40K: Open-topped Stormsurge – Love it or Leave it?


Love it or hate it – the Tau’s new Stormsurge battlesuit has an open cockpit – and it’s FREAKING people out.  What’s your opinion?


We’ve all seen the new Tau Empire Stormsurge Ballistic Suit for a few days now.  We first got a glimpse of it via a leak several weeks back.  But this week we have gotten all kinds of detailed shots.

We initially noted that the suit has two heads and perhaps contained a two-man crew, a first for the Tau.

Then we got the real crips shots of the suit from above and saw this:



Then we took a detailed look at today’s classic paintjob pic  and noted – yes indeed that appears to be an open-top design (not to be confused with the in-game open-topped rule.)  If you look sharp, you can see the shadow and part of a pilot helmet sticking out.


Then it all made sense.  If you go back and look at every pic of the Stormsurge, you will note they are all level, or low shots taken looking up at the model.  Considering this is a tabletop game with physically small models, GW took great pains to never shoot any full body shots from even slightly above the model – as that would give away the illusion.

And that has gamers across the community going at it.

Some say the Tau probably have force-fields or something and that in any case it’s all about the Rule of Cool for GW and model design. It makes the model more interesting and you get a detailed cockpit to paint up.

Some say it’s the dumbest looking contraption they’ve ever seen this side of the Space Marine Centurions and they wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, rules be damned. Heaven forbid the Stormsurge ever bend over and the hapless crew come rolling out – or it rains.

~What’s your take on the design?  Open Topped FTW? or Patently Ridiculous?


P.S. There is scattered talk that there might be a cockpit cover piece, but no one has spotted it as of yet.


  • chip6793

    Not too impressed. Showing the crew compartment implies that it’s controlled by normal means. They could easily have made this a super heavy, albeit a very weak one, but still.

    Personally, as a Tau player, besides not really appreciating the rules, not happy with the whole of it. If I do purchase it, it will only so that I have one of the models available to me…not sure when that will be though.

  • moonshadow101

    I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that the suit comes with an optional plate to put there, and if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to put one together.

    • Byungwook Kim

      The opening is nicely curved so it may be a little difficult.
      Maybe we can fill it up with mechanic mass.

      Like an engine or something.

    • OrkiePancakes

      Unfortunately not all of us have any actual conversion skills, and have an OCD problem. 🙁 I’m glad others can make this work, but I feel sincerely let down, as I was actually looking forward to this kit. I know its crazy, but I can’t help it. It just doesn’t mesh well with the Tau aesthetics, or common sense. The imperium doing stupid stuff like this makes sense, the Tau being so ignorant on their design, does not make much sense.

      • Tom

        Do tau get sunburnt? When you’re stuck in the same spot all day providing overwatch/piquet, This would be a chore to pilot, not an honor.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          the Tau are romantics, they like to look at the stars.

      • Ruadhan

        You’ve not seen the Pirahna I take it?

        And you’re also aware that tau battleplate is sealed for hostile environments.
        They don’t care about the elements any more than the troops on the ground do.

        As far as controls go, I’m betting these two aren’t operating the suit itself, more acting as support to the pilot inside for targeting data, navigation and so on. basically Moderatii to the pilot’s Princeps. to use the Titan analogy

        • 6Cobra

          The one with no helmet on isn’t sealed against the elements.
          And “the elements” aren’t the worst thing a combat vehicle crew has to be shielded from. It kinda’ sorta’ makes sense for Space Marines – I remember fluff for Landspeeders that said the crew’s armor protected them better than the skimmers hull ever could – and for AM grunts because nobody cares if they die anyway. None of that applies to the Tau. Even within the suspended disbelief of the game background, it’s a nonsensical design choice.

          • Brandon Hopfensperger

            Forget elements! What about the enormous gun inches above your right shoulder!? You can’t tell me that thing isn’t throwing off vibrations, radiation, heat, or maybe taco sauce.

          • Luis Otero

            Mmmmm……… tacos!

          • BrianDavion

            two words, Eldar Warwalker.

        • OrkiePancakes

          The pirahna is a dumb kit too, it has great conversions for it, but it was still dumb. The rain bit was a joke to show how stupid an open toped on such a mech is stupid.

          • Voorhees

            From experience I can tell you in the desert, you can get sand storms that could fill that compartment with sand and dirt pretty quick. Good luck with that.

          • OrkiePancakes

            People just seem to not respect others opinions, and feel the need to insult them and the persons as well. Oh well I will hold on to my money and buy the KX139. Are you a service member by chance?

  • Byungwook Kim

    Question is, in fluff, why would the tau ever design a suit open-topped?

    One of them is not even wearing a helmet.

    What if you are to fight in the void.

    What if someone uses primitive toxic gas.

    What if…


    • chip6793

      As was brought up in another site, what if an assault marine decides to play basketball using a grenade or melta bomb?

      • georgelabour

        Well the results might be the same as if they played gold with the gun barrels, or knee joints.

        Or if a couple or orkz got some cunnin’ idea involving some rope, a harpoon, and a few stormboyz on a very short but wild ride.

    • life of adept brian

      I know right!?!? The same could be said for some people who don’t put helmets on their SMs. And why can’t I try to shoot them in the face, bypassing their armour save. I mean how unrealistic is that??? Oh, wait…

      • Boltstein

        lol. Someone enshrine this post. It is gold.

      • JJ

        Lol I actually think that every time I see a marine without a helmet! “brother sargent how have you survived 100 years of battles..(insert troll face) by exposing my face to the danger!”

      • Spacefrisian

        Cause it doesnt matter if you shoot a spacemarine in the face, normal bullets dont do much, there is even a part in one of them Ragnar novels where Ragnar takes a sniper round to the head and it hardly does him anything.

        • The Basement Gamer

          Then why wear armor at all?

          No helmet = no sense.

          • Valourousheart

            Well that does go back to what M.A.R.I.N.E. stands for.

            But you can’t use the logic of a person safely tucked away with their 1st world problems and expect it to make any sense in a Gothic Space Fantasy.

            It really isn’t any more ridiculous than the thought that it was only last century when the Russian army assigned 1 rifle for every 2 soldiers. Supply shortages of that level are unheard of in this day and age… we have no point of reference to relate.

      • 6Cobra

        At least you have the option to put helmets *on* all your Space Marines. If the Stormsurge kit came with an option for a covered crew compartment, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

        • Talos2

          Do we know it doesn’t?

      • Alhazred TheMad

        In the Dearhwatch RPG they get a bonus for going bare headed. Supposed to inspire bravery in others. Sounds more like a frat rite, but whatever.

    • OrkiePancakes

      The fact that GW took so many pics from an angle to conceal the open topped nature of this kit. It was as if they were ashamed of it, knowing it would not go over well with most Tau fans. It’s pure stupid! I really doubt there is an option to close the top sadly. Any explosive, flamer, rain, etc, will kill the squishy Tau occupants. It is bad enough Tau are ubber weak, why the hell would they design something with a fundamental flaw, especially since they are so high tech!The no arms thing was manageable, rocket arms says, I don’t need arms, I choose more guns to blast you with.

      • Nathaniel Wright

        Yeah well, gargantuan creatures can’t be open-topped. So suck it, fungus-man! GRORIOUS TAU TECHNOROGY OVERCOME ALL.

        • daonemdt

          +1 GRORIOUSRY!

        • OrkiePancakes

          Congraturation! A winner is you! Too bad aesthetics don’t follow those rules.

      • CMAngelos

        Because at no time ever has GW ever taken just table level and perspective pictures of new kits for advertisement on WD, except for every WD cover ever.

        • OrkiePancakes

          It was sarcasm, probably should have noted that.

          • CMAngelos

            Oh nooes.. your sarcasm was fired with such precision it ignored my sarcasm invulnerability field! Lol sorry then, ignore me!

          • OrkiePancakes

            Oh damn! double kill. Looks like I’m a double stack of cakes tonight. Touché lol

        • Spacefrisian

          Here i thought that they made a pic from that perspective to make it look bigger than it actually is.

      • Christopher Fingerbang

        Wait a minute, you don’t know gw took photo’s from the top to hide the open top. That is complete speculation. What if say, they were to take lower shots to make the model seem more intimidating.

        • OrkiePancakes

          Just as you have used sarcasm, so was my first part. Not always the easiest thing to convey in text for some.

          • Dave Scammell

            Yeah, sure. Sarcasm’s so hard to express…

          • Dave Scammell

            (Nothing personal BTW I was just making a point)

          • OrkiePancakes

            Did you just reply to yourself? LoL it’s fine, but sarcasm can be hard to express. Not all sarcastic remarks fall under the completely obvious.

      • georgelabour

        They have taken pics of it from other angles. If they hadn’t then we’d not even know about it until the first person bought the kit.

        The fact that the pics someone else leaked to us were not those is not GW’s fault….

        • OrkiePancakes

          You probably should have read further down, as others said the same. I pointed out that first part about the pics, was sarcasm. Cheers

          • georgelabour

            Bah. On the internet no one has times to get all the facts before posting their opinions because…’murika. 😛

          • OrkiePancakes

            Well played sir. 😉

      • Alex Harvey

        Including some very clear shots of the open cockpit in the magazine where they reveal the model prior to release is hardly “concealing” is it? Try harder etc

        • OrkiePancakes

          How about you read the other comments. It was sarcasm. Cheers

    • Bob

      pirannas are open topped

      • Byungwook Kim

        Maybe that is why they have low armor and has the open-topped rule.

    • Enrico

      The Suit is not open-topped: there is an armor-panel you can remove to look inside (the same thing you can see in a Devilfish).

      • Byungwook Kim

        Really? You have photos?

        • Enrico

          The article says:

          “From behind you can see the interior details of the Stormsurge’s cockpit. The design of the kit means you can leave the front armour panel off the suit to paint the crew before gluing it on later.”

          I hope that means we can close the crew inside the armour. Otherwise I guess I’ll do it by myself.

          • Why would you paint the crew before gluing the panel???

            And is there a new Devilfish with a pilot inside?

          • Spacefrisian

            Painting the inside than glueing it together….genius, but erm who has that special vision thing that Superman has so you can actually see the inside?

          • Damistar

            I’ve built many model airplanes with painted interiors that are invisible when the kit is fininshed. The answer is “I know it’s there”

          • Manwiththedogs

            Hmm, I don’t think this means there is a covering, they’re talking about the front armour, not top..

          • euansmith

            “… you can leave the front armour panel off …” sounds like the bendy armour across the front of the chest to me. “top armour panel” would sound like something to cover the gap…

          • Byungwook Kim

            Lets model it without the front panel.

            Little blue tuna being seating there like a king.

            With a sword on his hand.

          • euansmith


          • Byungwook Kim


          • euansmith

            Shiny and Chrome!

    • petrow84

      What if one of the gunners gets nausea from the movement of the armor? The leader just have to push his head out of the cockpit, and won’t soil all the control terminals.

    • Jonathan B.

      “Come closer, I want to hit you with my honor blade?”

    • BrianDavion

      all statements that can be applied to a varity of IoM vehicles as well as the eldar warwalker.

  • Samuel Sanchez

    I love it but it’s not a freakin gargantuan creature it’s a walker and bs that it has GC rules for no logical reasob

    • Mandragola

      This. It’s weird how some big walking machines with guys driving them are walkers (dreadnoughts, knights, morkanaughts etc.) and others are MCs (Eldar and Tau stuff). There’s no actual logic to it at all.

      • Majere613

        There sort of is. The ‘lower tech’ races like Orks, Chaos and the Imperial factions tend to have Walkers, whilst the higher tech ones (Tau, Eldar/ Dark Eldar) have big MCs/ GCs. The exceptions I can think of are of course the Dreadknight and to a lesser extent Karamazov, but both of those have a prominent living component so they have a bit of an excuse.

        • Arthfael

          But where this all goes wrong is with the poison special rule. Can you poison a Riptide? I doubt it. Eldar wraith-constructs… not so sure, but as an Eldar player I will concede that maybe, there has to be a way to deal with Wraithknights after all. But it does not make sense against Tau tech at all.

          • Mandragola

            It’s all the special rules. Poison shouldn’t work on a tau robot thing but haywire probably should. This goes double for an admech robot. Grav, melta, poison, fleshbane, armourbane, straight armour penetration, cover… they all work differently depending on whether the rules say these things are vehicles or creatures but they are all basically powered humanoid bodies and almost all are controlled by a smaller humanoid inside them.

        • ravenbiker

          War walkers. Kills your argument right there

    • Spacefrisian

      Its a GC so you dont have to buy the split fire upgrade and the feel no pain upgrade for it anymore, like the Riptide that was always standard with Feel no Pain bought for it.

  • Victor Hartmann

    Rule of cool. They did it because they thought it looked cool, rules be hanged.

    Of course that isn’t cool for everyone, which is fine.

    Kind of like painting the inside of a Land Raider or Rhino. You can do that and leave it so the doors open to peak inside. Or glue them shut and not worry about it. Doesn’t seem like it’d be too difficult to just put a top over them and add the pilots and displays to your bits box.

  • Nathaniel Wright

    That’s the same number of crew that’s in a Scout Titan. Clearly a Scout Titan is a gargantuan creature.

    • georgelabour

      actually it has 3 in the cockpit, an enginseer praying to the reactor, a servitor for each weapon, and another servitor to help manage the balancing systems in each leg. That’s eight total for just the Warhound.

      The book lords of Mars, and titanicus are both good references for stuff like that.

  • Porty1119

    That’s just unreasonable. I’d personally either plate over it, or fill the socket with el-cheapo plumbing epoxy and sculpt panel recesses to match the existing work around the area. No big deal to correct.

  • Just slap a firewarrior on the front and bam monstrous creature, worked for gk

  • Charles Rink

    Does anyone remember the Squiggoth? Gargantuan Creature with like 80 orks and grots poking out.

  • Vindregaard

    To the left of the picture it says that you can leave the cockpit open or seal it with a plate.

    • JJ

      Where do you see that? It would seriously end all the complaining!

  • grim_dork

    Maybe it’s open-topped so the pilots can assault out of the cockpit- did you consider that?
    And how cool would that be? Instead of the IG Tank Commissar’s line of “Drive me closer so I can hit them with my sword!” the Tau battlesuit commander might grow a pair and scream “Walk this oversized food processor right into their lines and then let’s jump out and kick the crap out of them! Trudge on, Shlo-vassa!”

    • Gwayne Li

      with what ”melee” weapons would they do that?

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        their camel toes.

      • grim_dork

        A sharpened modem.

    • Spacefrisian

      Or you can deny first blood cause the crew can escape.

      • grim_dork


  • Robomummy

    Please, it’s tau. if it doesn’t have at least some form of shielding in fluff than i don’t know what tau are anymore. Open topped doesn’t matter when you have a shield.

  • Jamie Kelly

    $250 Aud and they couldn’t afford a hood? Cheapskates!

  • SacTownBrian

    All around silly weird. I hope it plays better than it comes across in the pictures and rules.

  • georgelabour

    It reminds me of the old school tank destroyers and assault guns of WW2, and i rather like the look myself.

    Plus it’s not like the mechancium or eldar ones that just leave the pilot and or crew dangling out there in the open just asking for stray shrapnel to perforate something useful like their faces.

    • shas’la van

      If the rules had been any good I’d convert one to be a sort of walking spg with crew operating it.

    • 6Cobra

      It certainly does look like an early 20th Century open-topped tank destroyer. Unfortunately, the rest of the Tau line does not, and that’s the problem from an aesthetic standpoint.
      From the common sense standpoint, there’s a reason armies have stopped using open-topped tank destroyers..

      • georgelabour

        Nightmares aren’t known for working on common sense though. And 40k IS a nightmare future.

  • Tom

    Mine will be getting a hell of an overhaul! Missiles will be relocated to shoulders and the main cannon will be arm mounted. As well as enclosing the crew. Although I will take the time to point out the piranhas lack of roof and the fact, in reality, this is an FSB unit

  • MikeHollstrom

    it looks cool looking down into it, but the head sticking up bit is a bit goofy

  • Bradley Macduff

    i think that if the tau were to make something like this it would be because the war against the tyranid hive fleets goes poorly and not to be wasteful they started hobnobbing pieces of other things onto other things. devilfish with flamers, and riptides with skyray missles mounted to them. and when wars go poorly things start to be cut in order to save time and production. for example at the very end of the second world war many of the final tanks produced by the germans were of such poor quality some broke down meer hours after leaving the assembly lines, some literally were missing all kinds of components deemed unnecissary. some tanks werent even issues a full set of ammunition.

    if the tau built something like this in real life the fighting compartment roof was deemed an unimportant waste of materials and the metal was instead used to make other things, this could also mean that the ventilation system doesnt exist or air conditioning, likely to make sure those were put to better use.

    i wouldnt be surprised that if one of these is ever talked about in the future lore of 40k that the stormsurges are not being issued ear protection and pilots are resorting to hand signals to deal with going deaf from weapons fire literally five feet away by a giant cannon, and that teir weapons constantly overheat as a result of heatsinks being stripped out of the STC so they could put the materials towards more pulse rifles and fire warrior helmets.

    • Stan

      That was a lot of work. GW should send you a check for doing the job their design studio feels they can’t be bothered with.

  • Joffrecordan

    Why are we blaming GW for being sneaky, again? Weren’t all of these photos supposed to come out on the same day in the same issue of White Dwarf and be a surprise all at once? The reason we’ve been seeing photos from the front of the model for the last two weeks was because that was what the leaks were. No one was /supposed/ to see any of them independently from each other.

  • Aezeal

    Its odd the biggest guy with most volume in the body part has the open top while even small ones are closed. It looks better though.

  • Aezeal

    Anyway… I see a 5 pound cap coming up 😀

  • Oza

    I always thought that the larger suits operated Pacific rim style but alas.

  • petrow84

    OR, they are just fake drones, installed to confuse the enemies of the greater good! The real driver is in the left shoulder shield.

  • Badgerboy1977

    Absolutely love it, it’s a great looking kit 😊

  • Manwiththedogs

    It’s a shame they’re operating the thing with buttons and sticks. We can operate stuff with our minds right now – today, so a missed opportunity to get real cool on it.
    Bit of a cop-out, but it does look choice, though at the same time making absolutely no sense, exactly what I’ve come to expect from GW.

    • Robert Duke Newnham

      they don’t have psykers…

      • Manwiththedogs

        So our current mind control tech is because we can harness the warp??

        • nurglitch

          You said ‘operate stuff with our minds’ not ‘operate stuff with our brains.’

        • Robert Duke Newnham

          they don’t really invent machines but rather its a very long process with the tech priests to insure the machines of the omnisire are not being abused hence there is no such thing as AI its all servo skulls and what not and the other means is to use the warp.

  • kaptinscuzgob

    oh my god shut up, just cover it up with some plasi-card if you can’t handle it, this is quite possibly the most petty complaint ive ever seen

  • David Clarke

    Personally I’m hoping there is a hatch that can cover it up, but could be lifted off to show the detail inside.

    The only thing I really dislike about this model are the stabilising anchors. You know when a fat woman wears high heels on soft ground… that’s what they remind me of. I actually think it would end up sinking, rather then helping at all. I’ll be ripping mine off and putting it in more of a braced position (think Dawn of War entrenched broadsides).

  • It just isn’t logical. I mean, even if it wasn’t absolutely dangerous, they would go deaf from their own guns…

    The storm raven makes more sense than this

    • Robert Duke Newnham

      but tau have high tech why not make high tech earplugs 😀

    • TumbleWeed

      They actuall don’t even have ears, technically. And as for going deaf anyway, they’ve obviously got the technology for suppressing the noise to polite, communist levels.

  • ytook

    Love it, it’s over the top greatness. 40K has never been realistic, look elsewhere for that.

    • euansmith

      One of the crew should be waving a sword!!!

    • TumbleWeed

      Correction, over the open top greatness! You’re welcome 🙂

  • GLaDOS

    Personally I would embrace this by removing the middle head and putting a 3rd crew commander in their. Then remove the side head for some outher bit of kit.

    • euansmith

      “By your command..!”

      • GLaDOS

        Haha kinda what I was thinking. Might photoshop what it might look like when I get home with a bit of converting along these lines.

        I always say a conversion is done best when it aims to enhance the original designers ideas and themes rather than try changing it to somthing it’s not.

  • Emprah

    This was obviously done for the “We are a models company” angle.

    A cockpit is something hard and labour intensive to paint compared to an armour panel, so this is added modeller detail. You can just say it has a force field, though most armies on the tabletop would not have a clear line of sight at them anyway.

    The good would be to add an optional plating over it, but it should not be too hard to kit bash something over it if you want your tau protected (I always put helmets on all the marines I can) or you are just lazy to paint the cockpit. If you are very resourceful and if the sprues are good, you could even try to cut out the cockpit and build a tau bunker’s inner workings with it.

    As from a lore standpoint, its really not that big a deal. You can say the tau have force fields, or a retractable armour plate on it.

    As far as ASM can go, table top wise they cant go up and kill the pilots.

    Lore wise, an assault marine with a powerfist can just tear it apart with or without the armour plate if he gets close, since in lore, power weapons go through all and any armour without resistance unless it has some sort of energy shield, so it doesn’t matter.

    Now what I don’t like is the assymetric pulse/burst cannon put on the low half of the left missile launcher. Why do that? Why not give them 2 equally, or put it up on the left shoulder?

  • David Leimbach

    Even worse, it has legs instead of wheels or jets. I mean, look at the high profile on that thing. It’ll be easy to hit and slow. How will it ever go hull down behind a hill?
    This is so unrealistic! In modern warfare “walkers” are non-existent because well, reality!

    • euansmith

      I think big robots will always get a free pass because of the rule of cool. Unless the background has some quasi-psychic reason for humanoid battle suits, they really never make any sense.

      • TumbleWeed

        But what about METAL GEAR?!
        (It’s so much better when you read that with Solid Snake’s voice btw…)

        • euansmith

          My personal favourites are the Landmates in Appleseed. In that background, Landmates were created for construction and rescue work before being weaponised by criminals and law enforcement. The fact that they are huge is offset by their ability to carry heavy support weapons and enough armour to protect against small arms fire.

          But, really, the main reason for loving them is that Masamune Shirow draws the coolest big robots and battlesuits http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5134e219683250909159c05e9bb26a4c62dbb267d126edf2f1d1b7ac2710f051.jpg … 😉

          • TumbleWeed

            I should really check that one out. I’ve known about Appleseed for years, but who has the time?! I guess as long as it has an english dub, I could watch while painting my tau!

          • euansmith

            The mange have some amazing action and technical design, and a funny bit about the uncomfortable design of the crotch in a particular battle suit.

            I don’t know if they lose something in the translation, or if the original scripts are realistically vague and confusing when it comes to understanding the machinations of various factions.

    • Badgerboy1977

      I’m sorry but where exactly do you think reality comes into 40k, it’s a fantastical universe and they clearly use the ‘rule of cool’ to design the inhabitants rather than purely relying on boring old “reality”.
      Which is one of the reasons why I like it so much to be honest.

  • euansmith

    Am I the first to make the connection? This is obviously the Tau version of a heavy sexualised female battle suit… that’s not an open cockpit… its an uplifting bwoobpit!

  • ElGigante

    I love it, looks fantastic. I just don’t collect Tau I wont be buying one.

  • Arthfael

    Don’t like the design at all, I think it is really dumb. The exposed pilots, the rest of the suit looks awesome. But you know what? Even if this is a problem, it should be fairly easy to convert.

  • Talos2

    I quite like the idea personally. But then I like that sort of thing. I’m totally against there being huge constraints on the design of models, it still is clearly a tau model, but it’s different and has some nice surprises for both the modeller and the visual of the battlefield.

  • Deathwing

    The title of the article left out the most important option. Love it, Hate it, or CONVERT IT.

  • CommanderLongshot

    Looking closely at the pics there isn’t a ridge for a hatch to sit on unless it’s angled at the edges. I don’t think it comes with a hatch but I could be wrong. Otherwise it’s time to get out the plasticard.

  • Stan

    Just a typical dose of stupid that we all should be used to from the current anonymous design studio.
    Suppose it is no worse then the open top Sentinels and Land Speeders, but then again there were rule justifications for that goofiness.
    Hopefully it comes with an optional hatch.

  • georgelabour

    Had a thought while I was out working.

    The stormsurge is the first (non FW) ‘siege’ suit we’ve seen and is a decided shift in Tau tactical doctrine. There’s also a couple other things to consider.

    1) The Tau have a manpower issue and up until now only the elite of ther fire warriors were issued suits. Of those only the best would be given Riptides or the even rarer crisis models.

    2) They’ve shown a growing tendency to using power systems and weapons that are less than healthy for the crew.

    3) This new suit (along with 2 of the new FW ones) is a decided departure from the mobile warfare doctrine and doesn’t seem to be made for hit and run or rapid deployment. It’s more of an assault gun on legs.

    So taking those these things into account I was pondering if we’ll see the following mentioned.

    1) The crew are either pirahna or hammerhead crew not up to the standards of the ‘elite’ battlesuit teams. As such the machine is made to be as familiar to them as possible.

    2) The suit is also designed with quick egress in mind. So if its internal systems become dangerous, or if the tau must abandon a position the crew can quickly exist the vehicle, and meet up with a fire warrior/pathefinder team and attendant devilfish transport

  • BrianDavion

    the IoM has open topped vehicles, no one complains. the Eldar have open topped vehicles, no one complains, Necrons have open topped, no one seems to care, Orks have open topped, no one cares. why do people care if the Tau have an open topped vehicle? everyone else already has one.

  • Moonsaves

    Well… it is technically an ordnance platform. Like the basilisk, there may be the need for one of the pilots to eyeball if their long range sensors go offline. Of course, this is just fanwank.