Dungeons & Dragons: New Character Options for the Underdark


In this month’s Unearthed Arcana, WotC offers up a pdf full of FREE new rules for your Underdark campaign:

via WotC

“Two new fighting styles for fighters, paladins, and rangers; the Deep Stalker ranger archetype; the shadow sorcerer; and the warlock pact of the Undying Light all offer exciting options for adventuring in the endless gloom of the Underdark.

You can think of the material presented in this series as similar to the first wave of the fifth edition playtest. These game mechanics are in draft form, usable in your campaign but not fully tempered by playtests and design iterations. They are highly volatile and might be unstable; if you use them, be ready to rule on any issues that come up. They’re written in pencil, not ink. For these reasons, material in this column is not legal in D&D Organized Play events.

The material presented in Unearthed Arcana will range from mechanics that we expect one day to publish in a supplement to house rules from our home campaigns that we want to share, from core system options to setting-specific material. Once it’s out there, you can expect us to check in with you to see how it’s working out and what we can do to improve it.”

Light, Dark, Underdark (pdf)

~Grab it while it’s hot adventurers!

  • Xodis

    Pretty awesome, Ranger subclass should have been around since the beginning IMO.

  • Drew

    I love this stuff, but the fact that you can’t use it in the Adventurer’s League is disappointing.

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  • Darren Richardson

    huh, it’s been some time since I visited BoLS last, when did they start covering D&D?