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Quick Start Demo – Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth

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Nov 17

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Checkout a quick start demo game for the new Battle For Calth game, and don’t waste time trying to learn the rules out of the book.

It turns our there IS a game that comes with all those great prices miniatures in the Horus Heresy box, and it’s even quite good if I may be so bold.

But do yourself a favor and save some frustration trying to learn the rules as Games Workshop presents them – just watch this quick start guide.


Here’s a great lesson learned, while the rules are good for the game overall, the way the are presented could have been a bit better IMHO.

Maybe GW could take a page or two from FFG for their next mini-game release, and include their own Quick Start Guide to cut down on the confusion a bit.


That piece of criticism aside, the game itself is super fun and could perhaps form the basis for more expansions down the road.


It sorta looks and feels like a cross between Space Hulk and skirmish 40k when you are playing. Plus best of all games should only take you an hour or so. A perfect replacement for Kill Team or Combat Patrol, updated to 7th Edition mechanics!

~Do you think GW should make rules expansions for this gamesystem.

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