40K Battle Report: Iron Hands vs Dark Angels

taranis knight

The First Legion are on a mission to reclaim some Knights for Mars…

The Glacial Geek brings us a battle report with some gorgeous models, and a story….

“When three Imperial Knights never returned from a mission with the Iron Hands, Mars couldn’t just call the repo men, they called on the Space Marines. The Dark Angels answered the call and descended upon an Imperial planet to find out why the Knights never returned and were met with open hostility. Will the First Legion solve the mystery of the missing Knights, or will the Iron Hands and their new toys keep their reasons secret? Watch and find out!”


Did you catch any games this weekend?


  • Yellow Sigmarine

    I iz well suscride, innit

  • Secundum

    I’d have thought the DA would keep the Knights and the Iron Hands would be the repo men…Considering their strong ties to Mars.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


      • Shawn

        Death to the Heretical Dark Angels!

    • Shawn

      It just goes to show that some don’t know their fluff, or take the time to learn.