.

The Punishing One is Dengar’s ship. It’s a JumpMaster 5000 and it’s got a unique profile like a lot of the Star Wars ship designs. It’s asymetrical with the cockpit and engines offset and the main hull shaped like a crescent. It’s also noted that the ship was a Quad Laser Cannon, an Ion Cannon and a Proton Torpedo launcher. Dengar’s ship also had a slot for an R2 unit as well. This ship practically writes itself for transfer over to X-Wing.

Punishing One



I’ll let the game designers at FFG sort out the details but this ship and Dengar totally fit into X-Wing and if you’re going to let Bossk’s Hound’s Tooth be in the game, c’mon – Dengar’s got a grudge vs. Han Solo and it would great to get to play that out on the table top! Here’s hoping for wave 8.

This next one is a much harder sell. This simple fact is this Bounty Hunter doesn’t have an in movie canon ship. So I can’t really picture 4-LOM getting a physical ship to play with in X-Wing. However… As a passenger this protocol droid has some potential. 4-LOM is basically a rogue C3PO with an insect like head – and I’m okay with that. This Droid had a few ‘logic glitches’ and overrode his programming. 4-LOM then teamed up with another Bounty Hunter named Zuckuss (who was ALSO in Empire). They actually made quite a pair with Zuckuss as the brains and 4-LOM bringing the fire power.

4-LOM and Zuckuss4-LOM & Zuckuss

As passenger upgrade cards for Scum & Villainy they fit right in. 4-LOM should probably effect your weapons somehow and Zuckuss (if he really is the brains) should let you do something tricky like manipulating Pilot Skill for a turn. Again, I’ll defer to the people getting paid to design the game. As a fan of the series I’d much rather see cards/ships of characters like these three that were in the movies (even if it was only for a few seconds) before completely new ones. I’m not saying I don’t want new characters – I’m just saying don’t forget about the classics.


I’ve only mentioned 3 Bounty Hunters from the movies. I haven’t even started on the plethora of Hunters from the Extended Universe. So what do you think? What Bounty Hunter would you like to see as a ship and/or Upgrade Card? Let us know in the comments below! AdamHarry, OUT!

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