GW: Next Week’s Prices, Products & Tease – CONFIRMED


The new White Dwarf is doing the rounds. Come see the new Age of Sigmar CONFIRMED prices & releases for next week, and a dark teaser! Via

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New week’s teaser is:

“The Chaos rules … but where is the Dark Prince?”

That seems to add fuel to the fire that Slaanesh is either dead, or on holiday! Here’s the new line up in print.

The new multi-part kits look head and shoulders better than their starter set counterparts. If this is any indication of what Games Workshop’s capable of, I can’t wait to see the Chaos release lineup for the Age of Sigmar!

Age of Sigmar Roundup

  • nurglespuss

    So will there be multipart stormcast troops? Or only the starter box ones? I’d be first in lne for.multipart ones…

    • Meiya Mitsurugi

      Did you even read the post?

    • ted1138

      Yes, and they will be £30 for five.

      • false-emperor

        How much? Is that over $9 US each?
        That is ridiculous.

        • Tmullen

          Its like 50 us. So terminators

        • wibbling

          Do NOT start whinging about the prices. If you don’t like them, don’t buy them. No one’s forcing you to, or to play the game at all.

          Privateer are charging $45 in funny money for Trollkin champions – the restin will be horrible material, two sculpts are identical. as a value presentation these are better.

          Enough complaining. If you don’t like it, choose another game system.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            don’t tell people what to complain about and what not to, who put you in charge of free speech?

            If someone wants to take up a game but finds the miniatures expensive, or just thinks they represent poor value, why shouldn’t they say so? The whole point of this website and comments section is to discuss wargaming products!

          • Razer Free

            I’ll say this: their models might be very detailed and expensive, but at the end of the day price is always an issue. AoS is supposedly targeted at younger audiences, but those kids don’t have anywhere near the amount of money we adults have to spend on hobbies. So they’ll go for something they can afford, no matter how pretty GWs models are.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            agree. Kids are going to think this doesn’t compare very well to the same value of ships for X-Wing.

          • false-emperor

            What is the most expensive 100 point build?
            5 z-95s and a B-wing? 6×15?

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I don’t know, I’m a Star Trek Attack Wing man, but no-one plays that so I can’t use it to make my point!

          • bobrunnicles

            That $50 will buy you three ships for X-Wing. You get five Stormcast Eternals. Note I’m not defending GW’s pricing, merely pointing out that people are cranking out X-Wing every time without necessarily thinking it through…

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            those 3 ships are prepainted and assembled, are each effectively a unit, make up a reasonable proportion of a whole force, and come with lots of cards that can be used with other ships to make the game more interesting. 5 Sigmarines probably isn’t even a whole unit.

          • bobrunnicles

            Actually, I think five Sigmarines are a valid unit fwiw 🙂 That seems to be GW’s intent with the new Fantasy releases; crack open the box and you have a unit ready to go (once assembled and (ideally) painted, of course!).

          • Baldermort

            Very true, but it’s not really about freedom of speech is it?
            At lunch I’d just like to read a couple of fun things and some gripes, then some ideas to improve it.
            I don’t go on golfing sites and just moan that subs are too high. We all make choices. I don’t go on holidays, I buy figures. Its a choice. But I don’t then go on holiday sites and flame every revue because I couldn’t afford to go with my family.
            I’m not getting heAvy and don’t wanna ruck, but seriously? I can’t let my son on to this site to tactic-up due to the really vile sludgy rhetoric seemingly from everyone. But it seems more players who fjust can’t play GW anymore. Ok, its sad. Go on a political site and ask for fairer wealth distribution.
            ‘You don’t have to read the comments?’
            True. But advice is cool. 🙂 some outrage, funny. Repetitive one track moans that the cheers set always goes for the guy with a Porsche are just enervating ?
            (Feel free to rip me a new one. But do you see what I’m saying. Your posts especially are funniest when about anything non-money related. And you are funny. Its a rare trait. So be gentle, non? I ain’t trying to rile you.)

          • Algernon Bumbry

            But the price point is a valid concern for the health of the new system as price was one of the problems with the old system though these are not as bad as blood knights being priced at 20 dollars a model ten dose seem excessive. Games Work shop dose not exist in a vacuum, they have a growing list of strong competitors both in the game market and the manufacturing of miniatures the value per box of AoS is going to be compared against those companies and if Games Work shop price are higher they will lose costumers. It is a very dangerous time for GW, they are moving forward with much fewer enfranchised players they need to attract new blood and if Kings of War, or Hoards or even games like x-wing seem a better value they wont.

          • Jay

            Crap example. Golfers talk about the prices of their gear all the time and I know a few who complain about certain brands being a rip off.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Wibbling was being over forceful and False-Emperor was making a fair point that needed saying.

            Your golfing analogy would be more accurate if you had started playing golf 30 years ago, got really into it, made lots of friends you play with, and then found that the course fees and cost of clubs had gone up far above the rate of inflation until it was putting new players off and making it hard for you to keep current with your equipment. The ‘GW hobby’ wasn’t always this expensive.

            I genuinely wish GW gave me more to be enthusiastic about and less to complain about! There honestly doesn’t seem much to be happy about though from them though. Maybe the terrain from AoS will be good, their terrain kits are usually good and not stupidly expensive.

          • Darksied

            I think people misunderstand what free speech is. That right protects you from GOVERNMENT censorship of your speech, it is not intended in anyway to protect you from me or anyone else telling you to shut the F up. I’m not agreeing with his sentiment, I just get a little tired of people thinking free speech protects them from being told to shut up or other consequences from private citizens.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I was just using it as a figure of speech really.

          • benn grimm

            Or y’know, he could just ignore you and carry on, like everyone else does?

          • ZeeLobby

            Well said. wibbling just needs to leave. He causes more conflict then he hopes he’s stopping…

          • false-emperor

            Why so hostile?
            I do not like them, and I will not buy them.
            I will not like them in a house, I will not like them with a mouse, I will not buy them on a plane, I will not buy them on a train…
            It seems to be the consensus that GW is trying to review an unpopular system by providing free rules, etc., then Terminator prices for “zero” point figures?
            Does that make sense as a consumer?

          • MPSwift

            Considering there is no point system looking at the models on a point per £/$ is probably the wrong way of going about it as that is always going to be a poor comparison.

            Yes, they are priced as terminators but perhaps the game (when we get the scenarios etc) is set up to be played more at terminator-like numbers? The Sigmarites are the elite of the elite, odds are they’re going to be fewer in number which would fit with the pricing model that GW has used in the past for WFB; the more of a model you need the less it will cost per box (read: Core Choices – exempting the latter rounds of dark elf witches and the like… not sure how that got priced that high…). Hence why special and rare choices were always more per model. If that logic still holds then the Sigmarites will be an army of a few good men at which point a starter set and maybe 1 or 2 more boxes will do you.

            Alternatively, if the above isn’t true then build a small, elite army of Sigmarites for about 100-150 quid and always go for the sudden death victories (heroic last stands against the ravening hordes, a breakthrough all or nothing mission where you have to small through a narrow section of your opponents lines or an assassination mission to take out one key individual).

            Again, I think the scenarios are going to be key to understanding this game. Once the community knows what it’s playing for (objectives etc) then the rest may well fall into place :).

          • false-emperor

            So, $ verses power in game?
            Instead of $ verses points?
            100-150 quid for an “untested” force in an non-play-tested-point-less game? (pun intended on pointless)
            We will have to wait and see how the game mechanics work out, fingers crossed here.

          • Xodis

            GW has always been synonymous with expensive. Not sure what anyone expected.

  • Zerthin

    Damn. At first I thought “pricey as hell” but then I checked last few released models prices and I was surprised. Did GW LOWER the prices? (Not dice shaker or gauge thingy though – they’re pure vanity items and shouldn’t be counted).

    • Cannibalbob

      $33 for a clam-pack single character. $50 for a unit box. $75 for a hardback book.

      Not sure I see where the prices are lower. Did I miss something?

      • Cropduster

        Those characters end up being around $70 in New Zealand. When I saw the price last time I thought GW had made a mistake and emailed them about it.

        • Cannibalbob

          You deserve those higher prices because your toilet bowl swirls in the opposite direction when you flush.

          You disgust me sir.

          • nurglespuss

            Shh that’s a myth 😛

          • AircoolUK

            You mean it swirls over the top rather than going down?

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            thats why they have kangaroos, so they can use the pouches.

          • Marky

            Nope it’s your one that goes the wrong way. Also AOS was a winter release 🙂

          • Da Masta Cheef

            lol, on reading your comment I almost sprayed my tea across my desk & keyboard!

        • ejvter

          At these prices, Helloooo 3-D printers!!

      • Erik Setzer

        I think the Khorne Randomnames and Nurgle Blightkings were $55 for 5, but they also had so many parts you could darn near build extras.

        • Amenephis

          I believe the name you are looking for is “Khorne Bloodblooders”.

      • georgelabour

        new Infinity hard cover set is over 80 bucks if you wish to keep it in perspective.

        Battletech core rules books are forty to fifty five bucks each and there’s over 6 of those right now.

        • Cannibalbob

          Infinity will also let you download all the rules for free if you want and they actually put effort into writing them.

          • georgelabour

            GW will also let you download the age of sigmar rules for free, and they did put effort into writing them no matter what unoriginal bits of someone else’s opinion others regurgitate.

          • ZeeLobby

            Bahahaha, best joke today. I guarantee we later find out the AoS rules were never modified from when they were written on a napkin at the pub…

          • georgelabour

            At this point I’m going to take Mark Tawin’s advice on handling certain kinds of arguments.

    • AircoolUK

      No way did they lower their prices… For the price of the starter set, you get 12.5 Stormcast Eternals. Ouch!

      At £20 they would have been great. At £25 they would have been meh, at £30 I’m thinking Naga Please.

      Then again, their at the same price point as Terminators, but anyone new to the hobby is going to balk at the price.

      Should have gone with £25.

      • Ben_S

        Termies are £28, Putrid Blightkings are £33.50, Blood Angel Termies are £35.

        In that context, the price isn’t too bad.

        • AircoolUK

          I agree… but new game and new players. Could have thrown them a bone.

          • Xodis

            I agree, but GW has always been expensive. Luckily we have internet scalpers with 20-25% discounts everywhere lol

  • AircoolUK

    Nooooo… not multipart kits. I hate all that ‘glue hand to gun arm whilst gluing both arms to shoulders’ stuff.

    I know. I’m lazy, but I grew up with metal mini’s.

    • Slaanesh_Devotee

      Buy Blu-tac, or your regional equivalent.

      • AircoolUK

        Nah, I’ve just surgically grafted a few octopus tentacles onto my chin.

        • Slaanesh_Devotee

          Oh you went with the soft option.

          Well that works too, I suppose~

  • Slaanesh_Devotee

    If Slaanesh thwarts Tyrion’s efforts and metamorphoses into something even more powerful as a result, causing Sigmar much anguish and gnashing of teeth…

    Then on a selfish personal level I will be extremely elated for myself and Slaanesh, but I will also spare a thought for poor ol’ Vela and BoLS.

    I know how desperately they’ve always wanted to see the back of Slaanesh for some time now, and I will observe a minute’s silence in honour of their profound and devastating misery.

    • Spacefrisian

      So erm when do we start the “save the Slaanesh campaign” maybe we can get Greenpeace or some animal saving thingie to help out.

    • benn grimm

      I won’t, I’ll be too busy dancing in a provocative manner in joyful celebration…;)

    • nurglitch

      I’m guessing the new symbol is a less generic symbol for Slaanesh.

    • Andrew

      May the Dark Prince devour their souls as they writhe in ecstatic torment.

  • Oza

    It hasn’t been posted but new emperor’s children character en route from FW.

    • Aezeal

      Nice stormcast eternal special character 😀

      • Oza

        Yeah sorry about that. Thought it was news worthy, apparently you can’t post news on here.

        • CoffeeGrunt

          I think they posted him in an Open Day roundup a few days ago. It’s Eidolon.

        • Erik Setzer

          I don’t this it was a criticism of you so much as a joke about how Stormcast Eternals look like Space Marines.

        • benn grimm

          Thank you, I was genuinely starting to get 40k news withdrawal.. Looks awesome 🙂

    • petrow84

      Ewww, looks like a playboy bunny with those sily ears… oh wait, that explains Slaanesh’s interest…

    • Stan

      Do they worship the horned rat?

    • Andrew

      I like that helmet, but I was pretty fond of that Bishōhnen haircut the bare head had in the other picture.

  • Ben_S

    “the opening chapter of an adventure that will last you a lifetime”

    I wonder whether they’ll be replacing this within 4 years then…

    • Erik Setzer

      Yeah, um, Warhammer came out after I was born (granted, not that many years, I’m not THAT old), and it’s now gone, so that’s a promise they can’t really hold to, even with a game they named stores after and got their start with.

      • Ben_S

        Actually, I’m surprised that they’re not describing AoS as the latest chapter in the Warhammer adventure. I wouldn’t put it past them to do so, even though it would seem to contradict calling AoS an opening chapter.

        • benn grimm

          Except they sorta kinda are, with the fluff and the novel which ties the end times into age of sigmar and suggests its a continuation of the old story, despite the new being obviously a reboot elsewhere in time n space, plus the carrying over of certain characters and concepts, 8 winds of magic, chaos, sigmar (though not the sigmar who ever existed before) etc…

        • MPSwift

          I see it sort of like David Eddings works: the old world, fantasy 8th ed was the Belgariad while AoS is Mallereon. They’re linked and even have the same characters (and, admittedly the same setting but you’ll forgive me for the sake of comparison I’m sure) but the stories follow different people, in a different time and against a different threat.

          As an aside, well worth a read if you haven’t already 🙂

    • Ajeje_Brazorf

      i bet within two

  • DeusXenith

    30 pounds for 5 guys that come in units of unlimited models?

    Count me out.

    • AircoolUK

      I don’t think they’ll have unlimited numbers with the warscrolls that come with the models. After all, there’s upgrades, where you can take x weapon for each y models. Just like Space Marines special and heavy weapons.

      The warscrolls in the boxed set are specifically for use with the box, similar to how the datasheet worked in Dark Vengeance.

      • DeusXenith

        x weapons for y models does not place a limit on the number of models in a unit! Fantasy has always been x+ models per unit.

        • MPSwift

          Right but I’m not sure I understand your original argument? AoS is being billed as a game that works at varying scales, if you want to run a unit of 40 Eternals you can do… or you could run a unit of 5. Also, as AircoolUK says, the new ones might be more limited. The current warscrolls we have are to let people use the new rules with old minis and armies which are built to the sizes of WFB so imposing a 10-20 model cap on a unit would likely have irritated people used to running units of 40+.

          • DeusXenith

            8th ed got crazy with the prices, and benefitted players with large blocks of troops.

            Here, basic troops are over 5 pounds each, and still provide greater benefit in greater numbers.

            They are repeating the same problems.

          • MPSwift

            That’s assuming that the new warscrolls follow the unlimited approach of the “8th ed conversion” ones. And even if they do, scenarios and the like may put caps on things as it is looking more and more like a scenario driven game. For an out-and-out slug fest to the death, yeah, maybe it’s going to be an issue but from what I’ve been reading it appears that it is far more a small scale game where you don’t need as many of the same item, allowing for more diverse collections.

            Also, now that melee weapons have a range rather than “my block fights your block” and you only get a 3″ pile in move larger units may end up hampered by their size. Kill enough of them and they end up back out of the 3″ combat range and you can then counter charge them and strike first. Being locked in combat appears to be gone, anyone can disengage in the movement phase through a retreat move, if that big scary unit is coming for you then take a load of missile troops/skirmishers and don’t let them get close enough to charge…

        • Erik Setzer

          “Fantasy has always been x+ models per unit.”

          No, it has not. I can grab multiple army books off the shelf right now that are x-y models per unit.

          • false-emperor

            How many Slayers in a unit in 7e, 8e?

          • DeusXenith

            Really? As all mine are 10+ for more elite armies, and 20+ models for stuff like Skaven and Zombies.

            I’m sure there are some limited examples of units that are capped at a number of models.

        • AircoolUK

          So far, all the Warscrolls we’ve seen for new units only relate to the starter set.

          For example, we know that Stormcast Eternals can have a special weapon (like a big hammer) for every five models in the unit. You can also choose to equip your models with a combination of hammers, swords and shields.

          Non of these options are shown in the AoS boxed set warscrolls, so we can’t rely on those warscrolls for unit building rules.

      • Erik Setzer

        No, no, no. Stop.

        We just got done with this claim on “there’s only no points because it’s just the ones in the box, which never have points” and “the rules are only 4 pages because they’re the rules in the box and those are always small.”

        Warscrolls for pretty much every unit – unit, not monster or character or war machine – allow unlimited models. That’s a thing. Just like no points, and a 4-page rulebook being all the rules.

        • AircoolUK

          But we don’t know if the new warscrolls for the models coming out this weekend have a limit on unit size. They have rules for equipping different weapons and having a special weapon per 5 models, so there may be a model cap as well.

          • AircoolUK

            Stormcast Eternal Liberators also have a minimum unit size of 5.

  • Charon

    Ohh…. look it is Space Marines versus Chaos Space Marines!

    • AircoolUK


    • euansmith

      That’s wrong… when I used to play 40k it was usually Loyalist Space Marines vs Loyalist Space Marines… no wonder the Imperium is in a bad way.

      • false-emperor

        It was a “Hologram,” your opponent paid the points, remember…

      • Charon

        Taht picture is clearly a Blood AngelSanguinary Guard fighting a Bunny ear Khorne Berzerker.

  • vlad78

    That’s the new 40k, after the fall of the Imperium, space marines fight with primitive weapons.

  • false-emperor

    Cost prohibitive, even just the starter only, even if rules are free.
    Once again, terrain is needed.
    Is it still played on a 4’x6′ table, then FLGS will be torn between allowing two players on the same space as 6 MTG players, 4 warmahordes players, etc. (or two 40K players).
    Opponents needed, yet to be seen, and maybe Interwebs needed to search out/find local opponents, maybe?
    We, as good consumers, should wait at least a year to see how the trials, play-testing, and development goes, but 10e could drop by then…

    • georgelabour

      To be fair at least those two players are less likely to run off other customers with their smell than compared to the other options.

      And that IS something a lot of games stores take into consideration when deciding where to put certain groups of gamers.

      • AircoolUK

        You don’t say 🙂

        Other half won’t even walk into a GW store because of the stink.

        • georgelabour

          Well you know some people just can’t stand being outside the smog ridden miasma of the big city. I imagine it’s the same for the type of folks you just mentioned. 😛

      • false-emperor

        rofl, milk came out my nose, the heck you say!

    • AircoolUK

      You don’t buy into that ‘GW only terrain’ crap do you?

      • false-emperor

        lol, no, but the point was players will still need terrain; and piled up books and red solo cups upside down is not what the game is designed for, lol…

  • A Black Knight

    In regards to slanesh. This heresy is multi faceted and deadly.
    The idea that a chaos god could be defeated by mortals, and in a more than crippling and temporary phyrric victory is insane. Slanesh exists in innumerable realities simultaneously, with near omnipotence in most, including the warp. To imply otherwise is obviously a heretic attempt to ease the minds of the otherwise alert and vigilant.
    if GW intends to mess with one of the few constants in their universe that have defined rules, that is blasphemy before the Canon. And this isn’t the normal “he said she said” or “from a certain point of view” this isn’t like when Draigo smashed his way through the warp, or how the templars “don’t hate witches” . It would be like saying that instead of the emperor acting as important historical focus in our history, hes actually just the Christian god. Not the inspiration, not an allegorical avatar, it’s just him ( or rather Him) with no explanation or reason to justify it.

    • A Black Knight

      Actually, what if I where optimistic for a moment and we see a campaign in 40k that implies that the Eldar god of death has risen and went to smash slanesh in the warp? Tying both universes through the shared warp and cross multiverse warp shenanigans could be interesting if handled well.

      • Autumnlotus

        I would call deus ex machina and proceed to flip the proverbial table

      • izmerul

        this is sarcasm right?

    • Andrew Thomas

      You mean Krishna’s final Avatar, right?

  • James Eggers

    5 Liberators for $50 (US). Makes that $4 WD last week seem like a bargain since it contained 1.

    • Ben_S

      But the starter set models aren’t worth as much as the multi-part kits. I’ve already seen starter models at £10 for 5 on eBay, which is better than £2.40 for one (unless you actually want the magazine).

    • A Legalist

      ya no duh. Makes the fantasy boxes of ten figs for 50 look cheep.

  • xxvaderxx

    What happened to the GW does not need to listen to customers article?.

    • A Legalist

      Nope. GW never listens.

  • An embarrassment of hammers and sword?

    You mean an embarrassment of value right gw?

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      just take the backpacks of and Voila, cheap Sigmarines!

  • TylerGibson

    So is the big book new rules or is it a very over priced fluff book with the same 4 pages of rules

  • Corey Bailey

    This is grerat and all , but what about the nurgle wood elf teaser in the back of last weeks white dwarf? did I misunderstand that?

  • false-emperor

    Exactly This!

  • ThorOdinson

    Tell me again all about how Age of Sigmar is lowering price of entry… when their first unit box is 5 guys for $50.

  • Amenephis

    So does anyone actually know what’s going to be in this book, that isn’t in the free downloads or the starter box book?

  • Michael Snyder

    My guess on what is in that big book is lots of fluff and scenarios, maybe info on special rules for the terrain coming out. I also wonder if it is the same info that is in the soft back book in the starter set.

    EDIT: never mind, I just saw that the starter book is 96 pages, and this hardback is over 200

  • Robert Duke Newnham

    the other chaos gods sent him to rehab 😀