Star Wars Armada Battle Report: Wave II Ship Battle!


Star Wars Admirals to battle stations – Enemy Wave II ships spotted and engagement imminent. Prepare for BATTLE!

Get out your Admiral Hats and Arm-chairs the BoLS crew takes out the new Wave II ships for a spin sail voyage! Come see the Imperial Star Destroyer and the MC80 in action. But that’s not all – just because the big ships out out doesn’t mean they left the smaller Imperial Raider or the MC30 at home: they are part of the action, too!

Will Cmdr. Vela (aka BigRed) be able to swat the Rebel Fleet down with superior Imperial firepower? Will the Rebel be able to counter with the sly tactics of Cmdr. Abe? Just how big do those ships look on the table?! Watch to find out!

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  • Albino_42

    Why do I still let myself hope that these battle reports might be written accounts with accompanying pictures… I must be a glutton for disappointment.

    • JPMcMillen

      The problem is that without a good turn by turn diagram of what’s going on and where units are, written battle reports are harder to follow. Unfortunately those take time to produce and the people doing the battle reports usually can’t be bothered to do them.


      • Weidekuh

        Is this done with a special programm or just a lot of work with paint/photoshop or similar?

        • Looks like Battle Chronicler – which was built for Windows 7 and hasn’t been updated since 2011.

  • That MonCal cruiser is way smaller than I thought.

    • Brad Watson

      Your thumbnail is my desktop background, also it is all relative scales, so some ships are alot smaller than they should be.

    • frankelee

      A point of contention on the forums. To sum it up, the Mon Cal looks around 3.6 – 3.9km long in the movies, but the official sourcebooks put it at 1.2km. Which is the size FFG is using with their “large” scale. Looks a bit small, but it is a model I suppose.

  • teapot333

    How did they get access to wave 2 already?

    • We get press copies.

      • Chardun

        This. There was also the Wave 2 Prerelease event where they had one of every item as prize support.

  • Alistair Collins

    And it’s a video. Skipped…

  • NagaBaboon

    Urgh. Video bat reps. *close window*