BOOM: Mantic Announces The Walking Dead Miniatures Game!


Ronnie and the gang over at Mantic Games just pulled the covers off of their new miniatures game – The Walking Dead!


Take it away Ronnie:

Hi everyone,

Ronnie here. Happy New Year – I hope 2015 was a good one and that 2016 is even better.

We’ve been building up to this for some time, and I’d like to proudly announce that Mantic will be making ‘The Walking Dead Miniatures Game’, titled ‘All OUT WAR’, under license from Skybound Entertainment.


The Walking Dead: All Out War will be set in the engaging and immersive post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead comic series. Having the comic license gives us far more freedom to reproduce from all the rich and evocative artwork, and over 149 issues of the comics. This offered the biggest choice of factions and characters – in fact the widest scope possible to explore the setting and heroes. Finally the comic license also gives us direct access to the Skybound team, and insight into the world by the people who actually created it! We will bring the pages to life with fantastic models that will cry out to be painted, slick game play and it’ll all be part of an awesomely fun gaming experience.

Mohawk Zombie

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Why The Walking Dead?

When I set up Mantic I had a very clear vision for what I wanted the company to stand for and to be about. I have enjoyed collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures almost all my life. Certainly from a very early age I always had plastic soldiers of one kind or another very close at hand. As I got older that developed into my grown-up hobby and one that I have managed to work in all my adult life (and I hope I am lucky enough that continues until retirement – although I am not sure my wife would agree!).

Mantic was set up to share that love of gaming with miniatures with as large an audience as possible. I felt the need to create Mantic because the companies in the market were actually going the other way – they were making gaming more expensive, more complicated and more restrictive. I wanted to share my wonderful hobby with as many people as possible. I knew it would take years to build up the company to the point where it would have a good-sized gamer base and the infrastructure to cope with the growth (and plateaus). Mantic has been helped by huge support from the community through its short life – both for the business generally and for all our Kickstarter campaigns. We now have a truly global wargame with Kings of War and the rapidly evolving and very exciting sci-fi Warpath Universe. In the coming years we will continually add to, and develop, both of these.

However, I believe to really open up gaming to new markets you have to start with an IP people know and love – and to do it in a big way it has to be a truly massive, well known license. It has to be a property that people love, feel deeply about and want to get more involved with. Then you have to make the game world class, simple, fun and exciting, with tactics and army building. The miniatures have to be astounding so you want to get on and paint them and bring the world to life. And let’s be honest, full armies take a long time to collect and get painted – so something with 10 or so models is a great place to start, especially if it scales up a little along the way ;).



When I really started digging in to this subject and actually talking to license holders talking there was one property that struck me as perfect. It covered all the points above – and then some. It has a global following and has leaders with character; interesting factions and a world we can relate to. Once I had gone and met them I was even more certain.

In the next four weeks we’ll let you see the game design, the miniatures and the vision for the system – and look out on the Mantic blog this week for all the inside news – including my visit to the Skybound studio. I hope to see you there!


OK, this is a pretty big AND HOT license for Mantic to pick up.  I have to admit the miniatures look great and characterful. But then I shouldn’t be surprised, Mantic has always had a fantastic undead range for Kings of War.

~ What do you think of the minis and the news of the new game?



  • Sebastien Bazinet

    Hope they base the game on the comic book version or else we’re gonna needs a mechanic for arguing pointlessly…..

    • Erik Setzer

      If you read the full message from Mantic, they say it’s specifically the comic license, which gives them a lot more material to draw from.

    • euansmith

      Bagsie me be Tyrone, then; that’s a bloke who can clear out an entire gym full of walkers with only two hammers.

  • benn grimm

    I think if they’re the right scale they’re going in my Death Guard. And I think good on Mantic for landing such a big franchise, fingers crossed it takes off.

  • nurglitch

    I’ve played some games involving zombies, like 7TV, Pulp Alley, and my own Plague of Unbelief with Cadians trying to escape from incoming waves of plague zombies. What’s the appeal of zombies, gaming-wise? When I did it with CSM Plague Zombies and Astra Militarum Cadians the notion was mooks that were far more survivable for human soldiers than stuff like Genestealers.

    • euansmith

      I think zombies have several things to recommend them for games; they are easy to paint, can look really cool and, can realistically follow simple rules, making them idea for co-op games.

  • TDog

    Can’t wait! Oh, hold on… they found a church… I’m gonna have to since every last one of ’em now is going to talk to Jesus…

  • TheNickelEye

    I’m happy for Mantic as a big fan of the company, and hopeful as a Walking Dead fan. But, I’d be lying if I said this was an instant buy for me. I have almost zero interest in a straight Zombie war game, for me this will be all about if it can deliver a super strong campaign system allowing more narrative gameplay.

    • V10_Rob

      Yeah, as a straight-up war game, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to distinguish it from any other game were one guy always brings a swarm/horde army. Scenario play, with plenty of modern terrain (even folding cardboard buildings a la Infinity), that could sustain interest.

      On the plus side, we could sub in Zombicide models and make game entry that much cheaper.

      • Cergorach

        Unless it’s a REALLY strong (and fun) gamesystem it’s going up against Zombicide. Considering how slow Mantic moves and the crap restics, I think they are going to loose the zombi race (and we all know what that means). While the Zombicide plastics aren’t of great plastic quality either, they are very good for single piece miniatures, far better then multipart restic minis…

        Not to mention, has everyone not jumped on the zombi train a few stops (years) ago? This is late, almost everyone with an interest in zombie games is going to have their fix with one of the multitude of zombi miniature games/models.

        • Robert Meade

          Zombicide has the board game market covered I think, but i think there’s potential it mantic develop something that creates a strong storyline. Similar to what Telltale games have been doing (not a viddy gamer, but i hear good things).

          From the written release it sounds as if Mantic is still fishing around for an IP to carry them along and into new markets, similar to what X-wing has done. Only problem is that x-wing is prepaint… I don’t see mantic going that way. It’s one thing to make minis cheaply but they still have to be good enough to spend time and money painting them.

          i already have a nice collection of zombie stuff, from zombicide to wargames factory figs, and the thing is, all that stuff can be re-used endlessly. All my zombies go in one big herd and they are pretty much mixed up from multiple sources, and i have terrain from multiple sources including the zombicide stuff. All that just makes the walking dead that much easier to get into.

          • Cergorach

            Telltale runs on a certain formula, a formula computer gamers are already getting a bit tired of. The hype is going, still fans of Game of Thrones, Borderlands, and Minecraft fans will but the telltale game that uses their favorite IP…

            The Walking Dead (TV) is still popular, but appears to be over it’s peak. Fear the Walking Dead didn’t do as well as expected (understatement). Season 5 was the peak of popularity when talking about the number of people watching each episode. Season six did worse compared to season five, 5-20% worse per episode. It’ll drag on for a while, but these kinds of series aren’t police procedurals that can run for 15+ seasons. Smallville outstayed it’s welcome with season ten…

            The plastic undead from Mantic are my favorite! But a lot of the other stuff is either horrible to ‘Meh!(tm)’ designs and often horrible restics. People are actively turned off by the restic crap (worse the GW Finecrap). They are finally getting into plastic for a few kits, a shame, not all of them. Still the Deazone KSs were interesting but everytime I wound up pledging only $1 because better KS/products/deals were out there.

            The Wargames Factory Zombies + Survivors look awesome! And honestly most if not all the TWD characters have been made in mini form by other miniature companies as ‘not TWD’…

            Mantic needs to put forth an awesome game, to date I haven’t been impressed with KoW (don’t like the idea of moving blocks over the table instead of units of minis).

          • Robert Meade

            Have to agree with that. Haven’t done one mantic kickstarter to date. The miniatures are just so mediocre compared to infinity, dropzone, Wyrd, etc. Can’t comment on the game rules (never played) but seems like they focus on streamlining the rules a little too much. Their normal products are so derivative and bland (fluff wise) but stuff like the zombies turn out to be great basically because they can be used for so many other things. You know you’re not wasting your money on generic zombie figs (and these look generic enough)…. there will eventually be a use for them.

          • euansmith

            Mantics latest couple of sprues (Salamanders and Naiads) are pretty good; but they are both non-human, so we’ll have to wait to see if their improvements will carry over in to, hopefully, some replacements for the Basileans who seem to be wearing make up and prosthetics arms from “Planet of the Apes”.

    • euansmith

      Maybe there will be a cross-over with Mars Attacks! Ack ack ack!

  • KellyJ

    All the Zombies have super-tight crotchbelts. No wonder they are shambling mindless cannibals…their nuts are up in their chest.

  • If it were a Necromunda-style small scale narrative type thing then just take my money. If not then, meh.

    • JPMcMillen

      I’m hoping they have rules for both campaign and one off games. I’ve heard too many stories about Necromunda leagues (or similar game) that would only last 2-3 rounds because players kept dropping out. That way people who can’t commit to a league schedule could have static list of some predefined point cost for pickup games.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    If it is a straight up wargame I don;t see it working well. If it’s more like a board game like their Mars Attacks, or Deadzone, I see it working. If they do keep it a skirmish game and they mentioned factions, I think it’s going to be the various groups of survivors fighting for resources. The zombies might be an npc mechanic that swarm towards noise or actions performed while the two players duke it out? We shall see in the next few days.

    • V10_Rob

      Didn’t Zombicide release PVP rules in one of the more recent games? It’s an interesting idea, but I think Mantic may have missed the boat…

    • euansmith

      Something like Frostgrave/Necromunda/Mordheim but in a zombie apocalypse could be great fun; gangs fighting over resources while having to fight off zombies.

  • jasonsation

    I’m hoping the game isn’t one guy humans and the opponent is zombies. I’m hoping it’s a skirmish game where your band of survivors fights your opponents band of survivors and the zombies are just a mechanic of the game that attacks both sides. Sort of like the Walking Dead risk game.

    • cuda1179

      That is exactly what it is. One of the playtesters was chatting about it over on Dakkadakka. The zombies are just NPC’s. They get attracted to noise and close-by motion. He said one of the fun things to do is to get an opponent between you and a couple zombies and shoot a gun. The zombies would then swarm your opponent.
      He also stated ammo is limited. You only have a few shots in the entire game, unless you paid extra points for more ammo or you find some in-game.

  • Xodis

    Well if its anything like The Walking Dead, the opponent is going to also be human, Zombies should just there for a more dramatic environment. Longer the battle lasts, and the more loud weapons used, the more Walkers that should arrive each turn….thats my take anyways. Its a great franchise to build from, hope it works for them. I however will watch this with slight curiosity unless they bring something a little more WOW (the expression not the game lol) to the table

  • Alexandre Comtois

    It seems like for a wargame you’d want a setting with special/variant/boss zombies, IE Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead, to keep things interesting.

    I suppose you could take the approach of making it about skirmishes between groups of survivors with the zombies as an environmental hazard, too.

    • Robert Meade

      the written release mentions ‘interesting factions’ so I’m assuming it’s the case that you can play as different survivor gangs.

  • Robert Meade

    Happy for more zombie minis, mantic make good zombies (and the game will most likely be lukewarm in this market, and end up in the clearance section from time to time like mars attacks). Would be great at least if it is a more ‘realistic’ type but still a simple skirmish game, as opposed to the arcade style zombicide. There are plenty of options nowadays for playing with zombiemen, but can’t really hurt to have a little more.

    I’d be really interested if it were a mordheim-style skirmish with rules for campaign play, and it really stuck to the walking dead comic storyline.

  • Erik Setzer

    I’m interested in seeing how this turns out. Really depends on the kind of game they make. It’s interesting that he noted it’s aimed at mass appeal *and* being cheap and easy to get into, some good points for selling a game and bringing people on board. Might be the thing to get them the name recognition they’re looking for.

    Reminds me of how Games Workshop started out by using other IPs to help build their brand as they build their own IP. If Mantic’s smart, they’ll keep up a combination of both, using the familiar IPs to introduce people to their own.

  • Carl

    So long as the sculpts stay to the standard shown here and the rules are good, this will be worth watching.

    I do hope they have their best sculptors on this, as sadly the quality of Mantics sculpts vary from the good and even great – zombies and Twilight Kin sorceress respectively – to stuff that frankly they should be ashamed to charge people for, like the Twilight Kin Assassin and The Green Lady (Elves).

    • jasonsation


  • Certs

    Color me very intrigued. Hoping for campaign play, lethal but very limited guns and ammo, in-game scavenging (especially for makeshift weapons), and some zombie interference during head-to-head play.

    Shrug, lots of potential with this sort of zombie apoc setting. Hoping for something like Last of Us (I’d be more excited if that were ever made into a tabletop game) and definitely not over the top like Zombicide.

    • Tyr

      From what Ive heard, thats exactly what the game is going to be.

  • Marky

    If I was making the game I’d have experience charts and stuff for the humans to progress Necromunda style, and zombies that were a playable faction without exp gains (you can always balance a game by adding enough zombies). I’d also have scenarios for PvP with randomish zombie pop ups and rules for the zombies to move towards the closest target.

    • Douglas Burton

      I’ve been messing around with rules for the past 8 or 9 years or so for a zombie game, right after I read World War Z. I think a good game needs some kind of character progression. One of My ideas was that certain actions cause more noise, with a greater potential to attract more zombies based on the noise. I was taking my cues from Max Brooks World War Z with zombie moans. So if a zombie say, 5″ away from you moans, it pulls any zombie within a 1 or 2 inch radius with it. That zombie then would possibly pull any zombies within 1 or 2 inch of it and so on. It has the potential to daisy chain and end up pulling dozens of zombies just from that one zombie. Another mechanic I was messing with was limited storage, kind of crossing rpg over with miniatures, that way you wouldnt have one character carry, say 20 rifles and unlimited ammo lol. Sadly real life gets in the way of gaming and so I sit with about 30 pages written but far from being a full blown game. So to say I’m stoked to see Mantic come up with a game is an understatement.

  • Dan

    I had heard that Mantic had acquired a new IP license but I wasn’t expecting anything as big as The Walking Dead, awesome!

  • euansmith

    It is a crowded market at the moment, but those do look like some nice zombies. As ever I wish Mantic all the best, and await their fun though flawed product with antici… pation.

    • Grafton Is Dust

      Given that it’s a skirmish game, I reckon you won’t have more than two dozen on the table during play. It’s more about survivor vs survivor where the Walkers are an environmental threat that can be manipulated.

  • Grafton Is Dust

    If it’s based on the comic book, it won’t have Daryl Dixon in it, will it?

    0/10 lost opportunity

    • euansmith

      Norman even managed to look like a badarse in “Charmed”

      • Grafton Is Dust

        “Badass” isn’t the word that springs to mind. 😛

        Also he was in Supernatural for q episode. An awesome episode.

        • euansmith

          Okay, he even managed to look like a Meth-head on “Charmed” 😉