GW Rumors: End of Summer Schedule


It looks like Games Workshop may be planning a bag of Summer treats for fans of BOTH systems before Autumn.  Here’s the latest:

via birds in the trees 7-20-2015

– As mentioned, August holds Chaos terrain kits and Khorne minis.

– Look for a Khorne set of Blood Warriors with more weapon options.

– Look for 1-2 Khorne clampack characters.

– Into September look for a second Campaign book featuring Skaven, Dwarfs, Elfs, Tzeentch.

– Tzeentch will get a handful of new kits.

– There will be a very short 40K Tzeentch release window alongside the kits.

– Summer is rounded out by more Age of Sigmar racial kits then back to 40K for Fall.

Now add that on top of yesterday’s set and a clearer picture starts to form:

via birds in the trees 7-18-2015

– August will focus almost entirely on Chaos

– Look for Chaos themed terrain

– New Khorne boxed sets to build off of what is in the AoS boxed set – basically the Khorne version of the Stormcast Eternal kits we’ve seen these past few weeks.

– Look for Tzeentch to make appearance at the tail end of August

– Tzeentch is said to getting lavish attention this year in both Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000.  Whispers of the new all plastic Lord of Change abound.


Age of Sigmar Roundup


~ Hmm, last time Khorne got a lot of minis releases alongside End Times: Archaon, GW dropped Deamonkin:Khorne on the 40K community out of nowhere. Are you thinking history may repeat itself?

  • Autumnlotus

    ….it sounds like this article is literally copy pasting what it just mentioned in the previous article like it was new info

    • Matt

      Gotta keep that GW hype going somehow here at Bell of Loving Sigmar.

  • James Morgan

    Exactly Autumnlotus. Anyone with half of a brain knows Chaos stuff is coming along with Chaos scenery. The pics aren’t hidden anywhere. And once again, this is not a schedule. It’s just rambling. A schedule would let me know when I need to get that $99 for the cool Chaos scenery.

  • gordon ashacker

    Hey! I have a new rumor too! In August there will be a bunch of new Chaos stuff for AoS! They will be kind of like Eternals!

    • hamilton geyser

      you just made the rumor more solid! It must be true!

      • gordon ashacker

        Good point Hamilton. You know, that brings up a thought. I followed these AoS rumors for the past several months and I have to say, with the exception of Hastings, they have mainly been a complete load of crap……

        • hamilton geyser

          yeah up until the week before the release, they were almost entirely false.

    • crusader284

      Well some random dude on the internet said it, so it must be true 😀

      • And another one repeated it which gives some credits!

      • HOAX ALERT! Because you should believe everything you see on the interwebs until BoLS points out that the craziest rumors might not be true.

    • Spacefrisian

      Hmm Eternals, sounds like Ethereals…those are Tau, so i up one to your rumour and it will be revealed that the new Sigmar guys are actually Tau in a new type of battle suit.

  • Mordrot

    I’m hopping for a free people’s release, it’s the one race that might be a drastic aesthetic change and the old models might not be representative since they are reinessance esqe

    • gordon ashacker

      What you will probably get, is more Sigmarines……

  • Samuel Sanchez

    These are guesses not rumours.

    • Melchior

      Rumours are merely repeating soneone else’s guesses in a convincing fashion. Facts are optional

      • Chris Maile

        Exactly. A rumour that turns out to be true was still a rumour when it was said. And if it turns out to be false it was still a rumour when it was said. People seem to confuse the word rumour with leaks. They are not synonymous!

        • What the Hell

          Still, rumours and guesses aren not synonymous either.

          Usually, a good way to distinquish the two is the track record of the source.

          Anything with BoLS / Bird in the Trees involved clearly does not qualify as “rumour”.

  • COsteve

    I feel like Khorne alone has gotten more new models in the last year than some entire armies, including both flavors of Admech.

  • Kenneth Portner

    What are “racial kits”?

    • V10_Rob

      Something to trigger the SJWs.

    • Mathew G. Smith

      I’m guessing elves and dwarves from the contents of the campaign book. Skaven too if they aren’t in the general Chaos push.

      I hate there’s no SJW backlash, I’m openly bigoted against elves and a proud Dwarf Power advocate so that would be really awkward.

      • Ben

        That’s racist!

      • Kenneth Portner

        And what is “SJW”? Why the hell can’t you all speak in plain English?

        • Mathew G. Smith

          SJW is an acronym for Social Justice Warriors. It started as a dig at people going on long and irrelevant rants on the topic of social justice, or more often a simplified parody of same, while opposing or at least not aiding any concrete attempts to improve those problems beyond whining online (similar to slacktivist). However, it was then picked up by bigots of various stripes and applied to everyone that isn’t them. The Gamergate movement’s (or at least the more famous lunatic fringe of it ) mass application of the term against anyone and everyone who wasn’t them discredited the term in general use, and non-sarcastic use of it is now a good sign you’re dealing with either a child or someone who genuinely thinks being nice to people is a personality flaw.
          My comment was a joke on this current usage and v10_Rob’s comment, with the humor meant to be that I was fully aware of being the bad guy due to the racism towards a fictional species being displayed and just didn’t want to be called out on it, mixed with a reference towards the classic elf-dwarf rivalry.

          • V10_Rob

            That you have to explain that you’re joking speaks volumes about those perpetually indignant keyboard commandos. SJWs ruin everything, because they spend their lives looking for things to be offended by (personally, or by proxy). Not real racism of course, that’s too mainstream; they hunt hidden (read: imagined) hatred, such as your jest about Elves and Dwarfs.

          • Muninwing

            see, most of the people i’ve encountered who use the term “SJW” are actually kinda racist, and don;t like to be called on it… so they deflect onto anyone who even so much understands the difference between racism and prejudice (usually because they, in positions of power, don’t like to be told that their racism is worse than the prejudices aimed back at them).

            it’s a stupid term, much like people who use the phrase “race card” to preempt other people’s anger at their racist statements, or people who say “no offense, but…” before saying something really offensive, meaning that it’s the other person’s fault for taking it wrong instead of theirs for knowing it was wrong to say (or they wouldn’t have used the catchphrase) and then saying it anyway.

            in that it’s also like the idea of being “politically correct” — it’s an idea that came out of an obscure philosopher from the extreme left in the 60s or 70s, trying to reduce everyone to generalities to preempt racism (and his ideas were widely rejected by his compatriots)… but the real spread of the term came from extreme-right pundits (people like rush limbaugh) who made exaggerated claims about the idea, used it to ridicule their opponents, and in reality most of the people affected by it in practice were only offended because it meant that they couldn’t openly use racial slurs.

            amazing what happens when someone uses the “bully’s defense” — turning the fault for an injury done by them back on the receiver, then claiming it’s their fault for being too sensitive or that they can’t take a joke.

          • Mathew G. Smith

            I actually only explained it for the sake of cultural translation, for the benefit of the OP who wasn’t familiar with the term. “I am, in fact, stating a racist position and would be upset and feign the moral high ground if called on it” is not what I would call subtle satire.

  • Marky

    Why am I still reading this stuff, gw don’t make warhammer any more 🙂

    • georgelabour

      Funny. they have two games with the words Warhammer right on the cover of pretty much every product involved in those games.

      Also two subsidiary companies producing both models, novels, and even audio dramas for aforementioned games with the words Warhammer used throughout.

      • Xodis

        Dont forget the 3rd party RPG that’s allowed by a purchased license from GW!

      • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

        You are right he probably didn’t know that

      • Michael Gerardi

        You can call a pig a pigeon, but that won’t make it fly.

        • georgelabour

          Declaring a pigeon to be a pig doesn’t remove its wings.

          Though if you voluntarily enter a state of delusional psychosis it’s probably possible to believe it does. But that seems like a lot of effort just to make yourself feel vindicated.

  • Boondox

    The Magic Eightball says “You may rely on it”. Who needs BoLS?

  • Agent OfBolas

    Who needs Khorne models? In wh40k it sucks hard, in WHFB…. well, there is no WHFB…

    • James Mcclennan

      plastic flesh hounds would be nice. They made one for that lord dude

  • Sander Posthouwer

    Dear BOLS, shouldn’t you better change the name into Bell of lost positives? I’m rather new on this site and i like the articles but when you start reading the comments etc. all my enthousiasm for the hobby drains away. I’ve been reading and posting on a lot of other websites but i’ve rarely seen so much of hobby bashing as on this website. Looks like a lot of people are frustrated about their hobby and like to take as many as possible people with them in their negativity. I’m a former gameshop owner and have seen lot’s of negative responses when anaother version of a game came out. I’ve seen it with D&D ( 3rd to 4th ed), seen it in WHFB 7th to 8th, the new 40K version etc etc. But it never was as negative as now on this forums.
    I really hope that people will find the joy of playing tabletop games again and be happy that there are a lot of options these days to choose from and no one will tell you what to like and what you MUST or MUSN”T play.
    Just keep on gaming..

    • Carnelian

      You’ve not been at Warseer recently if you think bols is negative!

      • The GW general threads are gold.

    • BoLS has one of the most toxic communities I’ve ever seen. It’s up there with LoL in that regard, except that the mods here don’t see a need to do anything about it.

      Don’t assume that the attitudes here are wholly reflective of the larger community. Remember that, however much of a community hub this place it, it really represents only a tiny fraction of the entire TTGamer population, and isn’t a terribly representative group at that.

      Some of us try to stay positive and constructive, but that can be difficult, thanks to both the rest of the community and, to some extent, the companies themselves.

    • spacemonk

      SHUT UP YA FACE!!!

    • Michael Gerardi

      Actually, many FLGS owners refuse to allow play with previous versions of games, or of unsupported games. GW itself is particularly egregious in this respect. Furthermore, due to GW’s unfortunate success in conditioning far too many of its customers to play ONLY the latest editions of supported games, it is difficult to find Oldhammer games.

      So, a LOT of people tell us what we MUSTN’T play, and they have the ability to back it up. This underlies a lot of the anti-GW sentiment you see on BoLS, IMO (mine included).

      • Porty1119

        That sort of mentality (from a business perspective, if you’re buying models from the FLGS, store staff shouldn’t give a rat’s taint what particular iteration of a ruleset you use) should drive folks to arrange games online, form or join clubs, and generally go back to garage gaming with whatever they want to play. From what I’ve gathered, a lot of FLGS’ WH40K communities have severely dried up, so you aren’t missing a whole lot by playing elsewhere anymore. Do what suits you; that’s the point of a HOBBY.

        • false-emperor

          arrange games online? why not just play online video games instead at that point, how much time and effort should players need to invest to just “play a game?”
          join what club, where?
          go back to garage gaming? whaaaa that is a teeny tiny demographic of players.
          yes, 40k and whfb have dried up at flgs, and will dry up even more with AoS, that is the point.

      • I’m not a WBattle player but you may want to wait a bit. See the states of Specialist Games community. Games have been discontinued but you can find great community, updated rules, …

      • false-emperor

        this exactly this

    • hamilton geyser

      Welcome to the internet? Is this your first time visiting?

  • What the Hell

    40K HOAX Alert!!!

    Everyone calm down – there is a known prankster out there causing trouble. Here’s what we know.

    BoLS / Bird in the Trees has been claiming Tzeentch releases in some form for over a year now.

    As you can imagine this is swirling around the net and causing a lot of panic, handwringing and anxiety.

    It’s still a Hoax, just like all BoLS rumours. Move along.

  • Spacefrisian

    Tzeentch gets so much attention this year, that half of it has already past and we still havent seen much of Tzeentch, we did see other stuff instead.

  • Retconned Legion

    Hopefully we’ll see some of the AoS dwarfs, a new slayer kit would be great.

  • deuce1984

    Can we start some sort of “Bring Back Slaanesh” grassroots effort? I really hate seeing that horned rat (which is essentially all the other gods put together in a lesser degree). I mean, if you are going to represent the full gambit of evil thoughts or sins etc, you need the pride and lust elements.

    • An_Enemy

      The kids that can’t afford GW product need to be protected from things like lust and directed towards more positive aspects of the hobby. Like Khorne. Blood for the blood god, after all.