Infinity: USAriadna Unboxing

000 USAriadna Unboxing

Let’s dig even deeper into the new USAriadna box for some extreme close-ups!

001 USAriadna Unboxing

You’ve already seen the unboxing video. Now I’m going to zoom in and get right up in everybody’s tiny little faces.


002 USAriadna Unboxing

Now that’s what I’m talking about. This Marauder is a dude who knows how to bring his a-game face. This looks like a bro who’s extreme sportsball team just won the mega-bowl in the USadium. BRING IT!

003 USAriadna Unboxing

Or maybe what he’s really excited about is Heavy Flamethrower WHOOOO!!! Why only barbeque on the 4th when you can barbeque every day? Why stick to grilling hamburgers when you can barbeque whatever you feel like?

003A USAriadna Marauder

Come paint me bro!

004 USAriadna Unboxing

This dude is a little more chill. He’s like the guy who only gets like two lines in the whole movie then takes out a bunch of bad guys in the most awesome way possible. Maybe even sacrifices himself in the process. Mysterious masked hero… can I gaze into your eyes? “Never.”

005 USAriadna Unboxing

And there he goes, heading off alone into wilderness.

005A USAriadna Line Grunt

“I don’t even know your name.”

“My friends call me Whisper.”

008 USAriadna Unboxing

Duke on the other hand is the one everyone looks up to. He’s the one who breaks up all the fights in the mess hall and comforts everyone when their spirits are low.

009 USAriadna Unboxing

He has a certain sadness about him though? Why? What dark secret is he hiding?

006 USAriadna Unboxing

We all know who this is. She’s proven time and again she’s the equal of every man in her unit. And she’s happy to be treated like one of the guys.

007 USAriadna Unboxing

But sometimes, just before lights out, she and duke exchange a longing glance across the barracks.


010 USAriadna Unboxing

Stash, the Foxtrot Ranger, is always happy to share some of the Ariadnan “medicinal herbs” he keeps in those pouches.

011 USAriadna Unboxing

Just don’t tell the MPS.

0`3 USAriadna Unboxing

Daisy’s almost as quick with her wit as she is on her bike. Everyone loves her jokes.

014 USAriadna Unboxing

Of course no one laughs when she breaks out that shotgun.

012 USAriadna Unboxing

This is the bike that’s always breaking down. Until some Morats are in hot pursuit – that’s when the engine kicks in at just the last second.

USAriadna Maverick


015 USAriadna UnboxingAnd just in case Daisy needs to achieve a mission she can hop off her bike and go dismounted. Unfortunately, if you didn’t pre-order the USAriadna box or snag one at Gencon you’ll have to sub in a Grunt if you want your Maverick to dismount.

016 USAriadna Unboxing

Like Daisy, Smith, the Devil Dog has a great sense of humor. It’s the reason they’re such good buds.

017 USAriadna Unboxing

Of course she can still drink him under the table.

017A USAriadna Devil Dog

There’s nothing this crew loves more than to convince the latest batch of green recruits that Smith is going to eat them. Then the whole squad has a nice hearty gut laugh.

018 USAriadna Unboxing

Then of course we have Wesson, Smith’s indispensable companion.

019 USAriadna Unboxing

No one makes with the sight gags quite like Wesson. Whether he’s slobbering all over someone’s face, shredding a visiting general’s personal effects, or playing fetch with a Marut’s head, Wesson will always get you chuckling.

020 USAriadna Unboxing

Leading the crew is Ace the Minuteman. Does this loose cannon lead through fear or respect. No one can really say.

021 USAriadna Unboxing

But when he charges in with those two Flamethrowers. even the most reluctant find themselves inspired. It’s the mustache.

021 USAriadna Minuteman

Wow, so not sure what happened there. Somehow this unboxing turned into my treatment for USAriadna: the movie.

022 USAriadna Unboxing

Of course no movie would be complete without sets. This box comes with a nice bit of terrain: four large buildings and six of the smaller crates. It’s more than enough to get you started.

023 USAriadna Unboxing

It’s pretty sturdy stuff, and hopefully you’ll agree it looks pretty good too. There isn’t enough here for a full game of infninity, but if you have a friend with the Icestorm box, or the Hephaestus or Mototronica scenery packs you should be set for a full game. Of course a little more scenery still wouldn’t hurt.

023a USAriadna Unboxing

There’s also this mat that you can lay down on the table if you like. It’s a bit small though so it only really works for the scenarios in the book.

023b USAriadna Unboxing

Now this poster here is something you’ll get a lot more mileage out of.

024 USAriadna Unboxing

There are also a whole bunch of tokens – prepunched.

025 USAriadna Unboxing

The book contained within is definitely sturdier and thicker than a standard magazine. It has background on your new faction.

026 USAriadna Unboxing

Plus quickstart rules of course.

027 USAriadna Unboxing

Of course there are also some missions to try out.

028 USAriadna Unboxing

My favorite part might be this map, which is about as USA as anything ever.

029 USAriadna Unboxing

There are cool dice as well. I’m sure they would have colored them red white and blue, but PanO already had blue and Nomads red, so I guess green is what they went with. Regardless, I’m guessing these colors don’t run.

The whole box commands a retail price of a nice even $100 USD. It contains nine models (I’m not counting the limited edition dismount girl) three of which are definitely larger than your standard human. Even if you want to go the conservative route and assume a cost of only $15 each for the larger models, that’s still $45 for the three. That means the remaining six human sized models – all metal and loaded with detail – are less than $10 bucks a pop. If that sounds like a fair price then all the terrain, rules, counters, and dice, are basically free. If you like Infinity and you like USAriadna, I think this counts as a good buy.

030 USAriadna Unboxing

Last up I’ll show off this cool guy.

031 USAriadna UnboxingI don’t even need to concoct a ridiculous movie narrative for Van Zandt. This is another one of CB’s characters based off of someone from pop culture. Wait what do you mean you don’t know which one?

032 USAriadna Unboxing

All in all a great bunch of minis.


~Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Who else is starting up a USAriadna army?

  • pskontz

    one word… droooool

  • AfroCelt

    was lucky enough to get the limited ed box from the FLGS. I have it in front of me now…I held off Infinity, despite liking the rules and aesthetics, mainly because none of the factions grabbed me.

    This one did. Well done, Corvus Belli

  • Grabbed mine from Gencon and love it. I have no other Ariadna minis except what’s in this box and I constantly have to tell myself that I don’t really want to play Ariadna, I just like the models in this box………..right?!