GEEKERY: Terminator vs Robocop

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This fan edit pits Alex Murphy against the most famous T-800 of them all… who will win?!

What do you think… fair fight? Is that who would actually win? Put your spoilers in the comment section…

  • Wait, didn’t we have DEATH BATTLE for this…?

    • Only Seeking Snarky Lols

      we needed one for adults too.

    • cuda1179

      I had some MAJOR problems with that Death Battle, including a number of factual errors they made.

      • True and most are still angry with the whole Goku V Superman but let’s face it, Superman has the most inconsistency in his abilties

  • Matthew Bradbury

    yeah if only there was a videogame and comic book series to anwser this question?

    • JamesD

      Yes….. if only.

  • Xodis

    I played the game and Robocop won.

  • euansmith

    Nice work by the editor.

  • Only Seeking Snarky Lols
  • sleeplessknight

    I did enjoy the Frank Miller comic series written back in the 90’s. Shame we’ll never see a big screen adaptation of it.

  • dinodoc

    Terminator vs Robocop. Epic Rap Battles of History:

    • Matthew

      Dude… epic

    • JamesD

      Is there KITT vs Street Hawk battle?

  • ruleslawyer

    I remember the original comic book. Ended up with Alex Murphys consciousness infecting part of Skynet. Robocop cyber-clones battling T-800’s

  • Coltcabunny

    Bit late there. I played this on the Mega Drive about 20 years ago.