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Horus Heresy: How Much Longer Until The Siege of Terra?

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Jan 16 2016

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The first Horus Heresy novel landed in 2006. Now on book 34 of the series – How much longer will we wait for the conclusion?

Horus Rising written by the award winning Dan Abnett released in April of 2006, and started filling in the gaps in the story line that fans had been waiting for. However after about book ten or so, the story line began to loose momentum until the back to back release of A Thousand Sons, and Prospero Burns which seems to re-energize the series.

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Horus Rising, written by Dan Abnett, is the first novel in the Horus Heresy series. It also forms the first part of a narrative trilogy, along with False Gods by Graham McNeill and Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter, focusing directly on Horus‘s fall to Chaos.

But that short burst of interest quickly waned as the series once again started to get bogged down in background story after background story for several more years until Betrayer / Unreremembered Empire arcs hit.  The series has seemed to be coasting on from there with no current end in sight, or even a build up to the epic confrontation between Horus and the Emperor that occurs at Terra.


So when will we see the conclusion to the series, the fabled Siege of Terra?  Granted some book series take over ten years to resolve, so perhaps we shouldn’t be in such a hurry to see the end come to the Age of Darkness?



Harry Potter was written over the course of ten years, and heck Game of Thrones is still being written as we speak.

Conversely the Wheel of Time saga took over 30 years to write, even after the death of Robert Jordan, but only contained twelve books!

Why are we so anxious to read how the series ends? Maybe it’s because the whole backstory to the Heresy has been written about since roughly 1988, so it’s engrained into a lot of what we read about Warhammer 40,000.

Whatever the case –  at the count of 34 books there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. How much longer will we have to wait until the Great Siege of Terra? Who knows! But also, think about the books that could be written about the aftermath… Nothing can stop this GW cash cow.

When do YOU think the Horus Heresy series will end?

..I was there when Horus killed the Emperor…


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