3 Ways To Deal With Jerks in 40k

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Pimpcron lays out your options when dealing with Jerk-faces.

Greetings Earthlings! The World’s Smoothest Operator, Pimpcron is back! This week I want to discuss dealing with “the bad people” of 40k.

First off, let’s get things straight. I am a casual player and not a power gamer; but that aside, I am not talking exclusively about power gamers. Power Gamers may be the first group that casual people think about when they see people acting beardy in our hobby. But in reality, the whole Casual and Power styles are just philosophies and not personalities. I have enjoyed games against power gamers and been miserable with fluff players. It all depends on your opponent’s attitude, not always what he takes in his list.

So you are matched up in a game with someone who is a total rube. How do you handle it? Here are the things I’ve done; they range from hilarious fun to unleashing your beast on them.

Trolling the Haters

I have played many people who take the game way too seriously and literally suck the fun right out of the room. I mean the flowers in the vase went limp and a dark cloud hovered over our gaming table. I brought in a clown to lighten the mood and he committed suicide. No laughs, no joking, no smiles. To this type of person, the strategy (and probably winning) is paramount to their very existence. And they have no room for your fun-loving shenanigans and will shoot you down faster than a failed Grounded check if you ask to verify one of their rules. Getting bitchy if you get a rule wrong, being smug when they are right, and overall just making the game a chore. So what do you do?

Well my strategy of choice is to literally throw strategy out the window and troll my opponent. Cheat, distract him, ask him stupid questions. Literally just troll him until my heart’s content. “But Pimpcron, how old are you? Eight? That’s pretty childish.” I hear you say. Well my theory behind this strategy is thus: literally the only reason why I started playing this game was because I wanted to make new friends and have fun hanging out. Some of you might say that I am now having fun at his expense, but I say he was having “fun” at mine. This is a social game and your opponent’s experience is half your responsibility to make sure it’s good. But when someone comes in who has no regard for your fun they need to be trolled. Sorry.

Bell-of-Lost-Souls-Troll-Article-by-Brent01Not really the troll I was talking about.

Now having said that, only one or two players I have every played against meet the requirements for me to do this, but boy has it turned my mood around when I have to do it. Suddenly playing them isn’t a chore at all because we’re not even playing the same game. I’m there trying to make it miserable for them to play me so that they avoid me, and they are trying to win against a crazy person who doesn’t care if he wins. Now even as fun as this strategy can be against a fun-sucking jerk, it pales in comparison to the next one.

Crush Their Soul

The list of people I have employed this strategy on is about four times bigger than the last group of douches. These are a small group of people I have met that have truly earned my ire. Once again, these people have no regard for your fun and think they are generally better at the game than they actually are. So what do you do? Beat the living hell out of them.

My group of friends and I make a few trips each winter to a city a couple of hours away where they have several gaming stores that play 40k. It’s fun, refreshing, and good exercise to play a fresh batch of people you don’t normally play. One game in particular had a pretty cheesy player that was so beardy with his Leaf Blower army that my friend conceded after turn one of their game. I’m pretty sure this guy’s name was Sir Douche Baggington; smug, arrogant, and completely remorseless. So I watched a bit of their game and saw how he was acting to my very congenial friend. I saw his weaknesses and made a Necron list to kick in his teeth for being a jerk. After their game was finished (which didn’t take long) I quickly came up to him and asked him if he wanted to play. I told him I already had a list at the correct points and was ready to start deploying. I was urging him to just keep his list and not knowing what I was bringing or how angry I was, he agreed.

super-punch-outFor when you wish you could just do this.

At the end beginning of turn three, most of my army is in his backfield, and half of his army is gone. Suddenly he looks at his watch and says he has to go. Even now I feel a surge of pride at making him tuck his tail and run after doing unspeakable things to my friend. Everybody in my group saw him flee and the look on his face was priceless. It’s actually a story my group still talks about once in a while and one of my proudest moments in this hobby. I know this also sounds childish and that I shouldn’t be vindictive over a stupid game, but the feeling of avenging my friend feels too good to stamp it down with reason and adulthood-induced logic.

Make a Rivalry Out of It

This last one is similar to the one above, but with a serious twist. You take a good old fashioned butt kicking and add some WWE flair. If you have a person in your gaming group that thinks they are hot stuff on the gaming table and is an all-around jerk face, have some fun with them and make a rivalry.

I just really enjoy playing the game and having fun with my friends. The only time I bring tough lists is when they are taking one, maybe by accident if I didn’t know how good a unit was. I like balanced games where strategy is most important and I enjoy joking around and not taking it too seriously. That is, until an asshole comes along.

transferOne of those is actually fleeing but can’t get away.

We had a new player join our group one time, and he seemed okay to talk to at first. I knew he was a noob so I took a really soft Nids list to help him learn the game. I told him up front that he would murder me but I would do my best. Well, go figure, he murdered me like I predicted. But did we have a laugh? Did we enjoy our game? Nope. He rubbed it in my face every time I lost a model and was down-right gloating at the fact that he was clearing me off the table. He started just taking my models off the board when they died without asking me. Well that little shadow of a doubt that I give everybody just up and left. I saw this guy for who he was and decided to challenge him to a second game that night. High off of his win he just had, he agreed.

I then proceeded to wipe him off the table with a new list. Now you may be thinking I didn’t tell him certain rules etcetera because he’s a noob and I wanted to win, but that is not the case. It would have cheapened my win. So when he was deploying his Marines I mentioned several times that when my Mawloc comes in, he will want to spread out because of this and that reason. I fully disclosed everything to him so that I knew he wouldn’t be blind-sided. This, my friends, is another one of my favorite memories of playing this game out of spite. Haha.Brandon Scott hits a top rope crossbody on Hax Bandito at the December 14 Vanguard Championship Wrestling event in Norfolk, VA.

You can do it without the tights though. Most of us shouldn’t be wearing tights.

So long story short, I have hunted him down every chance I get like a predator and made sure he knew who he was a dick to. He completely avoids playing me now because I only beat him. He isn’t part of my regular group, he comes and goes. But every chance I get, I call dibs on playing him. And he backs down. Is this childish? Yup. Should I be bigger than this? Yup. But sometimes you meet those people that just grind your gears and it is the most satisfying thing in the world to crush them. I wouldn’t do this if he were part of our regular gaming group because it would cause too much drama I think.

I don’t actually hate the guy, but it is fun to be able to drop the kid gloves whenever I see him. In almost every game I ever play, I like the person I’m playing against so I don’t want them to dislike playing the game. So I always try to be a good sport and play fair. But it is a nice change to make a rivalry with someone because it lets the blood get pumping.

Read my article Cheating To Lose to find some of the tips I use in making gaming fair for friends of different ability levels.

How do you deal with jerks?

Want to witness my slow descent into madness first-hand? Check out my blog at www.diceforthedicegod.com

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  • Andrew

    This article was really awesome. It fits for any game really.

  • denzark

    So, in summary, you are a list-tailoring sociopath.

    • zeno666

      Haha, thats exactly what I got out of this article as well.

    • BeneathALeadMountain

      Please don’t succumb to lazy hollywood pop psychology just because APD’s are an easy target. It makes me angry (see what I did there) it’s ok though because I’m a planner not a rager: which makes me a …………? 😉

    • If by that one example you can extrapolate every one of my 70+ 40k games I play per year. Sure. How can you lift such a broad brush you’re painting with?

    • Shiwan8

      Sociopaths are antisocial by default, normal people are antisocial to people who tick them off.

  • Thunderchild

    Though I would never actively pick on a player, (after all it just a game) there are certain players whom have a degree of vengeance coming their way.
    We have an xwing player who takes the most rotten lists every time he turns up. No one enjoys playing him, and his attitude is aweful.
    I played him at an event and destroyed his super tooled tie phantom with the cheapest ship in the game, the mighty Z95. He conceded 10mins into an hour long game.
    A concede I refused and made him play the remaining 50min, just to watch him squirm.
    He’s still aweful to play, but everyone enjoys reminding him of my victory.

  • JB

    Over-generalization of gamers – check
    Obnoxious attitude – check
    Cute pic to tempt passers-by – check
    Empty feeling upon finishing the article – check

    Cue the hate.

    • zeno666


    • Old zogwort

      Hate leads to polarised comments, polarised comments lead to heated discussions, heated discussions lead to lots of views.

      • Shawn

        and lots of views lead to the dark side.

    • Confused blog article writer because he had no idea he was supposed to fulfill you in some way- check.

  • Damistar

    I enjoyed your article very much. Wish I was a better player so I could reliably use these methods. I usually rely on my friends to avenge me with these players.

  • The Auticus method of handling jerks:

    I don’t play games with them. Or socialize with them in general.

    Aint no one got time for that!

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      yep, no need to be mean, that just models to them that bad behaviour is acceptable. Just don’t play them again.

    • You shoulda linked the YouTube clip of that woman lol

    • Valeli

      That’s the best. One and done.

      Cheat/being obnoxious/etc on purpose…. you sort of preemptively acknowledge that and say that despite appearances it’s not childish in the article, but it really is.

  • Old zogwort

    Confirmed your play style matches your articles…

    The real solution would be to be nice to them, most of the time its just a mutual miss understanding or the result of an annoyance you did not notice.

    If that doesn’t work or the match isn’t really fun at all, try to avoid conflict by playing nice. Make the game as good as it is going to get, don’t waste time arguing. Don’t bicker on rules, let him have his dubious cover saves, measure and declare what you need for movement before you roll and don’t mind doing stuff that really doesn’t effect the result of the game.

    If that doesn’t work well at least you tried and just don’t invite the player again for a game.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      this is my tactic. Make the game really fun for them. Be polite, it will make them feel bad for their misbehaviour and show them that you don’t have to be an @ss-hat to play 40K.

      Ultimately types of behaviour are catching, if you behave how you’d like other people to behave you can exert an influence on the culture of a whole gaming group. Suggesting fluffy game ideas etc etc, deliberately mismatched forces where one side cannot win etc etc. Anything to get people out of the hyper competitive mindset.

    • I see what you mean, but in real life I have to accept mean customers, ignorant employees, stupid people at large, and always take it on the chin because to speak out would only hurt me in the long run. This is a game, and I do this for fun. When someone is being ignorant, I’m under no obligation to baby them and hold their hand. I smash their face because there are no real consequences to doing that. It’s a game.

      • Christian Taft

        I deal with jerks and ignorant people all the time at work as well, I’m sure most people who play this game do too. But that doesn’t mean I feel like I should troll the people that bother me. I just don’t play them. I don’t have enough time or patience to make somebody else gaming time miserable. Nor do I gain any enjoyment from it

        • Guess we’re different! I think that just avoiding playing against them is weak if they are a jerk. I don’t back down from anyone who has an attitude. And surprisingly I am an extremely easy going person. People tell me all the time, “We have the best games!” because I try to make it fun. But not if they are a dick.

      • Shawn

        You’re also under no obligation to play them or act like a jerk. Your article is essentially a justification of why it’s okay to be a jerk (four letter expletive) to another player. A simple talking to and/or talk to to the other player could solve all the animosity/problems/ misunderstandings. You say it’s just a game, but if you’re acting like a jerk, then it’s more than just a game for you, it’s a tool for revenge.

        • You are right. I have no tolerance for jerks. Be a jerk, I become one. Luckily my whole gaming group are great people.

    • Btw, what does the first sentence mean?

  • Tynskel

    You forgot the big one: Don’t play with them. Refuse. Tell judge you want a new opponent.

    • JJ

      I’m just curious. Where is it ok for someone to tell a judge that you want a new opponent? That dynamic would change how tournaments are played real quick!

      • Yeah, u would have 6 vets all fighting to play the noob..

      • Tynskel

        What happens is the player gets kicked out of the tournament.

    • Shiwan8

      You can tell the judge that you want a new opponent? Wow, never seen that one.

      • Tynskel

        uh yeah, if you know the guy is a liar and a cheat. How else do you get people kicked out of a tournament?

        • Shiwan8

          So, before you have any proof you just go to a judge, point a finger at someone and say “he/she cheats”, they get kicked out and you get a new opponent?

          • Tynskel

            Known cheats, dude.

          • Shiwan8

            You mean “claimed cheats, dude”? As a TO I would not care about your claims unless you can present proof with your claim.

          • Tynskel

            Not to mention, don’t you talk to who the person played before? That’s a pretty smart thing to do. You should always investigate who you are playing before you start. Any bit of ‘strategery’ is useful.

          • Shiwan8

            Yeah, I just do not care about winning enough to start staking people.

  • OolonColluphid

    This wasn’t very helpful at all.

    Most jerks I’ve encountered do the fallowing:
    Used mostly Grey Knights in Fifth edition, will play Eldar in 7th E. If he’s Space Marines will almost always choose White Scars or have unfluffy Biker troops using chapter tactics that don’t support them.

    Hates on Forge World and LODs of other armies because they wreck his precious Deathstars.

    Calls other players Noobs when their using that current editions Noob armies and tactics.

  • Davis Centis

    I think the commenters here have it more right than you do. Sorry Pimpcron, normally I find your articles amusing and enjoyable (even if not always “correct” – but that’s not what you go for and I get that), but I think this one is giving the wrong idea. You don’t beat jerks by being a jerk. You engage them, work out what’s not fun, and if it really doesn’t work you just avoid playing them. It takes 2 to Tango, and if they can’t find an opponent, then they can’t play the game.

    Such jerks rarely will ever actually listen to you though. Why? They really don’t think they are jerks! That’s why the final solution of “don’t play them” works so well.

    • Maybe I should have stressed that I am usually THE most inclusive person in our group when it comes to new people. These were the worst 5%.

  • nurglitch

    There’s a far better article on this web site about this subject: http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2015/04/40k-safe-sane-and-consensual-or-the-arrogance-of-unacknowledged-playstyles.html

    I can’t fault pimpcron for his intentions. I do, however, dislike his style and find it really distasteful.

    • Jeff Daniels

      Thanks for the link. I missed that article the first time around. What a great read.

    • Xodis

      That was a great article, thank you for the link.

    • Ah, it’s okay nurglitch. I’m an acquired taste. 😀
      Specifically what do you find distasteful? I’m not going to change, mind you. Just wondering.

  • Matthew Mullen

    I remember doing the third thing on that list to a guy in Fantasy once. Played him twice in intro games and he took a 100% netlisted Dwarf list and mocked the hell out of me as he Thorek’d my High Elf spearmen off the table. He then mocked the next person he played, so the next week I took a tooled out Teclis list and tabled him in 3 turns.

    A few months later her joined our 40k community and another guy at a tournament ASKED to play him so he could do the same thing, and he did.

    Showed up a year later playing Warmachine, and guess what, same situation with yet another top player. After that he finally seemed to give up.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      sad to lose a potential new player.

      • Azrell

        Not really because those kinds of people will only end up driving away other potential new players.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          I guess it all depends on the predominant culture locally and whether there are enough non competitive types and ‘for fun’ competitive ones to dilute and potentially rehabilitate the @rsehat and turn them around.

      • Matthew Mullen

        The guy was like 45 too, it’s not like I was harassing a kid. By the time the second beating occurred 3/4 of our community straight refused to play him, and he’d driven off several young kids. He also made a habit of walking between tables and telling everyone how bad at the game they were. So I don’t consider it a loss.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          fair enough then!

        • Drpx

          I think I’ve met that guy. You’d expect a teenager to act that way, but it’s kind of sad when they’re old enough to have kids of their own.

          • Shiwan8

            Guys who could have kids that could have their own kids that are slowly learning the hobby. Yeah, a bit sad. 😀

      • Meeee

        I love you knight. I really do.
        We have a lot of things in common.
        But in this special case I’m going to side with Azrell. Sorry mate. 🙁

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          haha! I have seen total WAAC players turned around by moving to a new club though, so it can happen. That guy with 6 riptides could be a future BFF!

      • You’re right, but if that guy had such a terrible attitude, I say good riddance.

      • Shiwan8

        New jerk is worthless, new player is worthwhile. The distinction is pretty clear.

    • Sweet Street Justice!

  • Marklar

    one that i particularly enjoy doing is

    “would you be nicer if i did this?”

    and flip some of my hits over to misses

    • Bravo. It’s cool, it’s subtle. I like it!

  • Xodis

    Never really had this experience. Ive been lucky enough everyone I have played is either pretty fun and nice, or at least sociable.

    • These cases are definitely the minority.

      • Xodis

        Lets hope so lol

  • Spacewolflars

    IDK, maybe we should wear “stretchy pants” when we play, It might lighten the mood a bit.

  • mannstein

    I’m old school.

    I prefer the dreadsock…

  • ted1138

    A friend of mine thinks that pestering the opponent non stop is a legit “tactic”. He also expects his opponent to allow him to make up rules, and be flexible with game phases(‘what? you wont let me move and shoot after assaulting? That’s so beardy!”), yet insists on the opponent sticking to the rules(not the rules rules, but the rules he made up). My tactic? Sell all my 40k and go play X-wing.

    • Meeee

      Quite a clever move.

  • Vernon Burt

    Clearly the best way to deal with A-holes to be a greater A-hole. Let the A-holing escalation commence!

    • This guy knows what I’m talkin’ bout!

    • Shiwan8

      The key is to mirror the a-holeness of the opponent to the point of them being uncomfortable with it.

  • Another Biased Opinion

    Best thing to do is play someone with completely different aims in the game, I like to try to win so I will go around getting objectives ect, I have a friend I play against who just likes to kill as much stuff as possible. Normally I end up with a nice load of victory points and not much of an army left. We both leave happy.

  • Commissar Ahmad

    I, too, have three methods for dealing with jerky players:

    1. Don’t play with them.
    2. Don’t play with them.
    3. (You guessed it) Don’t play with them.

    Responding to jerky behavior with jerky behavior is not productive.

    • Wilma Lang

      Dreadsocks are effective though.

      • Shiwan8

        I prefer a sock with a regular piece of soap in it. Makes a really nifty makeshift attitude enhancer.

    • Not productive, but boy is it satisfying.

  • Enjoyable read. Im not good enuff to crush face so I just try to “fix” the idjits. I think one thing you are not considering is that many people who play this game are very much lacking real social skills.
    For some, the game is all they have and I get that. Does it excuse them? Of course not, I mean how can u not pity a guy who has Prolly never even saw a real live naked girl? In the end I pity those that need validation from a game. I pity those that feel they need to rub model losses in your face.
    Yknow whats harder than fighting fire with fire (which I fully endorse in many circumstances) its fixing the cause of the fire. I have “fixed” at least 2 social outcasts by simply going the extra mile and chatting with them and befriending them. I know these words give bronys wood but they are true. Friendship is magic.
    Enjoyed the article, and again, you hit a few nerves 😛

    • You’re correct. If someone is harmless but socially awkward I have a soft spot for them. But the ignorant people I just want to crush. And yeah, I hit nerves like a bad phlebotomist.

      • Its this namby pamby upcoming generation mostly. Too much time on the interwebz and not enuff real world interactions. Theres the odd few but yknow..

  • Defenestratus

    When I deal with the real killjoys who value winning over the enjoyment of the activity of plastic dolls and dice – I always just start referring to them with historical general names.

    “I’m going to shoot my MegaShootyBeamz at your unit that you shouldn’t ever have taken in your list because everyone on the internet says it stinks.”

    “Oh ok, no problem Patton.”


    “I said go ahead and shoot them to death Rommel.”

    *Weird look*

  • Tesq

    Kill !!! crush!!!! rip them limb from limb!!!!

    CSM APPROVED!!!!!!!

    • You’ve got the right spirit!

  • Stormbane

    My response to this article is, honestly “I’d never have this problem because I wouldn’t play with you.”

    Because that’s how you deal with the jerks. You don’t play them.

    • My way is much more fun. 🙂

      • Shiwan8

        And yields results. 😀

  • Brett Thompson

    I once played a guy running Nurgle Marines (I was guard) in a local tournament who would suddenly forget rules or make up new ones as it benefited him in a game. A few examples were claiming that models with Rapid Fire weapons can’t fire two shots if they move (as I was about to shoot him), and that Marines can assault if their Rhino is blown up on the previous turn (they cannot). As I proceeded to correct him, he took offence and tanked my sportsmanship score.

    • Wilma Lang

      I’d have simply called a judge every time he had a memory lapse

    • There’s one in every group.

  • Drpx

    Or just don’t play them, and if enough people do the same they’ll go away or change their attitude (hopefully. I know some will just assume it’s because they’re too awesome).

    • I prefer a more aggressive approach to d-bags.

      But yours is more mature.

      • Shiwan8

        Actually, if you think of it, it’s not. Mature in humans natural state means nothing more than age and maybe somewhat better ability to physically defend one thing or another.

        Besides, all evil needs to win is that good people do nothing. I think that humiliation is the key to better hobby society here. 😀

    • Tynskel

      It’s true. If people refuse to play the jerk, the jerk does actually go away.

  • Michael Gerardi

    Pimpcron, I’m with you. Taking the “moral high ground” and just not playing That Guy only results in him playing some other gamer and making HIS experience unhappy. No, what jerk players need most is a taste of their own medicine.

  • standardleft

    What about calling them out with something like.

    “Um, I know you’re enjoying yourself, but Im not having very much fun here”. Then go on to explain in a polite way why.

    Doing this towards the end of the game (so its not too awkward) would help. Your unpleasant opponent might just not know what he’s doing and even though he might be a bit miffed, could recognise his problems.

    Offering him to play him again next week would also help him learn that you’re trying to be friendly and reinforce your message?

    • Good suggestion.

    • Shiwan8

      I don’t think so. The thing is that adults are what they are and learn only through shame or bodily harm. Public humiliation corrects most attitude problems in live situations.

  • Davor Mackovic

    I don’t play no more, and I usually play for fun. I play Nids. I always ask since I have a horde army if I just move the front line back line and everyone in between just gets jumbled together to save time. Most people agree and if they have template weapons we just say they would have been spaced out as if I did move then normally.

    Well one guy didn’t agree. So instead of 5 minis under the template there was like 8 or 10 and wouldn’t let me space them out.

    So what did I do next turn? I moved E A C H M I N I separately measuring them so they were each exactly 1.999″ away from each other. About 45 minutes later my turn ended. I asked “why the sour look on your face, you are the one who wouldn’t let me bunch my minis to save time and wanted to be exact, so I complied to you.”

    Yeah sometimes you have to be a Richard to a Richard.

    • That’s pretty funny.

    • Shiwan8

      Epic. Just epic.

    • Michael Gerardi

      I wish I’d have seen that! Well done.

  • Nope. Mom always said that 2 lefts make a right.

    • ravenbiker

      Sorry, but your mom was wrong. 3 lefts make a right

      • My mother is never wrong! You take that back!

  • scadugenga

    I usually just play within my local group, and never play tournament 40k. Thus, I avoid douchecanoes rather easily.

    And I’ve yet to meet a jerk Infinity player in the tournament circuit. Well, maybe just one…

  • KRQuinn

    I grew up in a different era when there were no participation trophies, people actually painted their armies and jerks got their faces beat in literally. May sound barbaric but the ‘social contract’ was enforced and you rarely had to deal with jerks. I miss it.
    I rarely run into this, but I applaud your methods. Simply not playing people never sinks in with these guys, if it would affect them they probably would not act the way they do in the first place. I applaud your methods, if it happened more often these guys would disappear.

    • 99% of my games aren’t like this. But some people have it coming to them. Solidarity brotha!

  • Kveldulf

    Uh… Mr pimpcorn, perhaps you and I could just play the game without the social justice?

    Seriously, why do so many people agitate agitation? I try and leave that drama out of the game. By all means, bring your beardy or fluffy army and let’s just play the game. If you tabled me first turn, that sucks. Oh well. If you’re being smug or whatever… mmkay, Ill let you figure that one on your own.

    Too simplistic a view I guess /shrug

    • I can tolerate many types of people. But some get under my skin. These few people have earned my hatred. But to each, his own.

      • Kveldulf

        I understand, but unless the person you’re playing is outright cheating, I find it best to let it roll off your shoulder. Sometimes even ‘those people’ change for the better (especially when they’re teenagers i reckon). Leaving it at just a matter of being frustrated temporarily is only natural but you should be up front about how you want(ed) to play the game. Harboring resentment without queuing the person ruins the hobby imo.
        Just my 2 cents.

        • They were all in their 30’s.

  • edendil

    After reading this article, the author comes out looking like the biggest jerk of all.

    • Shiwan8

      Being jerk to jerks is just karma for the later.

      • edendil

        And the former…

        • Shiwan8

          …are just deliverymen.

          • edendil


    • It’s really just an illusion. This article is talking about maybe 5 games out of my hundreds of games I have played.

  • Gian Carlo Peirce

    It is not through dickery that dickery is overcome.

    • You take the high road and I’ll take the low road and I’ll get there before ye!

  • Shawn

    Interesting article Pimpcron, but the opponents you face could really perceive you as the bad guy. The guy who is being a dick and trying to make the game un-fun for everyone else, despite your perceived justification for annihilating someone

    • As I’ve said before, 99% of my games aren’t like this, and I don’t act this way unprovoked.