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Infinity: USAriadna Army Box Unboxing

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Sep 2 2015
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Can you hear the chants? US(Ariadna)! US(Ariadna)! US(Ariadna)! The Army Packs have arrived and it’s go time!

Hey BoLS Readers! AdamHarry back from the future to bring you more exciting Infinity goodness. We’ve been talking about this for a while now. I’ve been patiently waiting until we got the USAriadna Army Pack in front of the camera. And the day is finally here:



USAriadna Army Pack




Aside from the 9 models (6 Infantry, a Devil Dogs team of 2 and a lone Maverick on a Bike – if you got the pre-order there is another miniature as well) this box is crammed with Terrain, Counters, USAriadna themed Dice, Templates, a playmat and of course an intro for the USAriadna/Rules Pack. It’s everything you need to start a brand new faction – or jump right in if you’re completely new to Infinity!


I still consider Operation Icestorm to be the “Starter Pack” simply because it’s enough for two players to really get into Infinity. However, this new style of “Army Starter” is pretty cool and has a place on the shelves of FLGS everywhere. If you paired it with the Icestorm Box, you’d have enough terrain to make a really nice table AND enough diversity in miniatures /play-styles to really get a great understanding of Infinity.

GentleBen already did a great breakdown of how the USAriadna compares to some of the other factions. They are really unique in that they have Medium Infantry in their “basic” grunts and have access to a TON of (relatively tough) bikers. They also have those Devil Dog Teams which were described to me as “a Navy SEAL in Werewolf form” – so… Holy Crap.

I really like the models because the metal really holds the detail well. It’s not the easiest material to work with and Infinity model assembly can be a little fiddly – but the results when finished are outstanding. If you have never played a game of Infinity you’re really missing out. Luckily Corvus Belli now has TWO excellent products to help you get into the game. The RULES ARE FREE. The ARMY BUILDER IS FREE. So go poke around – you might like what you find!


Space ‘Merica – The final frontier…

Author: Adam Harrison
  • Infinity Models Preview 8-24-2015