40K: Unlikely Necron Reinforcements?

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Ever wonder what to do with all those extra “Sprue” bits you have? This Necron Player got creative – Check it out!

If you’re like me and have a pile of extra sprues that you’ve hung on to and have been waiting for a hobby project to inspire you – well then you’ve come to the right place! One Necron player got bit by the inspiration bug and ran with it. The results speak for themselves.

via BaerndMcBaersen, imgur

The Spruecron Army

Necron Spruecron1

Warriors and a Night Scythe

Necron Spruecron 2

Immortals with Gauss Blasters

Necron Spruecron 3


Necron Spruecron 4


Necron Spruecron 5



These are really cool – in an abstract/modern art kind of way. There is just something about the robotic nature of the Necrons that just works with the sharp angles and flat surfaces of the sprues. It’s an ingenious use for all those extra sprues, that’s for sure!  I’d love to see them all painted up and I’d gladly play against a full Spruecron army at least once. So go check out BaerbrdMcBaersen on imgur to see their other Spruecron creations! I wonder what other armies could benefit from the “Sprue” treatment…


Good thing I saved all those sprues – Spruecrons here I come! Now I just need to dig up some extra bases…

  • Capt

    “These are really cool” wait what?! You’ve really lost it Bols…
    What’s next…
    “Next week we look at a Space Marine army made out of eggboxs, lets just say they’re egg-cellent!”

    • georgelabour

      Everyone’s always whining about the ‘huge’ startup costs ‘required’ to play 40k and how there’s no ‘cheap’ alternative.

      Well..there ya go. They even use GW parts so they’re semi-legal for tournaments. ^_^

      • DeadlyYellow

        Is that latter part still a thing? I thought GW dropped official support for tourneys, so allowance was mostly up to players.

        • benn grimm

          No and it hasn’t been a thing for a very long time. Almost as long ago as the sprue-crons. But not quite.

        • georgelabour

          GW stores still have certain policies and such.

          And I imagine there’s still a rule or two in most tournies similar to the old ‘majority GW parts’ requirement in order to prevent people showing up with armies composed of army men and barbie dolls that have been decorate with skulls and chains.

          • DeadlyYellow

            Do they actually still host games outside Nottingham? United States myself, and the only Games Workshop stores I’ve seen were about the size of my bedroom.

          • georgelabour

            The one in my neck of Texas does hold events in order to compete with the local gaming scene, and it’s big enough for a couple of full sized tables, and a demo board.

            So I suppose it varies from location to location.

            However I think the salient point I was trying to make was it does indeed fit into the ‘old’ rule about GW tournies requiring models to be a majority of GW parts.

            As a fun aside there was a chap down here who made all his own drop pods out of cardboard and sprues back when they didn’t have models. When a tournament organized said they weren’t permitted due to GW’s policy he flipped them over to show that each had been made from cut up Rhino and land raider boxes. ^_^

      • Spacefrisian

        You can also cut out the models from the box and put those on bases.

        • georgelabour

          Imagination wins through where the wallet is weak.

  • Erik Setzer

    40K Minecraft Edition?

  • Dave Scammell

    Whilst I wouldn’t say these are the most… visually appealing models, I would commend someone for fielding a whole (painted) army of these things. Saying that, that destroyer is stretching it a little bit.
    It does show what all this spare plastic could be used for though. I personally find the sprues useful for structuring things like flying bases and supports.

  • Secundum

    They’re kinda fun, but I wouldn’t be willing to play against someone using them, any more than I would somebody who was using bases which bits of paper stuck to them.

  • zeek203

    Are you guys high?

  • david

    Reminds me of the robot in Interstellar.

  • latro990

    My New Unbound Tau Stealth Suit Army



    • Jonathan B.

      Wait, are those WYSIWYG?

    • cudgel

      So many Camo Markers!!
      I didn’t know the Tau were going to be in Infinity, move over Combined Army….

  • sleeplessknight

    If the kids from South Park played 40k, this would be Kenny’s army.

    • OrkiePancakes

      I would think he would use the coke can carnfex proxy idea.

  • Impressed, confused, maybe a little sad. All the feelings I am feeling right now from these pics. lol

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      Heh, of course the 1 necron who posts on this planet would be saddened by such 😀

      • frank

        pimpin aint easy

      • Lol. It is impressive though. Probably took more time to make than assembling a real kit.

    • Alhazred TheMad

      That’s why your a contributor, you summed up my ten lines of text I wanted to write into two 😉

    • cudgel

      Would it be better if they had gold chains ?? lol

  • Thomas Cruickshank

    It is gw plastic so you could play it at their stores…

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      I really want to see someone do that!

  • Dave Bacon

    I’ve been lurking on BOLS for a couple of years and I have just registered simply to comment on this, and now that I have, I find myself lost for words.

  • Crevab

    I’ve seen Spruecrons since before 5th. Not the newest thing

  • Still nicer than most WM models

    • An_Enemy

      Show me on the Colossal where privateer press touched you.

      • No beef with pp, just ugly models

        • Erik Setzer

          No, clearly you have beef with PP to make that kind of comment. There’s some WM models I don’t like (as with many games, including some GW stuff), but to say sprue pieces stuck together are “nicer than most models” from any manufacturer requires a deep seated hatred for them.

          Or just wanting to watch the world burn in a flame war. That’s also an option.

          • Andrew

            Maybe its a joke?

            Anyway, I think these are quite clever. Certainly more creative than many things I’ve seen in the 20-ish years I’ve been into miniatures.

          • Erik Setzer

            Oh, yeah, I’ve got no problem with these, I think it’s kind of funny someone spent time doing these, and I doubt they use them in a game or as anything more than for a good laugh. Can’t knock a person for the time it likely took to make them, either.

          • Aezeal

            I would have problems with an army of this really. But a few used as “unit fillers” wouldn’t bother me too much.

          • Don’t know what I would do without you Erik 😉 exposing my deep hatred for a company that I really barely think aboot. Take the company name away and they still ugly models.

          • Spacefrisian

            I doubt he would reckognise a pp model in a GW army. Seen those peeps before, they are mindblown when you tell them this after they said you have an awesome looking army.

        • Alhazred TheMad

          My issue is paying GW prices for PVC figures. Just not the best quality. I think most of them look cool though, it’s just not reasonable to charge on the same level.

          • Erik Setzer

            Mainly it’s not reasonable to charge on the same level because NO ONE should be charging that much. But GW set the mark with their “premium prices for premium models” BS and PP realized there are people who’ll pay that price. I won’t do it for GW, I won’t do it for PP.

            I don’t think paying those prices for plastic figures is right, either. And certainly not the prices that were charged for Failcast, when GW decided to save itself a bunch of money by going away from pewter but didn’t pass on the savings to the customers who were in some cases paying more than before to get a horrible, shoddy product. I’ll gladly take “PVC” over brittle garbage that snaps easily or warps in the sun. I have a $30 Warpsmith I’ll never get around to painting because it keeps coming apart. The model looks great, but it’s not sturdy enough to stay in one piece. Only other Failcast model I have is a Lich Priest, whose staff is slightly bent (but not enough to be horrible) and missing a spike that I noticed seems to come off for everyone when removing some flash.

            Okay, kind of got off on a tangent there, sorry, but NOTHING will ever compare to the debacle of that garbage resin we were given just to save GW money (without passing it on to us, because GW prices have nothing to do with cost of production).

          • Alhazred TheMad

            I agree on all counts with Finecast, though I don’t have as big a problem with the medium as I do the complete lack of quality control. As for prices I’m really through beating up GW on this. No one here actually has an understanding of GW’s development cost. I don’t know how many man hours it took to design the Stormsurge with its internal cockpit details, or to make the plastic to hold those details and yet still be sturdy enough to handle. I certainly don’t think it should be a fifty dollar model though, and it’s unreasonable to expect GW to price it as such.

      • JP

        Down here… and back here… it felt really weird. I didn’t like it…

  • Countdiscount

    No…. just No

  • DeadlyYellow

    More power to the player. I’ve nothing against pastiche models that are identifiable as their intended counterparts.

    Now I kinda want to make junky looking necrons out of ground sprue, wire, and a few actual bits.

  • Damian Ashcroft

    It’s not “Foam Cubes of Tzeentch” (yes, look it up :P), but it’ll do…

    • Christopher Hawkins

      I… Those are actually really awesome. Thanks for letting us know that that army exists.

  • Alhazred TheMad

    Paper fold ups would still be cheaper than GW plastic, even the left overs…

  • Victor Hartmann

    They’re kind of neat in a minimalist sort of way. I just wouldn’t consider them a table army. Instead, use them as a proxy army when you and your team are trying to figure out how to fight a Necron army but nobody collects them in your group.

    I’d be fine playing against them casually but in a tournament . . . no, I don’t think so. It’s fine for a quick laugh but then the joke is over

  • Drpx

    Privateer Press tries Warhammer.

  • benn grimm

    In other news; Rome has been sacked, there’s been a big fire in London and the thirteen colonies have rebelled…

  • James Mcclennan

    god this si so old. BOLS you dont have to put something out all the time on here. you know you can wait, you know till you have something decent to publish

  • Morgrim

    Hah! I want to see this army facing off against the pipecleaner blood ‘letters’. Thanks for the laugh, necron player. 😀

  • David Leimbach

    Next in the news – SM player uses really cool beer can for drop pod. Quoted as saying “it was delicious *hic*”.

  • JP

    There’s no hope left when the Sprupocalypse begins…

  • nurglespuss

    Ummmm this is why I desprue and bin the frames, to stop me thinking stuff like this is a good idea… It’s like wolfenstein and minecraft came to life and made terrible offspring…