SHOWCASE: Infinity Painting Combined Army Pt. 2

000 Infinity Combined Army Paint

Let’s finish painting these crazy aliens. Grab you brushes and follow along:

009 Infinity Combined Army Paint

So here’s where we left off last time. I’m going to warn you right now: painting this orange armor was a pretty big pain. The Khador Red Highlight I used for this orange wasn’t the most cooperative color. I mean lets be fair they did try to warn me by calling it a highlight and not a base. That having been said it was tricky to blend; more so with the shading than with the highlights. I eventually got the hang of it better but if you want to attempt something similar you have been warned.

010 Infinity Combined Army Paint

Here is the first shading step. I’m using Umbral Umber and blending it in to all the recesses and in the bottom areas of all the curved surfaces.

011 Infinity Combined Army Paint

Here it is with the whole body now shaded The darkest areas are around the feet to draw the eye to the lighter upper body and help create the illusion of a strong light source.

012 Infinity Combined Army Paint

Highlights are blended in using Menoth White Highlight. The strongest highlights are around the cowl/collar where the raised areas would be directly facing our imaginary light source.

013 Infinity Combined Army Paint

014 Infinity Combined Army Paint

Then thin lines of the Khador Red Highlight/ Menoth White highlight mix are painted along every ridge. The higher up on the model, the closer the highlights are to pure Menoth White Highlight. On the feet, the highlights are almost pure Khador Red Highlight. I probably didn’t pick the best pose for this step but there will be plenty more pictures.

I hold on painting the body for a bit to paint the eyes. This is where the heads have been the whole time. The eyes are done in kind of a gem style with a lighter red at the bottom blended up to nearly black towards the top. The red looks a bit dull to me in this pic but I think part of that is that it’s competing with that very saturated orange.

Then the eyes get that tell tale dot of highlight. I advise against using pure white – it’s just too much of a contrast. I used Menoth White Base so it isn’t quite so overpowering – although you could hardly tell that from this picture.

016b Infinity Combined Army Paint

Now I begin the freehanded white accents. These start with some simple lines of Frostbite (a very pale blue). You can also see the previous highlighting step better in this pose.

016c Infinity Combined Army Paint

The lines of Frostbite are highlighted with Morrow White (a pure white).

018 Infinity Combined Army Paint

The accents are then lined at the edges with Greatcoat Grey which is basically a darker Frostbite. Then lines of the same color are added between the plates on all these areas to add back some definition.

The other step here is the glow on that Plasma Carbine. I didn’t get any good WiPs of this one unfortunately. Start with frostbite on those two panels that are nearest to the fissure down the barrel. While the frostbite is still wet, blend some Cygnar Blue in at the edges. Inside the fissure use pure Cygnar Blue. Carefully add pure Frostbite to all the small recessions inside the fissure.

000 Infinity Combined Army Paint

And that brings us to finished shots. These are taken in a much larger and better light set up which is why the color is so much better.

021 Maakrep

Maakrep with the ever helpful MSVL2. But is that a Sniper Rifle or an HMG? Until they release another Maakrep it’s pretty much whatever you want it to be.

019 Fraacta

Fraacta with a combi.

020 Legate

And my favorite of all: the Umbra Legate.

022 Group

And of course a group shot!

~Hope you enjoyed the article. I plan to follow it up with one about what these guys do on the table.

  • greenskin

    Nice article. Always enjoy reading good painting How-To’s. This inspires me to try more advanced techniques in my own work. I am definitely going to try using an off-white for Space Marine eye lense highlighting based off your advice above. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • euansmith

    That is a great two part tutorial. I could possibly pull this sort of thing off on a 54mm mini; but on Infinity figures? Wow!.